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Shadow Riders

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Oct 30, 2005
The wonderful land of Oz
Plot:A long time a planet Himmolle was formed.It was prosperous planet where light shined brightly,but darkness claimed the planet as it's home as well.Soon,just like Earth,it was raged wars and poverty.These were the early years though halfway to the present the darkness had become more powerful than the light,and in the present there is nothing like light.The sun has been blocked out,and light is thought by most to be a myth.Lately creatures made of pure darkness have emerged,and the most powerfulof them,presumably their leader,has killed the the human king.

Taking they abuse humans,and treat them like dirt.They have convinced nearly everyone that light doesn't exist,but there those who still beleive.And they're going to do something about this.As these people leave their homes,to find light,several spirits of pure darkness who oppose the evil created by the other emerge,and are about to encounter these humans.The spirits will fuse to the humans.Because for all those who seek light and they must brave the darkness.

No G-modding or P-playing
No newbs
Characters must be from 14-18
These are about to encounter us so no making posts that say that you've already fused with the spirit
These spirits will be able to talk to us,and eachother so they are alive once they fuse with our characters though they won't be able show a form once the fusion has taken place
Also here are the powers the dark spirits give us so everyone doesn't come up with their own:Turning us into shadows,Creating physical objects from dark energy,a mode of transportation born of darkness,using dark energy as weapon,inhuman strength,and a weapon born of darkness

Appearence:(this is only to list the appearence before the fusion after the fusion will be described in the RP)
Transportation: (can be anything Motorcycle,horse,something made of dark energy,etc. because each character has a unique mode of transportation)
Spirit's name:
Spirit's gender:
Spirits's personaility:
Spirit's speacilty: (everyone of our spirits has the same powers but some are better at a certain one than another's)

Personaility:He is a genius,but very irrational and drastic.He usually cocky,and jokes around.Though that is just a cover for the sorrow at losing his parrents to the darkness,and if he is in a fight against the dark creature he is usually serious.
Weapon:A black short sword that is designed like a hook,with half circles on the back end.
Appearence:White hair that goes down to his shoulders,and emerald green eyes.He wears a white muscle shirt,and red pants.His skin is extremely pale,and he doesn't look to strong.
Transportation: A motorcycle created from pure darkness.
Spirit's name:Geist
Spirit's gender:male
Spirit's personaility:He is usually quiet,but is a good ally.He scolds a lot,and has experience on the battle field that far exceeds any normal human's.He carries a lot of weight on his shoulders being Seraph doesn't fully trust him.
Spirit's speacilty:Turning into a shadow.

please join.
Not open for further replies.