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School Lock Down



I Do Phoenix.
Dec 27, 2004
Texas, USA
It was early morning, the sun hadn't even touched horizon, but sleepy bodies were already moving about at Richland High. The busses stopped infront of the school with great big sighs as it released students to their dreaded work day. Teachers and authorities bustled about inside, preparing for the day ahead. It was a normal, everyday morning in the provincial town of Richland. It was a normal, everyday morning in Richland High School. In a few hours the hallways will be overflowing with loud mouthed teenagers searching for their classroom, locker or best buds with which they will continue to make more noise. Locker slams. Backpack zippers. Make up applicators. Bathroom stalls lock and unlock. Mouths running with gossip. Papers flipping for cheating. Coffee makers bleating with boiling water. And outside the school, alarm clocks buzzing for waking. Breakfast brewing for eating. Clothes hurried for wearing. Mother screaming at late children. All normal. All ordinary. No one would expect the day to end the way it did on this particular "ordinary" day. Something like this wouldn't happen here. In Richland? No way!
Yes way! I heard it on the news! Richland High has gone under lock down. A student has finally cracked from the routine and shook things up.
What he do?
Murdered a few.

This is my first RP. I hope people join. I'm experimenting and will contiue to do so as long as there are people to experiment with me. This is a literate RP because even if this flops, I want to have enjoyed reading it. I want players to be active and do not be afraid to be creative with plot and character.
If you would like your character to be the killer, please PM me. If no one tells me, I guess I'll have to do it, then, right? I want this RP to be a good quickie. I found it extremely difficult to come up with an RP idea that I actually liked and could stand a chance as an RP (many good ideas I liked that couldn't work. Many good ideas I don't like that could work).

PM me your template. If I say yes, post it here.
If you are accepted, please check back atleast every 3 days to RP. I hate inactive RPers who cause things to die when they don't need to. Hopefully, mine won't need to.
Do I sound picky? That's because I am. Don't be afraid to PM me, though.

Name: (Your character's full name)
Age: (You are a highschool student or a teacher. Teachers are usually 26 and older [...a lot older] and students can be ages 13-18)
Appearance: (description or image)
Personality: (can be brief)
Bio: (background so we know how the character will behave in a day that starts out as ordinary)
Sample: (a sample of your RP work. Not needed, but appreciated.)