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Apr 27, 2018
Honestly, I thought he stopped being the best character after Days. Don't get me wrong, I still like him, and the prologue section with him in KH2 is still one of my most beloved moments not only in Kingdom Hearts, but in gaming in general. But I feel like the later games knew how popular he'd become and milked that popularity a bit too much. Same with Axel/Lea.

To me, the greatest aspect of Roxas' story was his tragedy. I'm fine with them bringing him back, but to me everything that made him interesting was wrapped up in the tragedy of his circumstances. Once the tragedy was removed, he's basically just a dual-wielding slightly grumpier Ventus. I'm glad to have him back, but I don't think he has much staying power anymore beyond an occasional assist to the main characters.

Right now, I think the most interesting character is easily the Master of Masters, partly because of how mysterious he is, partly because of how powerful he seems, and also in large part because he has such a unique personality for a villain. He's such a goof and incredibly playful, but you can still get hints of a sinister malevolent mastermind beneath the mask. I've also really grown to appreciate Xehanort's character more and more over time, even though I do still think his characterization hasn't been handled perfectly. And Riku has ended up having one of the most dynamic and poignant character arcs of anyone in the entire series.

I like Roxas, I just think he's outlived his moment in the spotlight. He had his crucial role in the narrative, and now it's over. His arc is complete. I just don't want to see them constantly shoving him and other fan favorites in our face all the time, because that's the quickest way to make audiences sour on those characters.


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Jan 4, 2018
I also feel like Roxas' role in the story is over. I'm sure he will make an appearance now and again just for fan service and the fact that Lea/Axel still has things to do means Roxas might inevitably be around...but I honestly don't see him doing anything massively important.

For starters, just thinking about Roxas' personality: all Roxas has ever wanted was just to be a normal kid. He doesn't want to go on crazy adventures and fight people and save the world. He just wants to go to the dang beach and eat some ice cream. This is contrary to Sora who specifically has demonstrated an intrigue into adventure and exploring. Roxas has had to put up with a ton of strife and frustration because he kept being dragged into adventures when he didn't want them. His dream of a simple, honest life was snatched away from him just because of circumstances out of his control. It was tragic.

But now he's got his life back. He's got a chance to actually live that simple life he has always wanted with all the friends of Twilight Town--who, thanks to KH3, also have a desire to finally "meet" him as well. Why would he throw that away to go on some other errand/adventure he doesn't want? Only reason I could see it happening is if he feels like he owes a favor to help out a friend with something. Otherwise I think we are just gonna have Roxas (and Xion) just chilling until they are called on for direct, specific help.

Axel of course still has business to settle with Girl X so he has a reason to be involved in the plot. I think Axel and Roxas also have the sort of friendship where they don't feel the need to constantly be at each others' hip so just because Axel is off doing something doesn't mean Roxas will inevitably tag along either.

At the end of KH3 too Roxas wasn't even really mentioned directly during the search for Sora. I think he was just sort of lumped into the crew poking around Twilight Town.

Nomura mentioned that there were a few characters that were essentially "retiring" post KH3. I think Roxas and Xion are two of those characters. Yeah, they will be around but certainly not in the forefront.

Instead we are going to see a lot more of Ven because of his direct ties to the current developing story arc. Only way I could see Roxas being involved directly with that is if his connection to Ven forces him to be pulled in.

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Apr 9, 2007
Roxas is the best character hands down. Unfortunately, with Ven being a prominent character, Nomura will probably write Roxas out.

His story should have been wrapped up in KH2 (chronologically). I personally did NOT want him to come back in KH3 - as much as I love him - because I felt that the tragic aspect of his choice to rejoin with Sora was powerful. However, I was happy he and Xion came back and got closure because of the way it was done - IE Sora made a choice to sacrifice himself for all of those people that made sacrifices before.

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He was my favorite character back in the day. In hindsight I would've just made him a seperate character from Sora. The fragment characters like him, Namine, Xion and Vanitas don't work for me personally.

Days screwed him over but it felt unnecessary to begin with. KH2 showed you everything you needed. Removing Xion wouldn't automatically fix it lol.

The ideal spinoff would be him in a Persona style story. A year long mystery built around choice would fit his arc.
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Nov 4, 2012
I don't have much thoughts to add, but I have always liked Roxas. More in KH2 than Days, he's much more dense in Days. Or maybe I just enjoyed Roxas more as part of the Twilight Town cast than as an Organization member? I guess I always thought a lot of what we see of him in 2 from when he was in the Organization, it seemed like they were trying to make him very "edgy." Two keyblades, an attitude, he's Sora but he's badass, etc. He's definitely more fun when he's just some kid on summer vacation hanging out with his friends.