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Remembering XIV



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Jan 13, 2010
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I'm not very experienced at fanfics (this is my first one), but I love to write stories in general...so I hope you like this! :).
(In Roxas's Point of View)
(Also, this is on fanfiction.net [here] and on deviant art [here] so I'm not stealing from either one...)

"Remembering XIV"

Chapter 1
(Only read if you've played "358/2 Days" PLEASE!!)
(This starts towards the end of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, when Riku defeats Roxas. Roxas wakes up back in the Organization, in his own room. He has completely forgotten about Xion, but starts to remember things...)

The rain water felt good on my face. Something good before I died.
He had left a long time ago. But who was he? He wore the organization's coat. Yet he wasn't one of us...
No, I mean one of them. I left the organization.
Why was I sill breathing? I thought he had killed me. But maybe not...
Slowly, I rose. The only question was whether or not I'd return to the organization though. I didn't belong there.
I didn't belong anywhere. Xion died by my hand. How could one who killed his best friend go on living?
That was what I thought. And then my memory started fading.
I slipped into unconsciousness.

DAY 359 ~ Another Day Off
I woke in a white and gray room. The organization's building. I started to get up, and felt a sense that I shouldn't be there. That I was forgetting something. But what?
Ignoring the urgency, I walked out to where Saïx was so that I could get my mission for the day.
On the way, I saw Axel.
"Hey, Roxas," though he looked a bit nervous when he said it, Axel managed to keep a light tone. I wonder how we could be so cheerful without hearts..
"Hey," I replied.
"You're not mad at me or anything?"
"What?" I became confused. "Why would I be?"
"Never mind," Axel shook his head. "So how are you holding up?"
"Just fine," I responded. "I still have to get my missions for the day."
"Oh, don't worry about that," Axel said. "We have the day off, again. I was just heading back to my room for a nap."
"Oh," I again felt that sense that I was forgetting something important. But I ignored that.
"Do you want to meet up for ice cream afterward?" Axel asked. "I'll buy."
"Of course," the urgency wouldn't go away. "I'll see you later, then."
"See you," Axel turned and walked down the hallway.
I decided to go walk around in Twilight Town a bit. There was not much else for me to do.
I saw Pence there, out in front of the clock tower. He waved and I approached him to talk.
"Hi, how are you?" he asked.
"I'm fine," I replied.
"How's your friend doing?"
"You mean Axel?" I wondered why he wanted to know.
"You know, the one you were looking for underground one time," Pence said. "I think she dressed kind of like you do."
I felt like I knew, deep inside who he was talking about. That sensation of urgency had returned again, yet stronger this time. It felt like I was so close to remembering, that I only needed a little bit more…
"Hey, are you okay?"
I probably wasn't. My head throbbed and I was seeing glimpses, flashes of memory again. It wasn't the boy in red, this time…but I didn't know who it was. Someone who wore the organization's cloak, someone I'd laughed with, had ice cream with…a female voice. But her face was…just not there. Almost…I almost remembered her name…
Yet as quickly as the memories had come, they disappeared. But I felt…emptier than I had. I instantly forgot almost all that I had remembered in that short period of time.
The only thing that I didn't forget was that there was a third person that Axel and I had talked with, up on the clock tower eating ice cream. Or rather, in my head this was more of a notion than an actual fact.
"I'm fine," I told Pence. "I have to go somewhere, now."
"Okay," Pence replied. "I'll see you later, then!"
I headed towards the clock tower.

"You're early," Axel said as he approached. I was already sitting at the top of the clock tower, waiting. "Or am I just late?"
I didn't even respond, since I was still thinking about earlier.
"Was there someone else that we did this with?" I asked.
"Did what?" Axel took a seat beside me.
"Sat up here and ate ice cream with," I replied. "Was there someone else?"
"You don't--oh. Not with us, no," Axel answered. "Why?"
"Just a thought I had earlier," I sighed.
"Here," Axel handed me an ice cream.
Sea salt ice cream was interesting. It tasted salty, but sweet at the same time. But it was just something Axel and I had always done, since I joined the organization.
"Thanks," I said.
We sat and ate ice cream; watched the sunset. I was glad that some things never changed.
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Sep 10, 2009
This is pretty good. I feel that more details can be added, but it's still decent.


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Jan 13, 2010
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Okay. I'll try making more details in the future...(though so far I already have 11 short chapters typed up, so it will probably be after that...although in the longer chapters I recently wrote I think there are more details...hmm...). Anyway, here's chapter two! (the beginning chapters are really short...-.-)

DAY 360 ~ Chase
(Chapter 2)
That day, I had a mission in Twilight Town. Eliminate heartless. Not too hard, right?
That's what I hoped, anyway. An easy mission would be good since I had my mind on other things.
I walked over to the area of town full of stores. So far, though, I didn't see any heartless. I was beginning to wonder where they all were when a few Neoshadows appeared.
It was rare for them to show up in Twilight Town, but I didn't waste time thinking about that. I summoned my keyblade and began to fight.
The strange thing was…I felt more powerful than I had been before. I felt…different. Like I had power that wasn't mine.
But why? How would that be possible?
After the Neoshadows, some Shadow heartless appeared. I started to attack, but they fled.
"Hey!" I exclaimed. "Get back here!"
I ran as fast as I could in pursuit. But they were quick..
Suddenly, I had a sudden sense of Deja'vu. Similar to the sense that I was forgetting something, again.
Then some more images flashed through my mind. I was chasing someone…someone who wore the organization's cloak. Then the person took off their hood…she. It wasa she. I knew this in the memory, but again I couldn't see her face. I just knew. But who was she? Why was I chasing her? Why did she have the same cloak as the members of the organization wore?
More images came, this time not of the chase, but of eating icecream, again. That was when I realized that this was the same person that I had thought of the day before, the one Axel and I had icecream with…a best friend.
I was no longer chasing the Shadows. The images…weakened me. My head pounded again, and I kept trying to remember more.
But as they had the day before, the images left abruptly. The only thing I remembered of them, that time, was the fact that the person Axel and I ate icecream with had our same cloak. I didn't know anything else…but I began to wonder why Axel lied to me. Or did he forget about this person, just like I did?
Once I recovered, I continued with my mission. It was all that I could do.
That evening, Axel wasn't even at the clock tower. I didn't know where he was, but I ate icecream by myself for the day. It felt so…lonely. Not just because he wasn't there, but because I didn't know if he was being honest with me or not. And that hurt, somehow.
Could a Nobody really feel that kind of pain?


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Jan 13, 2010
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I'll post both Ch. 3 and 4 since they're all so short...xP

DAY 365 ~ Extra Time
(Chapter 3)
I found out that Axel had been sent on a more important mission, one that would take longer than usual. So he wouldn't be back for a while.
I was surprised that I had been in the organization for a full year. Yet there was so much I didn't remember about it…like the days were blurred together.
My mission that day was to destroy a giant heartless in Wonderland. Surprisingly, that didn't take long…so I had a bit of free time. I decided to go to the beach. It wasn't much, but better than nothing.
No one else was there. And for some reason, I felt like…I should have been there earlier. But why? I didn't have a mission there or anything.
Then, again, some images flashed in my mind. Seashells…I had been knocked out for a long period of time, and someone had given me a seashell each day. I did the same for them. For her…
It was a her. Someone in the organization. I wondered if this was the same person Axel and I had had icecream with, but I didn't have to wonder for long. The next image was of us all in her room and Axel declaring us best friends…I still didn't see her face.
This time when the images left, I remembered the fact that this person was a girl. Someone who had been important to me.
Did Axel remember her?
That night more images went through my mind in a dream. When I woke up I didn't remember them, but water dripped out of my eyes. I felt like that had happened before…but when?
DAY 366 ~ Thoughts
Saïx gave me a mission in a new world that day. I was supposed to do recon with Demyx.
The world we explored was a jungle world. We found out that there are come creatures--that aren't heartless--that live there. I heard someone call them…apes?
The mission wasn't long. I went up to the clock tower afterward, even though Axel was still on his mission.
Then I started thinking about the girl…but who was she really? When did I know her?
Why didn't I remember her?
DAY 367 ~ Laughing
(Chapter 4)
Axel came back. He was talking to Saïx when I woke up. But the conversation seemed…unpleasant. I wondered what it was about, but decided to ask Axel about that later.
My mission for the day was to collect emblems in Twilight Town. While doing so I got that Deja'vu feeling again. Like I'd done it before…but with someone else.
When I finished I went back in my room to write in my diary. All I wrote about was the images…the girl that I couldn't remember.
Then a thought occurred to me. What if I read over what I'd written in the past? Would that reveal some things?
I began reading from the very beginning. But…there were empty spaces. As if the words had faded.
Just like my memory.
Axel made it to the clock tower first. He had a blank look on his face--but I guess that's kind of normal for a Nobody.
"Hey," I said as I took a seat beside him. "How was your mission?"
"Not too bad," Axel replied. "Took a bit longer than expected, but I'm glad to be back. How have you been?"
"Fine," I wondered if I should tell him about the girl. It seemed like such a weird thing to talk about…but then again, it was important. "I have something to ask you."
"What's that?" Axel replied.
"I've…had images going through my head sometimes. Memories..." I started, "of some girl. I forget most things as soon as the images end. But I do remember that she was our best friend. She wore our coat, too. Axel…do you know anything?"
"A girl?" Axel repeated. He shook his head and looked out to the sun set. "I don't know anything. But who knows…if you are forgetting, maybe I am, too."
"But…don't you want to remember?" I asked. "If she was that important…isn't it something that you want to know?"
Axel was quiet for a moment. "Well, right now I don't know if such a person really existed," He said. "For now, we shouldn't worry about it."
I nodded, not in complete agreement, but I knew I wouldn't get anything else.
"Ah, I forgot to ask…what was Saïx talking to you about this morning?" I wondered of I was just good at forgetting stuff, or something.
"Oh, just the usual complaining that he does," Axel laughed. "You know how he is."
Haha, right," I laughed a bit, too. It felt good to laugh, to lighten up, even for just a bit.
Even if it didn't last.