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Power Rangers: New Generation [Sign-Ups/OOC]



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Jan 11, 2008
Power Rangers
New Generation

The time is 3145, & Earth has lost all communication with outer-space. The Human Race was once the leading trades provider for the Galactic Federation, & had started a frontier far outside of its own galaxy. But an evil organization of what would be great warlords rose from the darkness of space & had started a great battle with earth that had lasted for years. The leaders of this organization are nothing more than the descendants of Earths oldest rivals. Though still strong, & fierce; never the less. The pressure that was forced upon the Galactic Federation made it seem as though they had no choice but to disband its alliance with The Human Race. So it did, rather quickly.

Earth was faced with over population, & a great depletion of recourses. It was forced into a World War, where only the leading nations had barely survived. Now the Humans are trying to rebuild, with a new world-wide United Government to convey & to uphold. But recently; the Evil Organization known as the "ZRMDS Alliance" had started to attack again. The wealthy had paid Earth's new government to hide them deep beneath the earth's crust. While the not so wealthy had to embrace the organization for the worst.

Though there still may be hope. Merlin; a great scientist from the Galactic Federation (who had been doing research on the humans for over two thousand years) seemed to come out of nowhere. Claiming that he has a special weapon that could help him stop the evil organisation. All that was needed was "a group of rebellious teenagers with attitude." So, the government had picked a group of rebellious teenagers from a small town that would be granted the special powers of Merlin's weapon. This weapon is of course the power coins, which turns these teenagers into the infamous group of vigilantes known as the Power Rangers. Will the Rangers be able to stop the evil organization?

Merlin, The Mesa Project, & The Inquisitor
The truth of the matter of Merlin's existence is that he is actually Ninjor. Merlin/Ninjor was placed on Earth at the beginning of the Human Evolution to study Human Battles. For every new civilization he had recorded numerous sets of information that described the civilizations battle tactics. He had been doing this for has long as he could remember. Now, all of this information was feed into a super computer, which had transfered all of the data onto a group of coins that turned its users into the ultimate warrior. The "Power Ranger Process" had been going on for ever. The Galactic Federation had been using it for its primary military tactics.

The first generation of Human Power Rangers was created by Merlin's own prototype Power Coins. Though the coins only contained basic fighting information. Later on Merlin had upgraded the coins, adding Ninja Skills. That was when he posed has Ninjor, for if the Galactic Federation was to spy on him. He would be killed for making his own coins.

But seeing how Earth was forsaken by the Galactic Federation. Merlin could freely upon his own decisions. Which is to aide the humans by again, creating a more advance set of power coins. He has also highered an old friend known as "The Inquisitor," to train the Rangers. The Inquisitor is a mysterious figure who wields an army of mechanoids, and a giant robot known as Serpentera.

Phases I, II, & III
  1. Base Phase Alpha.] The first phase is basic training. The Power Rangers only know basic fighting, and their zoids are nothing more than figures.
  2. Omega Phase.] The second phase invovles an evolution within the Rangers fighting style. The have now adapted a new civilization, & thier zord corresponds with the civilizations animal.
  3. Phase Astro.] The third and final stage, this stage involves space adaptions. Where they now wield advance weaponry, and they are more astronaught like. Their Zords takes the shape of Jet Planes.

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Phase III Weaponry/Equipment
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