Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Survival anyone?



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Mar 19, 2008
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So hey, I haven't been here for a while.

But I was bored at work today and ideas started rattling around in my brain and I think I've got the start of something fun. Here's my pitch for an original RP, I don't have much, but I want to see if anyone is interested, or at the very least curious.

Taking inspiration from all the current zombie mania, and drawing heavily on influences such as The Last of Us and The Walking Dead, my idea is a role play that focuses on character relationships and interactions in a not so distant future where much of the population has succumbed to a disease (bacterial/fungal/viral... haven't decided what or how) that has left them as undead, flesh hungry killers. Zombies, if you will. When the zombies began to overrun the nation, the military took control, bombing entire cities off the map and marking huge quarantine zones. Everything came in rations. They decided your curfew. They worked lazily for a cure, but were overcome by the power and privilege they wielded. Born of the oppression imposed by the 'peacekeeping' military, the resistance rose to challenge them. Though they held less fire power, they worked feverishly on a cure, earning support and important resources from the disgruntled citizens. After years of fighting, their war seems to be coming to the apex.

As a player, you can align yourself with the peacekeepers, the resistance, or be unaligned (working titles). As a peacekeeper, you have advanced weaponry and access to more resources. As a resistance member, you have access to your cure prototype, potentially making you immune to the effects of the disease and attacking zombies. Being unaligned will have some kind of perk too, I haven't decided what... But being unaligned gives you the freedom to pursue a more personal agenda and be choosy about who you wish to help, or perhaps even fight for your own cause. The resistance and the peacekeepers are out to destroy each other, and would relish the help from unaligned characters, or maybe just try and kill them if they get in their way.

All the meanwhile, zombies are constantly trying to kill you to feed themselves.

A fair portion of the RP would be influenced by random events, things I throw in to spice up the plot and give you all opportunities to write something new and unexpected. They could be good, or they could be bad, and they don't always have immediate effect. Because I don't want a tight plot, these events can help shape the RP and add some new dimensions to the current storyline.

What do you think? Like it? Love it? Too unoriginal? I'm dying for some feedback or support, I'd love to make this happen if you seem to be interested.


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May 4, 2005
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You already mentioned OmniChaos' Jericho, which I am a part of, so I probably won't join another zombie outbreak, but if you're interested in participating in that roleplay I'm sure you'd be more than welcome.