Pokemon Kingdoms



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Sep 4, 2005
The inspiration for this crossover of two of my favorite RPG series (Pokemon and Kingdom Hearts), has been in my head for a while, but Pokemon Conquest (A Nobunaga's Ambition spinoff featuring Pokemon), inspired me to redo it all.

The story starts off in the Kaiben region, farther away from even distant Unova. Three friends, Trava, Pozhar, and Vody (Russian for Grass, Fire, and Water respectively, a little fun fact), who live in Destiny Town, have noticed something going on across time and space. Heartless have been spotted appearing out of twenty Warp Zones across the region. Arceus has noticed this, and appears in their dreams, telling them to use the Keyblade, and investigate each world and stop the Heartless.

The twenty Kingdom Hearts worlds are

1. Traverse Town
2. Enchanted Dominion
3. Castle of Dreams
4. Dwarf Woodlands
5. Wonderland
6. The City of Bells
7. The Land of Dragons
8. Hollow Bastion
9. Agrabah
10. Prankster's Paradise
11. Pride Lands
12. Halloween Town
13. Beast's Castle
14. Disney Town
15. Space Paranoids
16. Olympus Coliseum
17. Atlantica
18. Neverland
19. 100 Acre Wood
20. Keyblade Graveyard

The Kaiben region has Pokemon, including Legends, from all five major regions.

Trava will start with Treecko
Pozhar will start with Tepig
Vody will start with Squirtle

Now onto the main trio.

They, like Terra, Ventus, and Aqua, will mostly be in their own stories, but will occasionally meet up.

Trava prefers speed over all other stats, Pozhar would rather use his brute strength, and Vody, well, she's a gifted mage.


Trava, Pozhar, and Vody are all dreaming, but they seem to be having exactly the same dream, and see each other in this dream.

Arceus comes down, floating with a white light in an endless darkness.

"Trava, Pozhar, Vody, you have been chosen by the Keyblade." Arceus roared.

A green, natural looking Keyblade, a red, fiery looking Keyblade, and a blue, marine looking Keyblade, appear in Trava, Pozhar, and Vody's left hands respectively.

"Your Pokemon will also be needed on this quest. The Heartless show no mercy to any foe. The Keyblades are weapons that appear in many worlds. The Heartless are weak to the light aura generated by the hearts of their wielders, but also seek to destroy it. Go find the Warp Zones across the Kaiben region, and good luck." The Alpha Pokemon continued and disappeared.

The order of each Character's story will go.

1. Trava
2. Pozhar
3. Vody
repeat the cycle until the end of the storylines.