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Fanfiction ► Pirates of Cercil: Blackness of the Beard

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To start off I would like to tell you all that this is NOT a KH Fan Fic. This is a strict Pirate Fan Fiction that was created by me. Now, below is the Epilogue explaining to you how everything came to be, in the story.

Feedback is very much appreciated and this is only my 2nd Fan Fiction, so I would like to see if I can pull off a Fan Fiction without the KH theme.

I'm using the Epilogue much like a Pilot episode of a TV series. If I get good feedback I will start off Chapter 1. If I don't then it will die here.


"Where is the damn medallion!" A voice echoed through Sid's head like it was Deja Vu or something.

Sid opened his eyes very slightly, just enough so he could through his eyelashes. Sid saw nothing but, soggy wood below him and about a half inche of water. Sid tilted his head up, to spot two men standing with there back turned. They were talking in whispers now, from the sudden outburst one of them just had. Sid looked around the room for a moment, heading tilted down so the two men did not notice he was conscious. Sid felt the room move left to right every second he layed limp against the wall the chains around his wrists keeping him from falling.

"A.... ship?" Sid whispered, as one of the men quickly turned his head to Sid and Sid on instict met his eyes when he turned.

"Ye bait is awake!" The man took a step toward Sid and Sid turned his head down to the ground so he did not have to look.

The man grabbed hold of Sid's chin and turned his head upwards so he was face to face with him. The man grinned and looked down at his chest for a moment. Sid's eyes wandered down to see what he was looking at, and Sid then noticed a deep wound in the middle of his chest, with dryed blood wrapped around it outerlining. Sid let out a yell as the man, growled and drew his sword from the holster. The man slammed the hilt of the sword into the side of Sid's head and he immedietly fell back to an unconscious state. The man grinned and pointed the sword at the wound.

"Ye blood Blackbeard spilled... must be repayed!" The man drove the blade into the wound and let blood drip down into the soggy floorboards and into the water, and he grinned and tossed the medallion into the blood stained water and it immedietly began to boil.

"Javier!" Yelled the other man, as he pointed down to the water and Javier quickly shot his eyes down to it to spot the boiling point in the boards as his foot falls through one of them. Javier quickly gripped at the floor boards and as he fell down and reached out grabbing hold of Sid's leg.

"It was supposed to bring him back!" Javier yelled as he pulled himself up on Sid's leg and layed limp down on the floor boards, feeling the blood stained water boil beneath him and the wood get eaten by it.

"The Key ingredient... Sea Water! We forgot about the Sea! Blackbeards resting place!" Javier grinned as he heard his partner say this and let a wide spread grin cross his face. Javier scrambled to his feet and made his way over to the ship wall and lifted the sword up to the wall before turning to see his partner.

"See you in Davey Jones Locker my friend!" Javier yelled as he drove the sword into the ship and pulled it out letting a bit of Sea water spill in.

Javier ran over to a small box, and lifted it into the air before dumping a bit less than a quart of gun powder. Javier grabbed hold of his gun in its holster as he felt a stern hand on his shoulder, Javier turned to see his partner standing there with a gun pointed into Javier's spine. Javier quivered for a moment, before letting a toothy grin spread across his face showing his gold crown to his partner.

"Are you going to shoot me Tobias?" Javier asked as he turned his head to his partner to show his grin, and to prove he was not scared of him.

"I refuse to go down over a myth!" Tobias made his way around Javier pointing the gun in the same direction before, reaching around to his other side and pointing the gun to his heart.

"A Myth?" Javier looked as if he was pondering this for a moment, instead he secretly unwrapped his gun from the holster and pointed it toward the gun powder he had dumped out before.

Javier stood there grinning, as Tobias looked at him with a look of hate for what he was planning to do. Javier raised his spare hand up into the air, and grabbed onto his hat, placing it over his heart and hiding the tip of the gun. With that done, Javier pulled the trigger of his own gun, but before the bullet could hit the gun powder Tobias shot his gun off, and the entire left side of the boat blew up in flames and shot outwards forcing Sea Water to fill the boat quickly and a red tint began to gather around it slowly as the ship began to sink to the bottom.
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