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Sep 26, 2005
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Okay, I decided to write this, for fun :D Some of the characters included are my friends on Live journal, they're not real depictions though xD Anyways, here's the Prologue.


“Your majesty!” beamed an eccentric Donald. He’d just entered through the big bold door, which led to King Mickey’s throne. Donald looked around the room in countless directions and could see there was a black dot, with a striking yellow colour rising above it. Donald waddled along the red carpet; he could feel his webbed feet digging into it, with each step. It was a comfort to anyone who walked across it. It then became clear that this was a person, standing in front of the tall throne. Who in the world could that be? And where is the king? I do hope he hasn’t wondered off without telling us again! As these thoughts rumbled through Donald’s head, he finally reached within a few yards of the throne. The person turned around to see whom had just arrived, and sidestepped swiftly to the right to reveal whom Donald, was looking for. King Mickey. Donald couldn’t understand this person, or why they were here in an unusual place like Disney castle.

“Hi there, Donald! What’s up?” The king always spoke an unusual manner, opposed to the stereotypical view of a king, whom would boast about their pride and power. The King had these positive attributes, but never seemed to advertise them to his world.

Donald then turned his focus back to the King. “Ah, your majesty.”

“Just call me Mickey. No offence will be taken” the king giggled lightly. He always seemed to be in pleasant mood, no matter what unsuspected event took place. “Megan, this is my loyal servant, court wizard Donald Duck. Donald, this is Megan.” Donald then looked again at Megan. Her hair looked even more striking close up. It was a natural blonde colour, as straight as a steep mountain slope. She was wearing a glamorous white dress, shoulder to toe, the material looked exquisite. She held up her hand to Donald, showing some sort of pattern on her hand. She smiled sweetly, in a way to come across as polite.

“It’s nice to meet you, Donald.” Donald hopped up the steps and shaked her hand, with his white feathery one. His colour was similar to her dress.

“Um, yeah. Same here.” Donald usually didn’t take too kindly to strangers, so he wasn’t bothered on the nosiness of his question. “What is that on your hand?” Megan let go of his hand, and positioned the pattern in a much more visible position. It looked like some sort of star, mixed with Mickey’s head, a trademark usually seen around Disney Castle.

“This is how I create magic. It’s my weapon, really speaking.” Once Donald learnt this, he then spoke without hesitation.

“What are you doing here?” His arms folded, with his right foot tapping, a posture he usually carried out when he felt like this.

“Sorry Donald, but that’s private” Mickey interrupted.

“But your majesty…”

“I believe Megan was just about to leave anyway. Thanks for your visit, we’ll meet at the arranged spot and time?” Megan gave a thankful bow.

“Yes. Thank you, Mickey. You’ve made this easier for my world and myself. I need to repay you for your kindness somehow.”

“Aw shucks, I’m only helping out! I don’t want any gain from it.”

Megan smiled, with happy instincts. “You are too kind. You must come visit my world sometime.”

“I must know first though, of anything the king does!” Donald blurted out, as he felt he needed to speak. He was protective of the king, and always had concern of what he was doing most of the time. Mickey ignored him.

“I will do! Look after yourself, will ya?”

“Yes. I feel reassured now after this discussion.” Megan then looked at the big clock hanging on the wall. “I must be going now, they’ll be wondering where I am. Thank you, once again.”

“The pleasure’s all mine. See you soon!” Megan then held her hand up, the one with the weird pattern on it and spoke the word “Disappear”. Smoke surrounded her from toe to head, moving up like a spiral staircase. As it faded, it was clear she was gone. Donald then spoke, he was obviously impatient.

“Who was that? What did she want? Where is she from” Donald had almost forgotten why he needed to see Mickey in the first place! Mickey chuckled lightly.

“Sorry Donald, but as I said, I can’t reveal anymore about my business with her. Rules are rules!” Donald frowned and then moved back to the subject he wanted to talk about.

“Your majesty, I’d thought I’d give you an update on the gummi ship. Chip and Dale are just fitting the cockpit in, so Goofy and me should be making our way to Traverse town as soon as possible.”

“Hot dog! I’d go and make this delivery myself, but I’ve got a gazillion things on my mind at the moment! I needed to speak to you about that, come to think of it. I want Minnie to go with you.”

Donald jumped with shock. “Waaaak?! The queen? But why?” This was weird; Queen Minnie rarely left the castle, along with the Duchess, Daisy. It was usually their job to keep an eye on the castle, as Mickey always seemed out of bounds nowadays.

“She thought, seeing as you were visiting Merlin, she’d visit the fairy godmother. Something about a summon stone she found I think. Make sure you look after her, okay?”

“Um, yeah sure.” Now Donald had to protect Minnie as well as making this delivery. Donald turned away and rolled his eyes. “I’ll go and see how Goofy’s doing.” Donald began walking along the carpet. “Waaaaaaaaaak!” Pluto had just sprung from out of nowhere onto him, licking him with his sharp tongue. “Ahh, down Pluto! Down boy! Why does he always come out of nowhere? And why does he disappear too!” The king laughed.

“Because he’s a dog! Aren’t they all curious?”

“You can say that again.” Donald was lying on the floor, with Pluto on top of him, both staring at each other’s faces. “I wonder why this dog likes to bounce so much.”

The seas, which shimmered with diamond sparkles and the calm breezes of the wind surrounded Destiny Islands. It seemed like just an ordinary day. Selphie, Tidus and Yukka were having a three way fight and Kairi was judging a race being held between Sora and Riku, over an obstacle course, which consisted of ledges, a tower, some trees and a gold star used as the checkpoint. Sora had just reached the ledges and jumped from one to the next, Riku not too far behind. Sora thought that he’d actually beat him this time. He’d finally win one over on Riku and show that he could just be as good as him! Suddenly, the ledge collapsed and Sora then found himself dangling from the ledge he was about to jump onto, and claim the victory he’d desired so badly. Riku then hopped stylishly, with a cunning smirk on his face and reached the finish.

“Goal!” shouted Kairi. “You seem to forget about that one ledge each time Sora, you dope!” Sora climbed up from the ledge and ran to the finish. “You should concentrate on finishing rather than winning!”

“I was! It was just, I, uh, slipped that’s all! I’ll beat you next time Riku!” Riku laughed, in a friendly manner.

“You said that the last time, and the time before that.” He strode towards the door leading to the other side of the island, and clenched his hand and rubbed it on Sora’s head. “You’ll get there eventually!”

“Argh! Cut it out!” He pushed him swiftly away. “I’ll win next time, I swear!”

“Sure, you will.” Riku laughed and opened the door and made his victory exit. Sora stared after him annoyed, with a competitive streak. Kairi walked up to him, her hands held tightly behind her back, moving to a completely different subject.

“One of Selphies friends are coming to the island today” Sora turned around to talk with Kairi.

“Really? I’ve never really known that much about her family or friends”

“No-one has, she’s never really discussed them.” An exotic green leaf floated gently by.

“Well, um, I’m gonna see if Wakka want’s another round, we’re currently even! I’ll see you round, okay?” Sora scratched his head and looked straight in the direction the leaf had chosen. Kairi giggled.

“I expect you to win next time!” She then dashed off towards the beach shack. Sora’s attention was still primarily fixed on that leaf. For some reason, it looked like no ordinary green leaf, it looked far too exotic to fall from one of the beautiful variety of trees on the island. Sora could see that this leaf was in control, definitely not an ordinary leaf! It seemed as if the mysterious path was intentional. How could a leaf choose its own path, Sora thought? As soon as it left his sight, he shook his head with no immediate frustration and dashed off to the other side of the island for that promised fight.

Okay, there's the Prologue sorted. I'll try and get the first chapter up asap! ^_^

sora is the best

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May 3, 2005
Good fic ill give it a 2.5 out of 5 because in the beginning i didnt know who was talking to who because there were no names before the person was talking but over all it was decent.
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