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Open Challenge

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Jan 10, 2005
I'm back, and better than ever.

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* Mr ||Redux||
* Yunakairi (Tidusora. Hehe)

1) No God-Modding.
2) Three judges, por favor.
3) No Power-Role-Playing.
4) Have at least a moderate history.

^^ First one gets the spot, unless a second one wants to participate, and we can make it a triple threat. :D

Name: Mageon Cedron
Age: 18
Race: Mystic Human
"I was born in a place, which was nothing close to paradise. It wasn't exactly a depressing life either. I was born under my parents, who died at my child ages. I was, then brought upon an Organization, which consisted of people with incredible powers. It wasn't until he, the person who travels the Omniverse, A.J. had made me realized who I was. I obtained a sword, which I used from a day-to-day basis, when I kill thsoe who oppose the good will of nature. I traveled the Multiverse, the Omniverse, and any other galaxies you can imagine. From there, I trained. I trained with my Gold Sword, which brought upon my unique techniques."

"Want to know more about my story, sir?"
"Yes, continue. It'd be much more, how do you say, preferred, that you continue,"replied the cloaked figure.

"I trained with only the best. You see, I learned a handful from this A.J., a Native American, who had a sister, Koni, and a friend whose name escapes me. But throughout the multiverses and the omniverses, well, sir, that's a different story. I learned my stealth in a future of a omniverse. This world consisted of ninjas. They had taught me everything I know about stealth and about being sneaky. My trainer, though, was a man by the name of Uchiha Sasuke. Although the people looked as him evil, he was nothing but a soul who wanted to exact revenge on his brother. Luckily, I got him at the time where his power prospered. When he tried to get trap his master, Orochimaru, in my body, I managed to reverse the spell, and his master, ultimately died. Although, I changed that future, I did not change the past. That timeline would never be effected, because the future, ultimately, becomes the past. Before I left that multiverse, though, I reluctantly destroyed my trainer, and stole the Sharingan from him. I can activate it at will."

"Yes, very interesting. You are very wity indeed, the people of that world won't be celebrating because that event would never have happened. If you had destroyed him in the past,though, you would've messed up their timeline and ultimately get banned fomr travelling to other multiverses,"claimed the cloaked figure. After his discussion finished, his lips were visible and had a smirk. He whispered to Mageon to continue.

"Yes, sir. I also trained under the wing of Kenshin Himura, when was a Battosai. Unfortunately, I almost got myself killed. You see, the Battosai challenged me. If I cut him first, then, he would train me, but if he cut me, I would allow myself to be killed by him. Luckily, I slashed his face making a permanent scar. In an alternate timeline, it would be someone else who was the reason for his scar. I trained with him, as he contributed to my quickness and ruthlessness. I just wish that I could practice with him more, unfortunately, I had to move quickly. I was eventually going to engage in a battle of competition."

"If you had trained with the right people, you would've had this practice done in a jiffy. You see, you don't train with people as slow as Mr. Miyagi, otherwise you rely on your body's soul power. These mystic humans, they're such a nuisance,"commented the cloaked figure.
Mageon was going to rant even further on his other two trainers. It was funny to Mageon that the cloaked figure mentiond mystic humans. In fact, Mageon was one. He decided to continune further ranting, but he needed the man's trust. Right when he would have him on level, he would murder the guys. It was in fact true that Mageon trained with the masters of the darkness, but way before he trained with the world of darkness he trained with the masters of light and the masters of nothing (Nobodies). He knew how to not let the light, twilight, or dark consume him.

"My third trainer is someone you will never believe. I was trained by a Bounty Hunter, by the name of Spike Spiegel. He taught me how to move smoothly in a fighting combat style match with no weapons. It made my job easier. Although he did not work in the styles of darkness, I managed to deceive him and have him killed. He was going to die a minute earlier, anyways."
"Scum like that bounty hunter killing people valuable like us don't deserve to live. Although, his skills could've proved powerful in the realm of darkness, he reverted to his own realm,"the figure seemed to catch on the conversation.
"My last and foremost trainer, I will not reveal to you. That will come to you as a surprise. But for now, I have to reveal to you something," Mageon exclaimed as he touched the bunt of his sword.

"What are you doing, Thumas?"asked the figure.
"Wow, people like you are pathetic as I thought. By the way, the guy you knew, Thumas, whatever his name was, he's dead I killed him," said Mageon with a maniacal smile.
"We can use people like you in this realm of darkness. Please, please join us,"said the figure as he started to sweat.
"Let me give you a short and brief answer. I assure you it's not three-letter answer, it's more like a two-letter answer," said Mageon ,"No!"
Mageon brought out his sword from his sheath and in a quick blast the figure was destroyed. Dark red blood surrounded the dark room he was in. He saw the color and the figure in a small spotlight that he created from a hole in the wall.
"Haha! Looks like I overdid it. Well, I look forward to continuing in destroying evil." said Mageon.
And from there, Mageon grinned his way towrads the path of destroying evil and those who oppose the good of humanity and the omniverse.

Appearance: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y100/tidusora/Role-Play/flik.gif?t=1176575640

Gold Sword

Spirit Attacks

Typhoon Blast - Typhoon Blast is a spirit energy released as the form of an energy ball, with the image of a typhoon going on inside the energy ball.

Gold Rush - The Gold Sword splits in half, encrusted with spirit energy as the bottom halves of each sword, and cuts the opponent with the spirit energy in the bottom halves. It moves at the will of the user.

Typhoon Fire - This attack, is released as the form of fire, with the image of a certain typhoon going on inside the blasts of fire.

Wind Split - This attack, Wind Split, sends blades of the wind, spiraling towards the opponent, as the sword swings in the air.

Spirit Clone - The sword transforms into Mageon, tricking the opponent, when Mageon is in tight spots. Mageon may switch spirits with the clone at times. This can take up alot of his energy.

Sword Skills

Yoru - Yoru, is an attack taught to him, changing the size of the sword by the will of the user, for his/her convenience.

Freta - Mageon concentrates on a point of the enemies' body, creates a barrier around that part of the opponents body with energy from the sword, and sticks his sword through the barrier, sending the energy through the tip of the sword, and stabbing the opponent in that body part harder than a normal stab.

Fast Lis - At this point, Mageon uses most of his energy to attack the opponent swiftly, giving him and advantage and disadvantage at the same time.

Last Resort - Mageon wastes all of his energy in desparate need, in order to get up and use his sword in very fast slashes and cuts, able to fly while in the Last Resort.

Theme Song: Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz
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Aug 4, 2005
In the place of prayer...
I will take on your battle. Just give me a minute to upload my template.


The Rogue Knightmare



Energy-Matter (This is described as being in control of pure energy and basic matter, including the following abilites:

Converting matter to energy and vice versa- Phoenix can transform matter into pure energy, and pure energy into various types of matter through physical touch, and through greater effort, telepathic touch, although the latter works over a relatively short distance. It is worth mentioning, that if Envoy converts dark matter, or dark energy, it will transform into the other (Ex. Dark energy would convert into dark matter, and vice versa)

Manipulating pure energy- Phoenix can manipulate pure energy with ease, keeping it from destroying all that it touches while using it to attack with the ease of shooting a gun.

Converting gasses, plasma’s, and liquids into solids- Phoenix can transform gasses, plasma’s, and liquids into solids through mental touch, although physical touch is easier to manage.

Energy consumption- Phoenix can absorb pure energy he is in physical contact with. This energy can heal him, make him stronger, and increase his overall abilities. However, if he absorbs dark energy, it will transform him into a darker, sinister version of himself, which is only reversible by absorbing pure energy.

Semi-matter manipulation- Phoenix can manipulate basic matter created from the energy he converts it from, such as spheres,, simple solids, but not massively complex items.

Energy purification- Phoenix can convert umbra energy, magical energy, spiritual energy, and even chaos energy into pure energy. This takes effort though, and the more energy converted, the more energy it takes up.

Energy Manifestiation- Phoenix can transform his being into energy while still maintaining his conciousness and power, converting himself back into matter at will. However, as energy, he cannot physically attack an opponent, forced to use energy based attacks and converting that energy to matter in order to physically attack.

Phoenix's weapon consists of a single ring. This ring allows him to solidify energy without converting it back into matter, creating energy shields, energy creatures, or even energy weapons. A common energy weapon he forms is a Keyblade shaped weapon, a tribute to his former Keyblade.

Now Phoenix wears the symbolic coat of the original Organization,although beneath that he wears armor symbolic to his past time with the Knight's, which he can convert to in a second by turning the matter of his coat into energy. The armor beneath is jet black with shimmering gold trim around the edges, complete with a flowing black cape, with small golden streaks running through it. He can detach the cape at will. And his armor is designed to fold in within himself, converting itself into energy which then is channeled into his own being, giving him strength and healing his wounds, allowing him more freedom in movement and agility while still maintaining defense. This energy can then be converted back into matter, recreating his armor when needed again. However he rarely uses this armor, and prefers to fight with the Organization's garb. His hair is a dark brown, once slicked back and swept to the side, but now is let down free fall, covering his ears and reaching down almost too his neck. His hair covers one of his eyes often, and he pushes it back often when thinking, revealing his dark yellow eyes and his strong jaw.

When Phoenix, as his original, Inepho, joined the Knight’s, he was a soft spoken romantic kid, naïve to the world and certain of the world’s goodness. However since his exile, he has grown harder and bitter, the young kid replaced by the rebellious young adult. His current personality is everything the Knight’s taught him to go against. They taught him loyalty; he now looks out only for himself, betraying even his closest friends. They taught him kindness; he now treats everything with contempt. They taught him chivalry; he now has no respect for women, treating them with utter vulgarity. They taught him love; he now hates even himself. However when he became a Nobody, he could no longer feel those emotions, so he has assumed a blank persona, pretending to have these feelings of rage and spite while deep inside he is just remembering what he hated most; the Knight's, and does all in his power to be anything but like them.

Inepho grew up as an eager young kid, always looking up to the Knight’s of the Order of Hearts. He saw them stride through his world with their celestially golden, and the instant he was old enough, he applied to join. He was among over twenty boys and girls applying to join, and he was selected along with three to be trained. After months of grueling work out and strenuous exercises, he not only was accepted, but given his own Keyblade! His power was brought out early on, and he fought Heartless, Nobodies, and all the darkness that was out there for five years, quickly becoming a prominent member, achieving the rank of Knight and soon on his way to becoming a Keyblade Master.

But then it happened. He and an elite team of Knight’s had been sent to seek out three Keyblades, the most powerful ever created, and make sure they were saved from the hands of darkness. However the enemy had beat them there… When they arrived, they saw the enemy walk from the distance, the old man coming closer, separating himself into two figures, the man, and the Dark Knight… His teammate tried to go forward, but Inepho pushed him back, going to defeat the enemy himself. After a grueling battle, the old man instantly defeated them all, his new team mate frozen the girl broken and torn, and Envoy lay among the rubble, looking up as the enemy floated into the sky, ready to take what he had come for and what the Knight’s eternally guarded. The Kingdom of Hearts…

Inepho’s eyes transformed, becoming gleaming yellow, a shadow of what shines beneath a Heartless… He rose, channeling his power throughout him, willing himself to convert the entire mass of the dark old man and his rogue Knight to energy. It worked. The old man screamed and his Knight went down quietly, both of their matter converting into the darkest energy he had ever seen. But the dark energy had a life of its own, and without Inepho’s will, he absorbed it into his body, assimilating it within and with a scream, he felt the darkness inside him growing, and growing, and growing. He stood with a fiendish gleam in his eye, and with a scream, turned on his two teammates, lying beaten on the ground.

As he slowly stood, his hands covered with the blood of his fellow Knight’s, he stared down at the carnage he had caused. The girl was dead, her armor ripped off and her body completely violated. The rookie was broken, his icy figure shattered into a million small pieces, his eyes no longer roving inside his frozen corpse. He slowly backed away, his heart beating faster, and his body slowly released the dark energy he had absorbed. He could absorb whatever pure energy he wanted, but that initial burst of dark energy… That sudden corruption of power… It would always remain with him…

He was immediately caught and arrested, stripped of his rank, Keyblade, and dignity. They even tried to take away his power, but none of the scientists could figure out how, not that Inepho would let them if they tried. Inepho was sentenced to eternal exile in the realm of Darkness, sentenced to wander its lonely beaches until all worlds came to an end. But after a year, a small portal opened in the realm, and Inepho, tired and cold, slipped through it, awaking to be in the same desert where he had killed his fellow Knight’s that long year ago…

He slowly began to travel, forging himself new armor from the energy around him, exercising his powers and roaming the world as a loner. He felt no need for revenge against the Knight’s, only the urge to do everything possible to be everything they were not. However this traveling and revenge ended when a sudden ambush of Heartless lost him the one thing he still retained; his heart. Now as a Nobody, Phoenix, he was unable to feel those thoughts he had before. He remembered only his revenge, and his desire to not be like the Knight's so long ago....

As he traveled as a Nobody, feeling his powers grow with his lack of heart to hold him back, he found a man, shrouded in a black coat. Thinking he might be a new type of Knight, Phoenix charged him, but quickly found out this man's power. He could be rejected from the known world at the slightest touch, but the man just asked for his allegiance. Phoenix didn't have to be good or kind, in fact he had to do the opposite. This was the thing he had been looking for; an Organization opposite that of the Knight's... He agreed, and to this day is an active member of the Organization, relishing in his secret Revenge on the Knight's. Opposite of what they were. They were the Light, he was the Dark...

After his ascent to being a Nobody, his own servant Nobodies appeared. They were similar to his fellow Knight's, except strangely grotesque. Wearing dark grey armor, and wielding gigantic swords, they fought along side him, extremely strong and agile, striking down foes with elegan sweeps and flowing capes, their armor withstanding the strongest attacks. However, like his former companions, the Knight's were prone to weakness, and had low health, and once one got through their defenses, they were gone. But it gave him satisfaction to be able to control these relics of his past

Note- I will be away from my computer most of today so I may be unable to respond for a while. Please feel free to make the opening post however.
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Damnit, I wanted to take ts. Ever since I saw his work way back in the tournament I've wanted to fight him. D=

Alkimos is in.

Name: Alkimos Gryphonheart ~ The Benevolent Ruler
Age: Originally, he died at the age of 227, and was reborn at the age of 14. He has attained god status now however, so he has no one specific age.
Gender: Male
Homeworld: Kambelia/Earth
Species: Kambelian/God

Armaments: There are only a few items Alkimos keeps on his person, but each one has it’s own significance. First off is his weapon, a sword he acquired during his travels through the wilder lands, Dragon’s Bane. The sword’s basic form is that of a beautiful steel broadsword, but it has the ability to transform into any melee weapon Alkimos’s heart desires. Around his neck is a silver necklace with two silver lances forming an “X” pattern as a charm. The X is said to hold some power, but only Alkimos knows what. He used to bear two black bands on his wrist, but after becoming a god he melded them with his sword, making it that much greater. Nestled within his armor at all times is the blue-green staff by the name of Ziale. The staff has the ability to absorb vast amounts of magical energy on command, and use that energy to either power the user or fire a gigantic blast of pure magical energy that is powerful to destroy entire worlds. Ziale has many hidden powers however, of which Alkimos has only scratched the surface. Because of this, Alkimos keeps it tucked away. Only the most powerful of his opponents and the closest of his allies have ever seen him wield the staff in battle.

Appearance: Throughout his many different bodies and lives, Alkimos has taken on different looks. He rather likes the body he’s currently in however, and he does not intend to change any time soon.

Alkimos stands six foot one, with shoulder-length jet-black hair and emerald green eyes. He has a full goatee, and a sharp nose. His body is well toned, but he is not so buff to the point that it would slow him down. He wears blue-green armor, with the chest plate bulging out from his chest (like a English knights armor except it fits a bit tighter). The armor covers his whole body except for his hands, on which he wears brown gloves. Around his waist is a gold rope, from which hangs four white banners with gold lining. The first one in the front has an emblem of a silver dragon, the second on his left hip has an image of a gold dragon, the third on his right hip has an image of a black dragon, and the fourth on his bottom has an image of a black three-headed dragon. On his chest plate if the fifth emblem, the Gryphon. Sheathed at his side is his trusty blade Dragon's Bane, and his twin lance necklace still hangs around his neck.

Personality: In his first life, Alkimos was malevolent and ruthless. Only caring about himself and wining, he slaughtered anyone who stood in his way. He cared not about family or friends, and hatred consumed every fiber of his being. Now that he has been reborn however, all of that has changed. He has learned to have a more positive outlook on things, is funny, outgoing, and just an all around good guy. His ruthlessness is still with him, although it only comes out in battle. He is incredibly intelligent and wise, having nearly fifteen hundred years of knowledge with him. His newfound ascension has only added to his new demeanor, and he has become wiser and more intelligent than most mortal men and average gods for that matter.

Abilities: Soon after he was reborn, Alkimos found out that in order to regain each of his former powers he had to relearn them. This discouraged him at first, but he persevered. Slowly but surely he learned, and eventually he regained many of his old abilities. Now that he has ascended however, his powers have become greater and spread out over many different types. His powers extend over Arcane magics, (his strongest points be conjuration, evocation, illusion, and transmutation) and Incarnum magics. He can also perform minor feats of clairsentience and telepathy, but these usually only work when having to do with matters involving Kambelia and it’s people.


Alkimos was born on the planet Kambelia, a magical and technological wonder of a planet in the far reaches of the Milky Way galaxy. He was born the only son of King Matthew and Queen Terra Gryphonheart, effectively crowning him the prince of Kambelia. The people of Kambelia were very civilized, all of them thinking of only peace; never war or destruction.

A thing that made Prince Alkimos so strange.

From a very young age Alkimos was evil, always harassing the other children and instigating fights. Once he learned to talk he would constantly question his elders, never accepting anything they said. He was a wild child, but the King and Queen loved him none-the-less. Despite his hatred towards other people, the only ones he truly loved were his mother and father; he always listened to them if push came to shove and he had to listen to someone.

As the prince, he was of course trained in the art of sword fighting. Not only that, he was taught a good many things. From history to politics to geography to magic, the young Alkimos absorbed knowledge wherever he could. He learned to use a great variety of weapons, and his intellect seemingly grew with each passing day. By the time he was fourteen he was quite the child prodigy, putting some of Kambelia’s top scholars to shame. His bad personality was always a problem however, and although he may threaten he had never truly ever thought of hurting someone.

One day, while Alkimos was out on a hunting trip, an assassin from the Wilder Lands on Kambelia broke into the royal palace and slaughtered the King and Queen in their bedroom. When Alkimos returned, he rushed to his mother and father to show off the buck he had just killed. Bursting into the bedroom, he saw the corpses of his mother and father on the bed. The image was forever burned onto his retinas, and drove the young boy insane.

He immediately went to the captain of the royal knights, and commanded that a search party be erected to find the murderer of his parents. When the captain told him no, that they should first perform a burial ceremony, Alkimos swiftly killed the man; rending his head clean from his shoulders. Furious, Alkimos gathered some supplies to set out and find the killer by himself.

For many years Alkimos searched the Wilder Lands for the man, and during that time he learned many things and even found a weapon, which could morph into any form he desired. He learned that four great mages ruled the wilder lands, and that if anyone knew where to find the murderer it would be them. And so, he set out to find these mages; and eventually he indeed found each one. Sadly, none of them could help. Each one said it was nearly impossible to find a man that the boy did not even know the face of, even with magic. Growing more furious each time he was told it is was impossible, he slaughtered each mage; gaining the power of said mage in the process. It was an effect that was a curse set on the mages long ago, when the four of them had teamed-up to kill the mage who ruled the wilder lands back then.

By the time each mage was no more Alkimos was extremely powerful. He had gained the power of the four most powerful beings on Kambelia, and he used that power to help him search. Finally, after twenty-years of searching the massive wilder-lands, he found the man who had killed his parents. Unfortunately, the man was long dead, having died from a devilish fever. This only added to Alkimos’s continual rage, which was not good since he was now the most powerful man on Kambelia. Using his power, he conquered the entire wilder lands single handedly, a feat that had never been done before. Now turning his attention back to his old kingdom, he set out to conquer it as well.

Alkimos called to him a massive army, consisting of barbarians, orcs, draconians, demons, and many other magical species. Even if they hadn’t been stronger, the army could have won the war through sheer numbers. Alkimos’s army completely annihilated the armies of his kingdom, and Alkimos claimed his rightful throne. He enslaved not only the country, but also the entire planet; forcing everyone in it to do his biding. He ruled the land for nearly two hundred years, using magic to extend his life span. He became known as the most evil king to ever rule Kambelia, and he liked it.

Little did he know however, a resistance was being formed. Since during the war he had killed all of the best mage’s in the country when they confronted him, their apprentices had gotten together to form a resistance. Tons of people joined this force, even some of the members of Alkimos’s army. The resistance waited for the opportune moment to strike, but when they did it was lethal. They brought down Alkimos, killing him as he slept. The reign of the evil king was finally over, and peace returned to Kambelia.

Alkimos was cast into the underworld, and was tortured for hundreds of years. During that time, he often thought back on his life. What was the point of committing all those evil deeds? He asked himself. Death had returned him to sanity, but he knew it was too little too late. After another long two hundred years of suffering, the gods came down from the heavens and gave Alkimos a choice. They said they had seen his return to sanity, and respected it. They would give him another chance at life, under two conditions. One: he could never return to Kambelia, and Two: He must become a benevolent king. Although Alkimos did not understand how he could become king outside of Kambelia, he agreed to the terms.

Light enveloped the man, and his soul was transported from the underworld. His new life would begin soon…


Alkimos was reborn seven years later as Aoki Jin, son of Kimiko and Tetsuya Aoki. They lived in a place called New York City, having just moved there from Japan. Alkimos, even as a child, remembered his past life. He often wondered if the gods would allow him some of his old power back. He knew that for the moment it did not matter, as in his current state he could not really do anything. Instead he lived his life as a normal child in America, going to school and the like.

He was a genius of course, having the knowledge and wisdom from having lived two hundred and twenty seven years prior. By the age of thirteen he had already graduated college, and was bored with life on this floating rock called earth. One day however, that all changed. On his fourteenth “birthday,” a black tattoo appeared on Alkimos’s hand. He had seen the tattoo before; it was the symbol of his bloodline of Gryphonheart. Maybe, he wondered, just maybe…

Deciding to test his theory, Alkimos ran away from his parents. He knew that if he were right, he would never have to see them again. Putting his right hand on the tattoo and reciting some ancient incantation, Alkimos closed his eyes. He felt power surge through his body, although it was not as great as his former magical abilities. When he tested it out, he found out he only had power over elements: Fire, Water, Wind, Electricity, Earth, Darkness, and Light. He also had his old powers over the weather, but that was it. He figured he would have to re-learn all his other powers if he ever wished to return to his former strength. Looking back at the black mark, something told him it had another function. Putting his right hand back on it, Alkimos closed his eyes and imagined being on another planet. When he re-opened them, he was on the planet he had just imagined. The fact that he could travel to different planets now excited him, as in his former life he had never left Kambelia.

Just then, the gods spoke to Alkimos telepathically.

”The time to redeem yourself is now, oh evil king. We have equipped you with a percentage of your former powers, now you must show us that we made the right decision in resurrecting you. Before you start on your journey however, we have a gift for you.”

Out of the clouds in front of Alkimos came two objects. One was his trusty sword Dragon’s Bane and the armbands that were required to wield the sword, and the other was his necklace of hidden power. Strapping the sword on his hip and putting on the necklace, the gods spoke to him once again.

Now go oh king, travel about this Omniverse and fulfill our agreement.

With the words of the gods in mind, Alkimos set off. He knew that now he could do whatever he wanted to, that he could start a new life and live it as he should have his first one.

It had been a few months, and Alkimos had quite a time traveling about the Omniverse. He even was engaged in his first great test of strength, a sword fight against a teen by the name of Taryn. While visiting a pub on a planet, he heard of a place called Ribbonaria. He also heard of the plight of a small kingdom on Ribbonaria called Black Rose. Intrigued by this, Alkimos transported himself to Ribbonaria to see exactly what type of plight they’d gotten themselves into.

Once there, he met a princess named Lightning. It turned out that the princess was searching for her long lost twin brother. Always one to help a beautiful woman, Alkimos accompanied her on her quest. They traveled far and wide, finding new friends and fighting foes all about Ribbonaria. Eventually, they found her brother and even defeated the evil Blaze Kingdom. At the end of their journey, Alkimos left the Prince and Princess. It had come to his attention that there were parts of Ribbonaria he hadn’t explored, and thus he went to see them.

After weeks of traveling, he came to a secluded valley in one of the far corners of the planet. There he met a powerful old man by the name of Zoric, and Alkimos asked to be his student for a time. Zoric imbued in Alkimos the knowledge of self-soul manipulation and soul manipulation, a power Alkimos still uses often. Zoric even gave Alkimos The Orb of the Harbinger, an ancient artifact of Ribbonaria that could hold the spirits of the dead to be used later. After all of this however, Zoric died in his sleep of old age. Burying the man right in front of his old home, Alkimos finally departed from Ribbonaria for good.

He had been off Ribbonaria for about two weeks, when he received an invitation to join a clan called "Ordinis Sanctimonia". At first he refused, knowing that the clan name was in Latin, a language of his ex-planet earth; he wished to have nothing to do with that vile mud hole of a planet any longer. He thought about it however, and remembered the words of the gods. He was to become king in some way, shape, or form, and perhaps this Ordinis Sanctimonia could help him. The invitation had told him to travel immediately to the planet, and that it was urgent he arrive as soon as possible. Heeding the invites words, he closed his eyes and imagined himself on the planet described in the invitation. The mark on his hand began to glow in a black light, and all of sudden Alkimos disappeared.

Alkimos reappeared in a fully inhabited city, surrounded by friends and foes. Despite his valiant efforts, he was ultimately defeated by the embodiment of consciousness himself. He did not truly die however, this just forced him to take on a new body. During the battle however, him and his companions Jinsei and Daniel, and the powerful necromancer from the opposing clan Zetsumi, banded together to form a clan of their own. The four then went their separate ways, but they all knew that they’d meet together and start their clan eventually.

During this transitional period, Alkimos longed to return to his home of Kambelia. He knew he could not however, as it was the will of the gods that he never be able to return to the planet he enslaved. Alkimos knew what he had to do; he had to slaughter the gods of Kambelia. So, gathering to him warriors from all about the Omniverse, Alkimos set out to find the one weapon he knew was capable of slaying gods.

The Ziale Staff.

Alkimos knew of an old sage who was said to have wielded the staff long ago. Seeking him out on his home planet, Alkimos and his companions asked him the staves whereabouts. The sage said he would tell them, but first they had to retrieve his drought that would keep him young for an eternity. He said it had been stolen from him by a band of thieves, and that they had fled to the city on the edge of the planet. Seeing no other way to acquire the staff, Alkimos and company set out.

After a long and harsh journey across desert and jungle, they came to the city at the edge of the world. It turned out that the old man had lied, and the drought was not even his to begin with. It was used to sustain the city in which it was held, as there was no other means of survival for hundreds of miles. Knowing that taking the drought would kill the people, but not seeing any other way, Alkimos made the decision to steal it at nightfall.

The band of warriors broke into the city and stole the drought. They triggered an alarm on their way out however, and every warrior in the city was summoned to stop them. Alkimos and his comrades fought valiantly through the city streets, painting every building in crimson blood. As soon as they were outside the city walls with the drought the entire city and it's people turned into dust and blew away in the wind. Shedding a single tear, Alkimos turned away and headed back for the sage's house.

Upon reaching the sage Alkimos tossed him the drought angrily, glaring into the eyes of the old man. Merely laughing, the sage drank the drought and was totally rejuvenated. He looked like a young man again, and Alkimos could sense his power had grown tenfold. The sage then revealed that he was the guardian of the Ziale staff, which slept deep inside the core of the very planet they were on. He told them that in order to reach the staff they would first have to go through him. Lending each other their swords, Alkimos and company plunged into battle with the sage.

Day and night they fought, the sage besting all of them with his might. Eventually, after all of them had unleashed all the power they could muster, the sage fell. His awesome power was split among Alkimos and his friends, each of them becoming more powerful. Finding the silo hidden inside the sage's house, Alkimos and his band lowered themselves down into the planet.

Through many obstacles they traveled, downward for thousands of miles into the planet, until they finally reached the very center. There, in all of its glory, slept the Ziale staff. Reaching out his hand, Alkimos grabbed the staff of might. Just then, everything began to explode. Using the power of the staff, Alkimos teleported him and his friends to the nearest planet. Looking up into the sky, they saw the planet explode in the sky like fireworks. With staff in hand, Alkimos prepared for his return home.

After a month of rest and recuperating, Alkimos and company began to formulate their plan. He knew that they could not take on all the gods at once, so they would have to turn them against each other. Giving the staff to his most trusted companion, he told him to travel to Kambelia in his stead and kill one, and only one, of the gods. After that he would have to immediately leave Kambelia. Alkimos and the others traveled to Kambelia’s sister planet, Ambrosia, and trained with the wizard’s there. Even if Alkimos’s plan went perfectly, they would still have much fighting to do.

After two weeks of training, Alkimos’s friend returned to the main party. The deed had been done the god had been destroyed. Joyful, and proud of his friend, Alkimos called for a grand celebration. That night they partied like no other before, with food, drink, and smoke abundant. Back on Kambelia however, things were just the opposite.

All of the gods began to throw accusations at each other, this one saying that one did it and that one saying this one did it. Rage over taking them all, even the leader, the gods held a grand battle in the heavens. The sky turned black, and fire rained from the it on Kambelia, as he god’s war raged on. After three days and three nights of fighting, the battle was over. It was just as Alkimos had planned, the gods had completely annihilated each other.

Or so it seemed.

Knowing there was no other way to tell, Alkimos teleported him and his companions directly onto the surface of Kambelia. Closing his eyes and clenching his fist, Alkimos teleported them. When he looked up, he realized that it had worked. He had successfully returned to Kambelia, the home he longed for. Thanking all his friends, and almost literally jumping for joy, Alkimos celebrated. They all thought it was finally over, they would never have to kill again, but Alkimos knew better. Calling them all over to him, Alkimos asked each of them to travel with him on one more journey. One grander quest. Alkimos had to reclaim his kingdom, and he knew he could not do it alone. Each of his companions said yes gladly, and so they set off for Alkimos’s old kingdom that he had seen in over one thousand years.

When they reached the capital, Kamblion, it amazed all of them; even Alkimos. It was the perfect balance of advanced magic and technology, one of the most beautiful sights to see in the Omniverse. Alkimos explained to them that Kambelia had it all, grassy plains, gigantic cities, beautiful coastline; it was really one of the most beautiful planets there is. Waltzing right into the palace, Alkimos saw the now ruler of Kambelia. He was a descendant of the captain of the royal guard, the same one Alkimos had slain in rage oh so many years prior. Alkimos announced to him that he was Alkimos Gryphonheart, true heir to the throne. As expected, they all laughed at him, knowing that the Gryphonheart bloodline had died out nearly fifteen hundred years ago. Shaking his head, Alkimos showed them the only proof he had of his name; he twin lance medallion. All of them were taken aback at this, and took it from Alkimos to get a closer look. The king declared that it was indeed the long lost Medallion of Gryphonheart, the only thing able to wake the ancient dragons and their leader, the Gryphon, from their eternal rest. Everyone present then bowed to Alkimos, cowering in fear. They all had learned their history, and knew of the terrible might of the man that stood before them.

Alkimos bided them all to stand, and addressed them. He said that he was a changed man, and wished to rule Kambelia opposite of how he had in the past. Applauding the new king, Alkimos was given the crown and sat down upon his thrown. All of a sudden, a great ball of magical energy was flung at Alkimos from the entrance to the great hall. Spying it before anyone else, Alkimos’s most trusted friend, the same one he had entrusted the staff to, flung himself in front of the blast. The severely wounded him, and he was immediately rushed to the infirmary. The blast had came from the now weakened leader of the gods of Kambelia. He had figured it all out as soon as Alkimos had returned, and wanted to exact his revenge. With a maniacal laugh, the god teleported out of the grand hall.

Alkimos knew what the god was planning, for it was the same thing Alkimos had planned when he left the kingdom. He was going to call to him a ferocious army of magical beings, and wage war on Alkimos and his people. Sending out a call to every strong man and skilled woman, Alkimos readied his country for war. Four months his people trained, until the day came for battle. A single demon was sent to Alkimos in the grand hall, with a word from the god. The battle was to be tomorrow, on the plains just outside the capitol. Telling everyone to rest for the epic battle that was to come, Alkimos retired to his bedroom.

That night however, the enemy attacked. They busted through the lightly guarded city gates and invaded, slaughtering innocents and warriors alike. Alkimos was awakened by his companions, and told to ready himself for battle. He got ready to dawn the normal knights armor, but then the ex-king stopped him. Alkimos followed the ex-king down deep beneath castle into the treasure room, and saw what hadn’t seen in ages. His father’s old blue-green armor that Alkimos wears even to this day. Dawning it and his weapons Alkimos got on a horse and rode right into battle with his companions at his side.

All through the night they fought, enemies falling wherever Alkimos went. He was a flurry of magical energy blast and slashes from his sword, having long since abandoned his horse. All of a sudden however, Alkimos was teleported high above the battlefield. An invisible arena had been made, and the match had been set. The god wanted to fight Alkimos one on one, no magic powers involved. Never one to back down from a challenge, Alkimos accepted.

The two and their armies went at it all day and night, neither side wanting to give in to the fact that they were running out of energy. Alkimos and the god were both tired out, their swords swings becoming lazier and slower. Eventually, Alkimos fell down on the ground as if he could not go on any longer. The god took this opportunity, and went to stab his sword through Alkimos’s chest. Then, the tricky gleam came back in Alkimos’s eye. At the last possible moment, Alkimos rolled out of the way and stabbed his own sword through the gods chest; knocking him to the ground with Alkimos on top of him. Twisting it around inside his body, Alkimos knew that this alone would not finish off a god. Pulling out his Orb of the Harbinger, Alkimos sealed the god away inside of it. Walking to the edge of the invisible platform, Alkimos held the orb high above his head in victory. Every one of his warriors raised their swords and cheered, as Alkimos collapsed from exhaustion.

It was finished.

Just then, Alkimos’s body floated higher into the air along with the Orb of the Harbinger. Both began to glow in a bright blue light, causing everyone on the battlefield to shield their eyes. The Orb cracked, and the image of the god could be seen talking to Alkimos.

”Alkimos, you have defeated me in battle. You proved to me that I made the right choice in resurrecting you, and for that I give you my title and rank. You have most definitely earned it.”

Turning around and looking down upon the people of Kambelia, the god spoke again.

”Hear ye! Hear ye! From this day forth and forever more, I give to you your god. Behold, the new ruler of Kambelia. Alkimos, Gryphonheart!”

The god then disappeared and faded into Alkimos, whose body now glowed with the same blue light from before. All of the people of Kambelia, even the ones in the god’s army, let out a cheer that could surely be heard on every close planet. Alkimos had done much more than he had ever set out to do, and he would wear his new title well.

His first order of business was to crown his most trusted friend, who had made a full recovery, King of Kambelia. The two of them would work together in ruling the planet, instead of apart as gods and kings had done in the past.

Now, Alkimos is enjoying the fruits of his efforts. He still enjoys traveling the Omniverse, going on adventures, and engaging in battle with other great warriors, but now he has a home.

Now, he has a purpose.

Theme Song: Escape The Fate ~ As You’re Falling Down
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Name: Uncle, the Ascended

Age: Unknown. Estimated age; more than 50 billion years old

Gender: N/A; genderless (acts like a he; “he” will be used in reference to Uncle)

Appearance: Uncle takes only one form, his original form; a small, white chibi bear.
This form is about two or so feet tall, with big brown eyes and a smile as wide and happy as a clam’s. A bright red ribbon is tied around his neck; since his ascendance it has no use anymore, but it cannot be destroyed. His eyes are a brown color, and his fur is white (usually). Ascended Uncle's fur shines with a blue bioluminecense.

Abilities: Uncle himself had ascended past his regular form, and now is openly connected with the Material, Magick, and Astral planes of existance. Thus, he can manipulate energies in all three planes at the same time, to use a variety of manuevers. Uncle still possesses his powers of energy and matter control, of course; but these are now heightened so much that he can now alter all the various beings and object around himself with insane control. His ascendance gave him new levels of vision and power, and Uncle can now manipulate the spirits of other beings, giving them power or making it writhe in pain. Uncle has regained his pure starbody and also regained his soul; but it is so sealed, so powerful that no being in the Omniverse besides ones of higher level of ascendancy than Uncle may alter it, and only then with extreme use of power. Once Uncle dies, he is simply reincarnated into another body - this process cannot be stopped, except by pure, raw chaos. Finally, magical energies fired off by beings not able to see into either the Astral plane, the plane of magic or the Psychosphere will not harm Uncle - his level of mastery with his body and soul are too great to be harmed by such beings of lower life.


About 50 billion years ago, deep inside a now-lost solar system, a white dwarf was collapsing upon itself, becoming a black hole. This white dwarf was slightly sentient, and as its pitiful existence began to falter, the white dwarf made a decision that would affect itself forever. It gathered what little energy it had left, and separated part of itself from the black hole it was becoming. Then, it began creating a vessel for itself, and in the end, sent what little sentience it had into the body.

The black hole, which had also gained a slight sentient as well, noticed this, but it was too late for the black hole to act. The white dwarf was engulfed by it, but the vessel that was left lived on.
Outraged at this final escape from its prey, the black hole also created a vessel, and it seeped all of its sentience into this vessel as well. The white dwarf's vessel fled, and so the black hole's vessel chased after it.

On and on for a billion years this chase continued, spanning across thousands of galaxies and almost a quadrillion of stars, until FINALLY the black hole caught up with it’s prey. The white dwarf viciously fought for its life in a stunning battle that ended with both competitors fleeing from one another, wounded and tired. Each of the contestants had diminished the other’s power by a grand total, and they both came away pathetically weak, in their own already ancient minds. The white dwarf wandered the Omniverse, wounded, for more than a few billion years until it met another of its kind.

This other person was named Ben-Gal, and he was from another universe. The being healed the white dwarf’s wounds and began a brief discussion, which for ancient beings such as the white dwarf and this Ben-Gal, meant a millennia, with the white dwarf, which resulted in it naming itself Uncle. The white dwarf decided to name his opposite Clenu, and vowed to defeat him and convert him over to the side of good, which he had also learned in his catching up conversation with Ben-Gal.

Ben-Gal then offered to help solidify his body; until now, Uncle had only been a simple, glowing, floating energy being, and his opposite a black spot, blocking out all the stars. The white dwarf was awed at this offer, and readily agreed. Ben-Gal then created the body of the chibi bear Uncle; he gave him a parting present, the ribbon Mimic, and warned him of evil in the Omniverse. Then he departed, leaving Uncle to his own will.

Since those moments, for the rest of his 45 billions years, this ancient being has wandered the stars, learning about everything he could and searching for the things he couldn’t. Many a times he has come into a possession of a powerful artifact, but Uncle collects no trinkets or weapons; he simply does not need them.

Then, while Uncle was visiting the planet Earth for a short while, he found a girl.
She was a young one, only five years of age; but when she saw Uncle, she literally TACKLED him and cried out “CWUUUUUUUUUTE!” The bear was shocked by this, but realized she was not simply any mortal; she was unafraid of his awe-inspiring aura and resistant to it.

The girl’s name was Sally, and she and Uncle became best friends. Uncle began to create technology to “sustain” himself in the mortal Earth world. He felt that his destiny would begin here, and as a star-being could not refuse to follow it. His company, aptly called Uncle Corp., was the biggest success of all mortal companies; it blossomed, and only five years later was Uncle inventing starships, space technology and hyperdrive engines FAR before their normal time. His company took to the stars, literally, and his headquarters became a whole planet. Uncle Corp. expanded into such things as sports equipment, food, clothing, and pet supplies, with Uncle spearheading it all.

Uncle, however, felt he needed to go somewhere else. He once again felt the tug of destiny pulling him along, and also felt his end was nearing. Saying goodbye to Sally and his company, he disappeared, returning to the space whence he came from, to wander once again and challenge all in single combat.

He came back to Earth one day, and on that day fought a being, a mere boy, named Que in battle. Both of them ascended to the stars and dueled with massive effort. Uncle was defeated, but only narrowly, and vowed to once again fight him. After that duel, Uncle made a great quest to the exact center of the Material Plane, where he battled a being named Alkimos near the awesome star that supplied almost all the Material Plane with energy and light. Alkimos destroyed this, and Uncle one again narrowly escaped death.

After those two encounters, Uncle trained himself to resist the Astral Plane and magic for a long, long time. When he reached a level of total imperviousness to the spiritual realm, he ascended, attempting to bring back the body of the sun he had been a part of and at the same time regain his soul. It worked, and Uncle ascended past most levels of knowledge, coming into a new level of sensing and knowledge. Knowledge equals power.

Now Uncle has been called to a great battle...one which he intends to win.

Personality: Uncle is not only powerful by mortal standards, but extremely wise and knowledgeable. This “bear” laughs at things when there is nothing to laugh at; he plays and dances and romps and is silly. This is because he knows that life will be short for other mortals besides himself, and he wants to help them enjoy it. Around other ancient beings, however, Uncle takes a more serious tone. He has ascended beyond the level of many younger immortals, but is not a fool. He will fight until the end if a being attempts to threaten the Omniverse as a whole, but will not deal with villians who could equal him and tire him out if they have no present threat to the Omniverse.
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Mageon stood in the rain, outside in the forest, as the water trickled down all of his body. It felt nice, the coldness, but inside of those cold droplets was really warmth that was trying to escape from itself. He entered inside a cabin, in which he resided in, and grabbed a green bath towel to make himself dry of his wet clothes, as he had no washer or washing machine. He did, however, have a hair dryer, which would prove useful to his long smooth brown hair, which he treasured as if it contributed to his battles.

"What am I doing with my life? All I do is contemplate the future, and treasure the past. This isn't what life is about. I worked hard, yet, I haven't been taking myself to long measures. I haven't aimed to be the very best. I mean, people, always say that there is one strongest warrior in the multiverse, which I believe to be false. There is no one truly strong enough to have that much power because with every gift comes faults. There will always be one battle that you lose," said Mageon to himself as he dried his hair.

"Come over here!," a distorted voice said, which surprised Mageon.

Mageon gripped the bunt of his sword as he slowly took some steps towards the voice that he heard. One step...creak..two steps... an even louder creak, and three more steps, a blinding flash of light was pointed towards his direction. He couldn't see clearly who was pointing that light at him, but he could tell that the figure was that of a woman's. Was it someone that Mageon had encountered in the past? Why did it happen at this moment, when he was contemplating about the past, present, and future. It was quite ironic.

"Who...are you?" asked Mageon reluctantly.

"Never mind that, I need to inform you of something. This information is subtle in the words of other people, but I have interpreted this information in a way that you, Mageon Cedron, can understand. I am not undermining your intelligence, but you have to hear me out," said the lady, who Mageon could still not see. She had such a calm and soft-spoken voice, that Mageon couldn't refuse.

"As much as I hate getting myself into these situation, I shall answer to you. What is it that you must tell me? If you're in my house all of a sudden, while I was discussing something nobody would probably find that topic to talk about idealistic, it must be important," replied Mageon.

"You're as silly as always, Mageon. But pertaining to the topic, here is what I must tell you. But you, as a noble man, have to promise not to reveal this to anyone, even if it's multiverse hero, AJ, or even the bestest of friends that the earth has to offer. This is a confidential contract between you and me," said the lady, who revealed herself partially. All that was visible was a glowing green light surrounding here, as if she was an astral projection, and some beautiful sea-blue eyes were visible from the light.

Mageon was mesmerized by the lady. He shook his head twice and even pinched himself to make sure that he wasn't asleep or in a dream, or even dead for that matter. "Yes, please, get on with it," said Mageon coughing out a word or two, which weren't identifiable.

"You despise battles, unfortunately, but this is something for everyone's benefit. You see, there was an open challenge recently, and this open challenge would be between four warriors, whether each were equal in caliber and strength or not. You were one of the chosen ones, and I was the person who was to tell you this," said the lady once more as her face was revealed. The lady had the beautiful blue eyes, long shiny green hair that went up to her arm's length. She had not the feintest of expression on her face. She wore a white dress, which seemed like something angelic or something of an amazon warrior. A mark of a halo surrounded the palm of her hand. She looked, literally, as if she was an angel of heaven.

"I must take my leave, until later, Mageon, your future, it's going to be an exciting adventure all over again, I can assure you that. Take the challenge, you will not regret it," said the lady with a painted smile on her pale white face.

"Wait, before you go, I must ask you something," requested Mageon with a reassuring face.

"Please, ask me anything. I will answer to you anything that pertains to what you want to tell me," said the lady with her painted smiled wiped away and a serious glance at Mageon at this moment.

"Are...you an angel? Do I know you, whether it is the past, present, or future?" asked Mageon.

"I will explain this to you briefly. I can be anyone of those. You see, I knew of you in the past, but you did not directly know of me. In this time zone, present, I am but a mere someone. Someone who you'd never guess affect your future. In the future, though," she paused and smirked afterwards having a small laugh to herself.

"In the future what..," asked Mageon who was very curious.

"I choose not to telll you, as much is it to my dismay. If I tell you the future, I changed a past. If I interfere, things will only get worse from here on, and I might not exist to tell you what I was in the future," said the lady who was deeply saddened by the fact that if she told Mageon, things would only get screwed up in the time vortex. She walked up to Mageon, who seemed a bit shocked, and gave him a little peck on the cheek. Mageon immediately blushed, as soon as her presence and entity had left the room.

"That was uncanny," said Mageon.

"Time for me to enter that challenge, that she talked about. Darn it, I should've asked her what her name was, that way I could have found out who she was. How am I supposed to know where and when I'm supposed to arrive for the challenge. Well, time to bust out my poor baby, who I haven't used in the longest," said Mageon who seemed quite confused at the time. A paper hit him on the head. Coincidentally, it was a paper that gave directions to the place where he was to arrive. His journey, was a short one.

It was a green plain field, and Mageon stood in the middle. The hoarse winds pushed against the millions or billions blades of grass that it almost looked as if the green grass was moving. "Hello! Is anyone out here? There's supposed to be a....whoah!" said Mageon.

A white stage full of blank square tiles, made to looks like a stadium where poeple battle, emerged from the floor. Mageon managed to fall down on the hard white floor as it emerged. "Ow! What was that for?" said Mageon pointing towards the colt white floor as if he was blaming the floor, which was odd...


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