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Fanfiction ► Of Worlds and Wings

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Aug 26, 2005
*looks at map* now where am i again?

He had thrown the dagger at the last moment, praying it would hit the mark. It did. The blade hit the fiend’s weak spot, the point in the center of its back where the muscles throughout its body met. The creature remained standing for a moment, then slumped to the ground unable to move. Caleb now let out the breath he had been holding. He’d been trailing the haken beast all day, hoping for a free lunch. Judging by the way it had been moving, it had to be something small, like a rabbit or fox. it had been four days since his last meal. he would take anything he could get.

“Well that’s done. Chow time!” His mouth watered at the thought of food. He could imagine the taste of roasted hare on his tongue and his stomach growled at the mere thought of it. As he walked toward it to retrieve his blade, he savored the thought. But he was stopped short by a slight movement from the haken. “No way,” he thought , unsheathing a second blade,” It should be dead, at least paralyzed!” Caleb watched, then realized that the haken wasn’t really moving at all. Something was under it, and it wanted out. From beneath the fiends massive body a hand became visible, then an arm. It was a human! Caleb couldn’t believe it! Dreams of a full stomach disappeared before his eyes. Whoever this guy was, he was dead for wasting his time!

Outraged, Caleb started to yell, “ What the hell are you doing out.........here.....,” but was stopped in awe. The guy who emerged from under the haken was a girl. Only a kid, she couldn’t be any older then sixteen. She was dressed in the strangest clothing he had ever seen. The clothing she wore was brightly colored. She was wearing a skirt that was ridiculously short; it was cut above the knees. It seemed to be spun from a material that wasn’t wool or leather; a dark violet color. She wore a shirt of similar material that was sky blue with a v-cut neck, something he only saw worn by sailors, not by women. The girl had long hair, but it was so soiled by dirt and blood that he couldn’t tell what color it was. Deep gashes were visible on her arm and shoulder; fresh blood was flowing from them and dripping onto the ground. She sat next to the corpse, not moving at all, just staring. Suddenly she looked up, not toward Caleb, but passed him for a moment, then she passed out.

“ Great.....just perfect,” he said. This was not what he had in mind for the day. He didn’t have any medical supplies with him, and his healing abilities were rated a little more than a joke. About all he could do at the moment was bind her wounds. He pulled out a light blanket from the satchel he wore on his back and, with his dagger, cut it into strips to use for bandages. He then bound her wounds tightly, hoping to stop the bleeding. This would work for now, but she would need real bandages and healing herbs soon to prevent infection. Those were things that didn’t exist on the plain. Caleb’s mind wanted to leave her. “ This isn’t my problem,” he thought to himself, “Why should I have to deal with it?” He contemplated the thought for a moment. Some one would come along eventually, maybe a merchant with supplies. Caleb sat back on his haunches and looked up to sky, feeling the heat from the sun tan his face. His stomach was growling again and it was almost the hottest part of the day. “ Yep, that’s exactly what I’m gonna do!” He really didn’t want to get involved, something wasn’t right. He stood up and stretched his arms above his head. The temperature was rising quickly as usual. Caleb grabbed the handle protruding from the haken’s back and pulled his dagger free. Then he took off.

He reassured himself as he walked. “Pretty soon someone’s going to pass by and see her. They have supplies and she’ll be fine. yep, any moment they’ll come by........maybe. It’s not like I did anything wrong, it’s not my problem! And no one can say that I didn’t try to help the kid. I mean I did use MY blanket , my ONLY blanket, as bandages! If she dies it’s not my problem; it’s not my fault. She shouldn’t have been all the way out here, that stupid girl! No one ever comes this far out onto the plains without a death wish! No one ever comes this far out.......Damn it!” The heat was sweltering as he ran back to where he left her. Caleb was an infamous thief, having never been caught by the Royal Guard. Everyone knew who he was, but very few knew what he looked like. He was the perfect criminal, or so the general public thought. But those who knew him knew differently. He possessed a trait not often found in a thief: he had o good conscious. And that was the one thing he hated about himself.

In the sun, the creature’s corpse was beginning to decay and smell. the girl was still unconscious even in the intense heat. The only way anything would get done was if he carried her. From where they were, the closest village would be the mining town of Krem, a good five day walk away. With a mind filled with complaint, Caleb removed the satchel from his back and gently placed it on the ground. He decided to carry her on his back so he could still run if he need to. satchel around his waist and his new companion asleep on his back, Caleb headed east toward Krem, kicking the lifeless corpse of the haken as he left.


“ Lernyll!” Lanis called as she crossed the main corridor. The walls were hung with tapestries that illustrated the Legend of the Forgotten Time. Images of valiant knights slayig gruesome fiends gently swayed in one of the drafts that were common in the ancient castle.
“Where are you, you blasted bird!” The echo of her voice and footsteps was all she could hear in the momentarily abandoned hall. She knew exactly where he was, having heard him return at dawn, but she was in a foul mood and Lernyll did not venture from his tower often. something was going on and she wanted to know what it was. “ Lernyll!!!”

At the corridor’s far end, one tapestry bearing the royal seal of Durfallal, an eight-pointed silver and gold star encased in three crescent moons, swayed a little more than the others. Lanis walked to it’s left corner and pulled it back, revealing a hidden door. She opened the door and ascended the stairs behind it. She climbed the stairs quickly and emerged at the top of the abandoned lookout tower. It had been years since anyone besides her had come up here, so Lernyll had claimed it for his own.

He was roosting in a corner, his head tucked deeply beneath his rainbow-feathered wing. The sun made the crimson feathers on the rest of his body dance like torch flames. He was one of the last phoenixes still living and he was truly a beautiful being. But he was also stubborn.

“ So, where have you been?!”

With great laziness, Lernyll uncovered his head and stretched out his massive wings. then he settled himself , prepared for the ranting Lanis was about to unleash. “ What have you found that was so important that it would keep you out until dawn! I need you last night to scout out the southern hills! His Highness was not pleased!” He didn’t pay her any mind. Midway through her rant, he had begun cleaning his feathers. Lanis waited for some sort of response from the bird, but he continued to ignore her. She angrily continued to wait for a response, but it was futile. The birds temperament was just like his late owners’.

She leaned against the tower’s wall and looked out at the northern horizon. The sky was deep blue and cloudless. The castle itself was surrounded by a massive green grassland that fed most of its livestock. Beyond the field lay a forest. It indefinitely in all directions. as the wind blew through it, the trees seemed like an emerald sea, the leaves like waves. The view on a day like this always had the power to calm her and, for a moment, she forgot her anger and her suspicions; she momentarily became lost in the gently rolling waves. For a while, her mind was clear and it was peaceful. Not long after, a sharp whistle from behind brought her out of her daydream. Lernyll was ready to show her what he found.

It's not very good, i kind of got stuck on the first part so my friend did some of the writing. tell me what you think of it please.


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Aug 26, 2005
*looks at map* now where am i again?

“ Our enemy is advancing on our southern border. Many of your subjects are heading this way to avoid the pending conflict.”

Reports of and army forming in the south was one thing Logan would have never imagined. It was a difficult thing for him to believe solely for the reason of never witnessing a real war. as he sat in his throne, he only heard bits and pieces of the report; his mind was on other matters. He had never intended on ruling. This was not his place. His elder brother was next to rule and Albert was suited for it. Stories of his heroism were known throughout the kingdom. He was a chivalrous knight and a fearless warrior. Logan had always looked up to him. So, when the news of his demise in battle had reached the palace, the king of Durffalal was quick to send forces to retaliate for the loss of his beloved son. His Majesty himself led his men into battle, but the strength of darkness was to great for the Durfallian army to overcome, and the battle was lost. Lord Ricauld, king of Durfallal, and his son, the crowned prince Albert, were dead. Logan was all that was left of the royal family. The only one left to ascend the throne.

“ Milord, what do you suggest?”

“ Hm....?” Logan hadn’t paid any attention to what the knight who stood before him had said. the man was not a stranger to him. He was still young, only nineteen years old. But those who knew him treated him with the same respect that was paid to the wisest elders in the land. His hair was chestnut in color which intensified his emerald green eyes. He wore a dark green tunic bearing the royal seal; this tunic was only worn by officers of the royal guard. He was a hero as well, almost as well known as Albert.

“ They have yet to breech our borders. We need to decide on either an offensive or defensive action. What do you suggest?” Canaaan Searn stood before him wit an indifference that Logan envied. If he was mourning the loss of his best friend, it did not show in his face.

“ Reinforce the borders but do not cross into their territory at all costs. Do not advance unless it is completely necessary. You are free to return to your post.”

“ Milord,” Canaan said as he placed his right arm across his chest and bowed. Logan watched as he swiftly turned and left the throne room with military poise and grace. If only I had his strength, he thought, I could sleep in peace knowing that my decisions will not destroy us all! As soon as Canaan was out of sight, Logan retreated to his chambers in search of solitude. The silence that met him was more deafening than any noise he had ever heard.

The chambers were overly decorated with gold and silver, or that was his opinion. This was the way of life he was born into, and he was a complete stranger to it. Logan gently ran his fingers over the surface of a reading table. The gold was cold and smooth under his touch. There were many memories tied to this table. He and Albert often had their lessons sitting at this table, but that seemed like a lifetime ago. It was a time when he was innocent to the world and naive to war. Logan would have given anything to return to the childhood innocence that he taken for granted. This table was more than a piece of furniture, it was his link to the past. But most of all, it was...

“ ... it was the treaty of Farnan, signed by Kleina of the White Elf Tribe and Lord Eldred of the Barren,” said Logan beaming with the satisfaction of answering a question his brother could not.

“ Geez, how do you remember these things!” Albert leaned back in his chair and put his feet on the table. He was only fourteen but was already aware of the future he would lead. Apparently, he didn’t think history was part of it.

“ Correct, your Highness, but next time let your brother answer for himself. Unless you fear his death from the use of hi mind?” said the tutor with a note of sarcasm that made Logan laugh.

“ What do you mean by that?!” Albert snapped in in response.

“ Only the best, I’m sure. That’s enough for today. I will send for your next tutor.”

Albert sat and waited until the footsteps faded. Once the sound he reached under the table and pulled out a small dagger from his boot. “Let’s see how much he likes this,” he said to Logan. there was a glint of mischief in his eyes. He playfully twirled it in is fingers, laced the point on the table’s surface, and carved his name on it. Then he stood in a royal stance and said, “ May he be annoyed by me for as long as he tutors the royal family!”

“Albert,” Logan said in disbelief , “ you’ll get in trouble!”

“ So? What can they do to me? I’m their future king.”

Logan traced the letters one by one and couldn’t help but laugh. H had been right. No one dared to reprimand him for anything he had done in his youth. This memory was one of his most cherished. It happened eight years before but it seemed like just yesterday. Albert left his mark without thought and regret.

The sun’s rays began to shine dully through the terrace window. Evening had come. Logan stepped out onto his balcony and watched the sun’s final descent into night. the sky suddenly turned the color of flames, making the sky seem on fire. the sun set quickly and the flames faded into a dark night sky. He stood in the darkness and watched the stars appear. First the bold ones appeared one by one, then the timid ones followed. It was strange to Logan how different the world was bathed in moonlight. Everything was peaceful. The world of night was without visions of pain and death. In the back of his thoughts, he wished the world would remain in eternal night to escape the torment of day. He remained staring into the night sky, feeling absolutely useless until something cold brought him out of his trance.

His tears had fell onto the banister, some had landed on his hands. With his fingers, he felt the warm stream continue to flow from his eyes. He hadn’t cried when he heard the news of his brother’s death, and he had no time for tears when faced with the death of his brother. He looked down at his hand. His grip on the banister was so tight that his knuckles had turned white. Logan now felt the pain of loss and animosity toward those who caused it. He was lost in silent tears until someone gripped his shoulder. when he looked up, Canaan was standing beside him.

“ Their deaths will not be in vain. You have my word on that.”


“ I finally found you, Hiranel. What exactly did you hope to accomplish in this world?”

“ Simple,” said the old man sitting in a throne. He twirled the key to the antique shop on his finger. At his feet lay a yellow fisherman’s jacket and hat. “ I simply insured the destruction of all worlds, thanks to your daughter .”

“ What do you mean!?”

“ She and the crystal have passed through the mirror. It’s only a matter of time until darkness finds her.” Hiranel watched as the man clenched his fists in rage. he laughed as he watched him swiftly enter the mirror room. The doorway filled with an intense light then faded. He’s playing directly into my hands. All I need do now is wait. His laugh echoed through the room as he stood up. His back became straight, his weak limbs gained muscles, his was no longer wrinkled. Hiranel’s new form was one of his favorites. He admired himself as he called after the man, “ Make haste, Rigueld! The sooner you reach your goal, the sooner I reach mine!”


Caleb turned around in enough time to see the caravan and to jump out of it’s way. He watched as the driver pulled on the reins and brought the entire procession to a stop. From inside one of the last wagons emerged a girl. She seemed a little younger that the one he was carrying. She wore gypsy garments and carried a staff. Her clothes were multiple shades of blue and green, as was her staff. She ran toward Caleb.

“ Are you ok? Oh no! Did we do that to her?” she asked as pointing towards his companion.

“ No, that’s a haken’s doing.”

“ She looks bad! Come on, we’re heading to Krem. We can get you there quick!”

Caleb picked up his cohort and carried her to the wagon. Once inside, he looked to the gypsy girl and said, “ thanks for the help. So what’re you guys anyway?”

“Oh, I’m Mayla, and this is the world famous Barren Troupe.”

I have no clue what I'm doing anymore. it's kinda writing itself. I'm making some connections in this story but if your as confused as i am , raise your hand.
*raises hand*


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Mar 19, 2005
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Another awesome installment by Ayame! Well done!

*raises hand* But that's what makes the best stories! Look at Tithe; I love that book and I STILL can't figure that ending out! XDD

Dang, I wish I had your writing skills! I just put up a piece of original fantasy on here of my own last night, and writing is hard! *bangs head on desk*

Sorry I haven't been around- not only is my internet connection sporadic, but I've been so busy working out the details of my said story- I'm in the middle of conjugating verb endings for the language I made. >_<
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