My review



Jun 25, 2015
It's no surprise that i hate Kingdom Hearts coded/Re:coded. But i don't hate it as a "game" but as the "next installment of the series".

So here's a thorough review on all aspects of the game, which i hate, which i enjoy.

Its no secret that i hate the story. My problem with the story isn't that its light-hearted, but that it still tries to be be the important puzzle piece of the entire series. Without it, the series can't continue, and that bothers me greatly. And because it tries to be the next installment in the series more than a stand-alone isolated story that has no attachment to others, it makes certain characters watered down and annoying. For example: Malificent and Pete's ambitions are rather juvenile. They discover the data-world and blindly want to take it. I can believe Pete for trying something this stupid, but not Maleficent. Some of the explanations that Data-Riku gives off is also confusing and don't all make sense right away. THis story is because Namine had placed message int he journal, a message that didn't really need to be said and also out-of-character for Namine to even do if she knew or had some idea that DiZ was doing the same.
SCORE: 2/5

GAMEPLAY:Gameplay is good. I like it. The overclock ability is great, and leveling up keyblades is also great. I also like the addition that keyblades move differently. Although going through floors in the data becomes too repetitive and i only go through them to get more chips to level up. It quickly becomes too grindy. i like that world have some minor unique features, but most of them are temporarily until you replay the story (which can be annoying). The game is very short, i feel like it falls in the same problem days had of constant repetitive gameplay if you're a completist.

SCORE: 4/5

Since the game is mostly rehashing of Kh1's story, there are very few original tracks, however some of the few original ones (such as finding those glitches) are actually pretty good. I wasn't expecting it to have quality music. I enjoyed it very much.
SCORE: 5/5

As a whole, i still don't fully enjoy KH Re:coded, however i give credit where credit is due, as a game (if it had absolutely no story) is pretty fun game. However it's the intrusiveness of the plot and grindy-ness gameplay gets very annoying, very fast.
SCORE: 3.6/5