My interpration of Master Xehanorts Character backstory(May contain spoilers)



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Feb 23, 2018
xehanort wanted to recreate the keyblade war that the Master of Masters Created and fortold of after turning the profits in Kingdom Hearts Black cover against one another. Each one supposedly fighting for what they believed in. The Master of masters Sent one of his most trusted apprentices to find the one who will hold the keyblade that will view the upcoming war. This was indeed a Young Master Xehanort... after xehanort was told that observation of the keyblade war was his mission, the man himself became obsessed and aware of all the events that unfolded before him.

He escaped this first keyblade war... mainly becuase he never participated in it in the first place and was quickly therefore annouced a master as he was one of the children who escaped the previous keyblade war and strongly believed in a balance between light and darkness.

The world was reformed and it heavily focused on the principle of balance with light and darkness represented in equal amounts this made the world that the children created a very peaceful set of lands or land as it were. to demonstrate the balance that exists between light and darkness each world was not connected by light byt therefore seperated by darkness. During this reformation of the worlds a young xehanort met a young Master Erauqs another child that helped create the world

As Xehanort got older he could not forget what he had seen during the last keyblade war he could also not forget how the world was formed from the hearts and minds of the children within it.

So at a very young age Xehanort began to wonder... ("what if?, "what if there were no children to rebuild the world after it got destroyed? what would happen then?" xehanort then made it his goal to find out.

Thoughout the years his actions and thought processes then shifted from the balanced mindset he had as a child to finding out what would happen if the world got destroyed again without the lights to rebuild it.
So that is what he set out to do...

Little did Master Xehanort know that old and new keyblade welders Existed that prevented him from getting his wishes forfilled