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Sep 21, 2015
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Basil Alcott

21 years old


Chaotic Neutral: A chaotic neutral character follows his whims. He is an individualist first and last. He values his own liberty but doesn't strive to protect others' freedom. He avoids authority, resents restrictions, and challenges traditions.



Soldier's Buster: A sword made by Basil in his own forge. It has a gun with four barrels, each barrel capable of casting a different spell.

Weapon Forging
First Aid

Buster Barrel 1: Demi Buster (Graviga)
Buster Barrel 2: Giga Buster (Fire)
Buster Barrel 3: Cryo Buster (Blizzard)
Buster Barrel 4: Gale Buster (Aero)


Basil is not what one would call a pleasant person. He thinks very highly of himself, so he comes off as condescending. Not to mention his dry, sarcastic sense of humor. Considering that, it probably doesn't come as a surprise that he doesn't have very many friends. A shame too, since he has a strong sense of loyalty. If someone proves themselves a staunch, upright ally in some way to him, they can depend on his loyalty until they do something to lose it. Despite this, Basil will not consider them friends, just allies that he can afford some degree of trust. Basil considers a "friend" more of a liability than an asset. Connection in general is something he actively tries to avoid. However, Basil doesn't necessarily avoid finding allies. On the contrary, he is always looking for people he can call allies. Even Basil knows that strength lies in numbers. In the conflict of light and darkness, he falls on the dark side. Not that he is evil, necessarily. But he views the light as a symbol of tyranny and order, and Basil will not be bound by it.

Basil was born in Arcadia Garden to two of Arcadia Academy's scientists. His future, as laid out by his father, would be to become a scientist just like they had. However, from the time Basil was 10 years old, he preferred to visit Arcadia Garden's smithy and help out the resident blacksmith. His father didn't agree of course, and so tried everything in his power to turn his son on the path to success and happiness. However, when Basil turned 14, his father was cut down by Heartless while out on an expedition. Basil was crushed, of course. His father was gone. But his absence turned out to be to Basil's benefit. His much more understanding mother allowed Basil to be apprenticed to the blacksmith, and so he began filling weapon orders for the army. Shortly after Basil's 18th birthday and his graduation from apprenticehood, a group of strangers came to the smithy looking for weapon repairs. As that was Basil's job, he was tasked with filling their orders.

During that time, he got the opportunity to speak to the strangers. They would not reveal where they came from, but only that they came from a world different than his own. When they got their weapons back, they were impressed with his work and offered him a job maintaining their gear. They told Basil that he had a couple of weeks to decide, as the group was currently on downtime and would be staying there for awhile. The following days were spent with Basil pondering their offer. When he decided to join them, he went and visited the group at the inn. They filled him in on the existence of other worlds and even a little bit of information on the Heartless. Apparently, this group was one of many that were bent on the destruction of the Heartless and were trying to achieve that goal by any means necessary. They told him that he needed a weapon and gave him the time he needed to get one. Basil decided to forge it himself because he trusted no other smith with his weapon. Basil forged the Soldier's Buster and tendered his resignation from the smithy. In a few weeks with the group on a grand adventure.

Original World

Name: Arcadia Garden
Realm: Light
Description: Arcadia Garden is nestled in a canyon of unknown origin in the middle of a lush forest full of flowers. The city is on the canyon floor and consists of all the amenities a large city would need. Built into the canyon wall is the Arcadia Academy, a school of magic, combat, and scholarly pursuits and research center. On the upper part, also cut into the canyon wall, is Arcadia Palace, home to the not often seen King that rules Arcadia Garden.


Arcadia Garden - The Forum

Once a traveler comes through the Great Gates, they come into the Forum, where speeches by the King are given (rarely) and more often by his representatives. Various news outlets also cover important news of the day. Various inns and taverns are also located here.

Arcadia Garden - Market

Arcadia Garden's marketplace. The smithy is located here, where wanderers and soldiers can get their weapons repaired and the wealthy or the army can place special orders. There is an apothecary where curatives are sold as well as a general store that sells various odds and ends.

Arcadia Academy - Lobby

Once you pass through the Juggernauts, the famous impenetrable steel gates of the Academy, you enter the lobby. If you are a visitor, you sign in here and state your business before being allowed to continue.

Arcadia Academy - Lecture Hall

The place in the Academy where the students listen to lectures given by professors. Lectures are held from morning until afternoon, with each lecture being two hours long.

Arcadia Academy - Grand Archives

The heart of the Academy, this library is the largest room and it contains the collective knowledge of the Academy. It is said to hold everything mankind knows. Hyperbole or not, you can find material on most any subject here.

Arcadia Academy - Barracks

This area is the second largest in the Academy and is separated into two areas. One for the students and one for the soldiers stationed at the Academy. When not studying, working, or patrolling, most Academy residents spend their time here.

Arcadia Academy - Armory
This well-guarded area keeps the Academy's training weapons as well as the arms and armor for the army. This area is off limits without the Headmaster's express authorization.

Arcadia Academy - Courtyard

The courtyard is mainly used as a training yard, as is evidenced by the training dummies and punching bags. After classes, though, this area serves as a hangout spot for students and soldiers.

Arcadia Academy - Headmaster's Quarters

The combination office/chambers of Headmaster Wallace. While students and visitors are welcome in the office portion of the area while the Headmaster is there, the chambers are off-limits.

Arcadia Castle - Entry Chamber

The entrance to the audience chamber, where all must wait if the wish for an audience with the king. The king holds audiences from early morning to early afternoon.

Arcadia Castle - Audience Chamber

The only other area open to the public. This area contains the king's throne. From morning until early afternoon, the king hears grievances and requests.
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