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Nov 18, 2018
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Hey everyone! I've always been more of a reader than a Kingdom Hearts fanfic writer, even if I've been writing both fiction and fanfiction for years now. I finally gave in to this idea which had been cultivating in my head for years. I've always loved Axel and Roxas, so here you go.

Roxas suddenly stops dreaming of Sora and sees a red headed man instead. What if Axel had managed to interfere with everything much earlier? (Set during KH2)

The Moon Ends

Chapter 1

Maybe teenage years will become nostalgia eventually, but when you're on the grass, looking at the twilight sky which barely ever changes, it doesn't really feel that way. I take out my phone to check the time, wondering what time could it possibly be and why is everyone always late just because the meeting location is something else? It's not like the city is big enough to get lost anyway. Every nook and cranny is known to everyone. Even the seven wonders made no sense, they just seemed glitches of the mind, some misfortune of the town trying to make itself important, just like any other place would. I roll over to my stomach and watch the grass just to see if there is any evidence of ants or any other bugs, but it seems like the coast is clear and the desire to buy ice cream is rather intense.

I had dreamt of something strange this night. It wasn't the boy for once with his memories and people asking me things I had no idea of. This time it was the Clock Tower, it was striking it's bell and a hooded figure just looked at me, I could feel that its eyes were trying to pierce my soul before a hearty laugh came out and I had woken up, as if it was some sort of childish nightmare. But it wasn't. It was as if I had seen the figure before. I couldn't help but wonder who the figure was. But it seemed odd that today's nightmare or dream was the one that was catching my attention.

It was as if it was telling me that it would come for me.

Eventually Hayner, Pence and Olette came. They apologized and somehow managed to split the bill for the ice creams among themselves, but I couldn't help but keep my mind drifting elsewhere. Why was tonight different? Why did I dream of something else and why was it worrying? Was I coming back to normal? I had no idea. I couldn't voice it off to my friends, either. I just kept it to myself the entire day, barely entertaining them with chatter, which wasn't too unusual.

I went to sleep earlier that night, nearly gambling if I would dream of the other boy or of the cloaked figure. It was the latter. Somehow it didn't surprise me. It was as if I was expecting. And so was the figure. This time we were in the mansion, reminding me of the homework of the bogus seven wonders I should've been doing but wasn't.

The room was entirely white, he was gazing at one of the many paintings on the wall, his back towards me and he turned his head lightly, before revealing himself from his hood. Red fiery hair showed up in nearly perfect spikes and emerald green eyes, which were piercing me the prior night.

“Roxas.” He said my name as if he had said it a thousand times. Now it was my turn to look at the paintings, to look around and he just watched me softly. I could see from every glance, that he was choosing his words carefully somehow. But the right words wouldn't come, it was my dream so I'm guessing just like I could barely speak for a living, the same for the guy. He was in my dreamland after all. Maybe I was cursed to make everyone barely speak as well.

“Come to the mansion.” And he puts his hand on my shoulder and I look at it, feeling how softly he had put it there and I don't understand anything. He's much taller than I am and I have never seen him before. Why would a dream call me to the mansion? He rubs my shoulder with his thumb, before the dream dissolves and I can hear his voice saying “now” as I wake up. I turn to the window, instantly opening my eyes with my heart nearly breaking out of my chest.

I couldn't actually go, right? I didn't know how I would sneak past the parents bedroom, which was nearly next to mine. Why would I even trust a dream? But the idea of breaking the dreams of the boy was something giving me a strange gut feeling. I felt if I were to follow the fiery red guy that somehow it would all make sense, that he would make me understand and maybe feel whole. That thought got me off the bed.

Was I not whole?

Was there something wrong with me that somehow my dreams were linked to someone else's? Was there something wrong that I was talking to this girl called Kairi? Who was she anyway? What was the white room? Why was it a part of an abandoned mansion, which was clearly destroyed? Wasn't the girl the ghost of the mansion? Was the guy not a ghost then?

But I sneaked out, I grabbed yesterday's clothes and nearly ran to the mansion as soon as I hid in the woods, the empty streets trailing way behind me and reminding me how with the right ticks on the clock people would go sleep so easily. It's as if no one was ever alive and they followed some written rule. The woods were very well lit by the half moon, as if it were daylight, but I didn't bother to stop my pace. I wanted to see what the whole deal was.

There he was.

He stood at the gates, looking up at the mansion, maybe at the half moon, I wasn't sure. Then he turned around and seemed more surprised, but a smile played on his lips.

“I was so scared that they would keep you locked up enough for me to never reach you, Roxas.” He seemed to be confessing and finally approached me. It seemed as if he wanted to touch me, to somehow see if I was actually here, but he held back, pushing his arms behind him, then running a hand through his hair. I stood quietly, observing his long black coat, confused.

I had so many questions to ask to this red headed guy, but the words wouldn't come out of my mouth. He looked around to make sure we were the only ones under half the moon. At least that's what it looked like to me. I didn't know what he was afraid of. I didn't know anything about him and I had no idea why was I here either. Something within me wanted to stop dreaming of the other boy. I wanted my dreams back and if they happened to be in form of a red haired man, that seemed better somehow, without no explanation attached. I didn't even know what he meant by locked me up enough. I was always in Twilight Town, at most I would go to the beach during Summer break or spend some time nearly anywhere just to kill the dull days of the whole year round. I couldn't say that my life was very exciting, but there was something comforting about it like a blanket. Nothing bad or extraordinary seemed to happen and I should've been happy about that, but you only realize that when something out of the blue happens and turns your world around.

The guy seemed puzzled at my lack of talking. I wondered if was expecting much more, but instead he seemed to be weighing every single option in his head. I don't know how many minutes he spent looking at me from head to toe, before a smile played on his lips with a small laugh.

“Geez, they sure made you blend you in.” It seemed like a conversation starter to someone who knew. But I had no idea what he was talking about, he was in my dreams after all, just asking me to come see him in the haunted mansion. He looked at me from head to toe and then stretched his hand to touch my hoodie. I flinched lightly. “I guess it would've been odd if they gave you unusual fabric too.”

“Sorry, sorry.” He apologized and a wind blew from behind the mansion, causing both of us to look behind us. The red haired guy sighed and then looked at me dead in the eye. “They really erased everything... right? You don't know who I am...”

It wasn't even a question, it was a sad statement of sorts.

“I don't. I don't know your name. All I know is that you showed up in my dreams twice and-”

“Once in life.” The guy interrupted me, smiling. What connection did he even have to me? “Well... I expected all outcomes, but one that involved me carrying you unconscious to the Organization was something I was highly against doing.”

I tilted my head in confusion, a huh escaping my lips.

“Oh, man, they really made sure to wipe you clean. I'm not even sure you'd wear such... clothes, but hey, not even best friends know everything, right?” He said shrugging with both arms, he seemed composed and pleased that he had managed to get me to come here. I couldn't help but look at the mansion. It looked as deserted and spooky as ever. Why was there a plain white room inside it and why did the guy talk to me from it? “I mean, I'm not saying that your clothes are bad. It's just unusual to see you in something other than a black coat.”

I seemed to be more confused visually than I was. I didn't know where to start asking and I was sure that the guy had no idea how to start either.

“You wore a coat exactly like mine.” He tugged on the chains of his coat. “Only smaller, of course. It's not like they made everyone wear the same size and look goofy.”

He seemed amused at the image, considering that he was rather taller than I was.

“But... who are they?” I asked, gesticulating with one hand. I seemed to be filled with so many questions that I couldn't even extract them from myself.

“Organization XIII, Roxas. You were a part of it. I'd say, don't you remember, but you really don't. We...” He started but then trailed off, looking around once more. Something ruffled in the bushes, which caused him to instantly stretch his arms sideways and instantly two fires appeared out of his hands. I stepped aside, as some sort of circular sharp weapons seemed to be summoned in each hand.

“I guess Organization XIII was enough for-” We both pause as a fox appears from the bushes and looks at us curiously before turning to the left and heading towards the woods. We both look at the other bewildered, before I look back down at the strange weapons. “I guess... I found a right way to get you back.”

“But... But who are you? You said we were best friends.” I say cautiously, making sure that I've been digesting every single thing he had been saying until now. The guy sighed again, even a small pout and I couldn't help but wonder what sort of magic was he using that the weapons materialized and how come I stayed so calm? Why was he better than someone assuming I was someone else?

“I'm Axel, Roxas. We used to be best friends, got it memorized... Well, try to. I hope your brain won't restart once you hit the pillow. You used to be quite the heavy sleeper and then wake up bewildered about what happened...” He trailed off and I couldn't help but try to understand how come he knew that I was a heavy sleeper. But then, I was always impossible to wake up alarm on phone or not. His weapons vanished just as soon as they appeared with fire around them and Axel rubbed the back of his neck, worried that he might've slipped something. He wasn't good at explaining and I wasn't good at asking either.

“Like what?” I asked and that's when Axel blinked a few times, bewildered himself.

“Geez... Did they erase that too? Born again virgin?”

Please tell me what you think and I've got a few more chapters written on ao3, which I can easily post here!