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Kingdom Hearts Philosophical & Game Theories

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Aug 28, 2004
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Kingdom Hearts & Philosophy

It comes under Metaphysics as it goes into things such as the heart, body and soul. Like is there a heart beyond the physical one we know of? If so then it probably is beyond our given logic as human beings. Ethics also comes into it because of the light and darkness theme.

Are body, heart and soul connected or apart?

This is one point I will try and answer during this essay, I have to describe some other stuff first.

The Heartless, Beings Of Darkness

The Heartless those who cast off their hearts and so lack any sort of emotion whatever, though they do fear the power of the Keyblade. They set out to devour all hearts and return everything to the realm of darkness, Kingdom Hearts.

The Consequences Of Having No Heart

Now one can debate whether this is right or wrong, having a heart means having to put up with pain and grief sometimes. If having no heart meant not having to worry about pain then would it not be seen by people in great despair as a way of casting it off? A world without hearts would surely be better because of no pain right? But then its one of those inevitable things in life, perfection cannot be.

My View For Having A Heart

I think that its wrong because although our hearts are weak they give us emotion which allows us to love our friends, family etc. Pain & Depression is a bad thing but determination and the support of others should help people through it. Through life experiences and our friendships with friends and family the heart grows ever stronger. Without our hearts we are not us, human or living. Animals do not in my opinion have a heart like us, they can love like we can but cannot feel emotions or think rationally like us so their heart is completely different from ours.


Before the end comes Sora, Donald and Goofy trek through the End of the World, a result of all the worlds destroyed by the Heartless bound together to create a dark world. This leads to the door to Kingdom Hearts where all the worlds’ hearts are stored. Ansem a great scientist who cast off his heart to learn more about the powers of darkness came to the conclusion that darkness spawned from the heart and so Kingdom Hearts is evil. Upon opening it and at Sora’s words “You’re Wrong. I know now without a doubt… Kingdom Hearts is light!” however light shone out destroying his current form.

After Ansem is defeated, Sora and co struggle to close the door to Kingdom Hearts, they need to close it to stop the Heartless inside from coming out. Riku appears to help close the door along with the long missing King Mickey with his own Keyblade. Together they both seal the door to Kingdom Hearts but Sora loses his friend… Kairi appears but before a word can be said, she and Sora are separated as the worlds are being restored but they vow to see each other once again.

Now you say why didn’t Riku and King Mickey just come out from “the other side”? Well only creatures of darkness like the Heartless can pass through the door, Mickey travelled to Kingdom Hearts via another door, Riku had gained his body and heart back but as he was not of darkness he couldn’t pass through the door.

The worlds’ restoration is symbolised by the upwards shooting of stars and the world walls. Since Sora and co were in another world when the walls were restored they can never get back to their home worlds unless they came down again…

Mini Conclusion About Light & Darkness

It seems to conclude that light and darkness both spring forth from the heart and that Kingdom Hearts is both light and darkness. If so then every person in the world must be both good and evil.

From Where Did Light & Darkness Originate?

No one knows where light and darkness originated from so could not be the answer from us as human beings? Or maybe like the greek philosopher Plato said, what is good and evil can only be found in another realm separate from this one.

A Third Power

Darkness and Light, Good and Evil both cancel one another out and so one can at certain times become more powerful than the other. If so could there be a neutral power in between light and darkness? A third power or force would have to have an equal amount of darkness and light contained within so that they cancel each other out and create a neutral power/force. Perhaps the third powers only purpose is to keep constant the amount of light and darkness in the world, too much light can be just as bad as too much darkness. The third power then could be named Chaos, the result of both Light and Darkness together?

If this were to be then it would be more powerful than both light and darkness because it is neutral and cannot be affected by their properties.

This could be shown by looking at the Sun (Light), the place where it doesn’t shine and creates shadow (Darkness) and finally the ‘grey’ area in-between both being that of Chaos.

Whether it’s logically possible that such a ‘Force’ exists within reality or not I don’t know.

Light Can Be Evil Too

Think about it a world of pure light, how can such a thing exist? Light and Darkness both rely on one another for their very existence. In such a world there can be no morals because there is no wrong so there cannot be any right either.

Also in such a world everything would be ‘simple’, no pain or suffering and no hardships whatsoever. Linking this to another game, Grandia 2, the people in it worshipped the God of Light, Granas. He bestowed whatever they wished and “ceased to dream”. The world would end becoming a place of boredom and non creativity; we live and work to be able to get things which will make us happy. If we never needed to lift a finger then life would kind of be pointless.

To put it another way if there was no darkness then only light would remain, the following analogy should hopefully illustrate my point:

Now take the Sun to be the actual representation of Light itself, the Earth to be the World Of Light and the atmosphere to be that of Darkness, the atmosphere protects against harmful rays of the sun (Light) but if that were to be taken away (Darkness) there would be nothing left to protect us from it.

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v230/Chosenoneknuckles/Other Pics/LightCanBeEvilToo.jpg

This would be the outcome, all life and the planet would be burnt to a crisp under the eternal light.

If the atmosphere (Darkness) were to still exist then it wouldn’t happen, what I’m saying here is that we need light and darkness to remain constant or the outcome would be disastrous either way; light would burn us up and darkness would ensure death, pain and sorrow reign in its world. So either way both are just as bad as one another and an ‘overseer’ must exist to keep them constant.

Is There Really Such A Thing As Good & Evil?

We as people are all unique and so see things in different ways depending on our experiences with them. Things you don’t like someone else probably does due to their good experience of it . The same goes with the concept of good and evil, people have different views on the two concepts.

In the game Ansem a scientist wishes to find out more about the heart and darkness so he can protect his people as he is a king. He casts off his heart and becomes a ‘Heartless’ being but unlike the others in the game he keeps his mind, and memory but loses his physical body.

Ansem’s curiosity eventually leads to his ‘demise’. I don’t think that Ansem himself was evil, he had good intentions (to save his people) but he let darkness control him. Just as curiosity killed the cat, could this human trait be considered evil?

Many would probably disagree as philosophers themselves pursued and discussed issues via their own curiosities. Curiosity allows people to learn new things but stumble upon something top secret and its curtains for you. Is it an evil trait?

I think that it depends on the given situation, if at school you want to learn more about something you can go and ask but other situations can lead into dangerous ground.

Can Ones Self Cast Off Their Heart?

Maybe, logically I don’t think you could, people become catatonic and depressed a sort of ‘Heartless’ state. They could cast off their heart during this but as it’s scientifically impossible to keep track let alone find an “Astral Heart” we will never know for sure… But just because we can’t see it doesn’t’t mean its not there.

The Heart & Soul

If you were to cast off your ‘astral’ heart would you no longer have a soul? Could they be separate so that if a person was capable of casting off their own heart which is no doubt who you but still remain conscious as the soul would stay? This logically is different to understand but I think that person would remain in a catatonic state until they get their heart back or could still do everything we do but act emotionless because they have no heart.

The Heartless’ Goal – Darkness’ Good Intention?

The Heartless are creatures born when the heart collapses due to darkness, suggesting the light is weak. They wished to return all hearts back to Kingdom Hearts, the realm of darkness.

I tink the catalyst for the transformation of a heart into a Heartless, its appearance and abilities depends on the thoughts, dreams, appearance, abilities and occupations etc, of that person. The defenders and soldier heartless come from soldiers or in the case with the man at Transverse Town, a wannabe soldier and so on.

A being without a heart would feel cold and empty unlike us warm bloodied life forms who have hearts, could they just be seeking out the warmth the light of a heart radiates?

If so then they aren’t really doing much wrong, they just want their hearts back, to feel warmth once again. When something bad happens to us we sometimes not wish it upon others, this is what the Heartless could be trying to achieve – to stop anyone else from collapsing into darkness because of one of their kind they are just going to return all hearts to darkness.

But even so we will then share the same fate as they, an existence of coldness and darkness. Their intention may be good but it cannot be, they are born when a heart falls to the darkness. Darkness and Light are eternal and will always exist so the Heartless will keep coming into being.

Accessing Other Worlds

Gummi blocks are the substance that make up the walls between the worlds in the game and so prevent interaction between the existing worlds, when the wall of a world comes down it is seen as a meteor shower, or shooting star(s). And after that time, interworld travel then becomes possible from that world. There are two things that can cause the breaking down of a world’s wall. One is the opening of the door to that world’s heart; another is the appearance of the Heartless.

The worlds are represented by the stars in the sky, there are millions of them.

Ansem opened the door to the heart of his world Hollow Bastion and it was consumed by darkness, this sort of closure between worlds may well apply to this universe. If there was then it could possibly be a greater force (not a God but something else), beyond our logic so we’d never be able to bypass it. Perhaps it was created to prevent interaction with different beings other than humans to protect them? Humans are a natural enemy to themselves as we all know or should, destroy things, people’s lives and ultimately their own.

Princesses of Heart

These are the 7 Maidens of the purest heart with the power to open the "Final Door", and reveal the way to Kingdom Hearts, the realm of Darkness. Known as the Princesses of Heart, without the hearts of the seven princesses, the keyhole cannot be completed. The Princesses are attracted to the Keyblade; Ansem himself says “I have chosen one special girl. I do not know if she possesses a power like that of the Princesses. But, there is a chance, and this is an experiment. She may lead me to the place where the one holding the key is... - Ansem Report XI”.

This theory turns out to be true as Kairi lands on Destiny Isles where the future Keyblade Master Riku lived along with Sora.

When 6 princesses had been gathered, their captive hearts created another Keyblade, Oblivion. But this Keyblade was different. Instead of being able to lock the door to a world, this Keyblade was able to unlock the heart of the person it was used on. It vanished when Sora used it on himself to free Kairi's heart at which point the hearts of the Princesses were freed as well.

Now as I said earlier Kingdom Hearts is revealed to have both Light and Darkness. Light came out and destroyed Ansem and the Heartless lied within as “None shall pass but shadows, returning to the darkness.”. As it is the world of hearts and where they originate then light and darkness may or may not come from there too. Nevertheless a person with a ‘pure’ heart is rare to find and in this world especially doubt that they’d be common but there are generous loving people in the world. After the door is opened, the way to Kingdom Hearts they use their power to hold back the darkness until Sora and can defeat Ansem and restore the worlds.

Ansem’s Descend Into Darkness – Knowledge Corrupts

Ansem as a king for his people and a scientist was interested in the powers of darkness had to “Extract the darkness from a person's heart. Cultivate darkness in a pure heart. Both suppress and amplify the darkness within. The experiments caused the test subject's heart to collapse, including those of the most stalwart. How fragile our hearts are! My treatment produced no signs of recovery.”

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v230/Chosenoneknuckles/Other Pics/DarknessCorruptsHearts.jpg

Normal Heart contains both Light AND Darkness = Add More Darkness = Collapse of Heart

This is the beginning of his downfall into obsession and begins to derail the value of human life since he then “confined those who had completely lost their hearts beneath the castle.” But then he is trying to help out his people in case of darkness invasions in the future so he’s doing what he thinks is right.

He encounters the “shadows” of those he caused to lose their heart, the Heartless, and in spite of what he had done so far with his own people, experimenting on them he’s refered to as “source of all heartless”. He gives them “both living and nonliving samples.” But they thieve on “the living” and so “multiply rapidly”. He then officially names them ‘Heartless’.

One day a Heartless “wiggled its antennae and, as if sensing a target, headed deep into the castle. In the deepest part of the castle, its antennae began vibrating, as if searching for something. Suddenly, a strange door appeared. I'd never known of its existence. It had a large keyhole, but didn't seem to be locked. So I opened the door.” This is the door to the heart of Hollow Bastion an “energy core” and in turn breaks down the worlds walls and allows the Heartless to invade it.

His curiosity goes full blown and his humanity and moral respect for his people go out the window, he starts more experiments by using “a device that artificially creates Heartless.” And goes back to extracting darkness in his own people’s hearts so “By recreating the conditions that spawn the Heartless naturally, I should be able to produce them artificially. This device is the culmination of all my research thus far. The machine's test run successfully created a Heartless. This may be a step toward creating a heart from nothing.”

He now wants to build a ‘heart’ which he now thinks is made only of darkness, so he’s going against the natural order here. How can one ‘create’ a heart?

He realises that the “artificially and naturally created Heartless showed nearly identical traits. But the two types remain distinct for the purpose of the experiment. So, I will mark the ones that are created artificially”. He continues to do this and Hollow Bastion goes into decline as the Heartless take the lives of everyone they come across but he is greeted by a “guest from another world”, King Mickey who fascinates Ansem with stories but “one story in particular caught my interest: that of a key called the "Keyblade." The Keyblade is said to hold phenomenal power. One legend says its wielder saved the world, while another says that he wrought chaos and ruin upon it.” His curiosity gets the better of him again as he states that “I must know what this Keyblade is. A key opens doors. It must be connected to the door I have opened.”

By this time darkness has overtaken his very being and no longer cares about the value of human life, the search for knowledge corrupts him. He concludes that the heart of people spawn darkness and so Heartless and that a worlds heart is the “world of the Heartless”.

Here Ansem discards his “frail” body to “pursue the answer there and become all knowing. My path is set. I shall seek out the wielder of the Keyblade, and the princesses.”

Now unlike normal people plunging into the becoming Heartless he “transcended to an existence of only the heart”. It appears that one who has already accepted the darkness will not be transformed into a ‘Heartless’. He then ponders where does the “true paradise lie, I wonder?”.

The Keyblade

The Keyblade has the ability to lock to the door that leads to the heart of a world, and is said to have phenomenal power. After the door to a world has been sealed by the Key Bearer, it may not be possible to open the door to that world again.

Sora has the ability to cast it away and retrieve it using will power, what happens to it during its ‘cast away’ session. Perhaps it is stored in some far off plane where only the Keyblade ‘Master’ can possibly walk on? It cannot be stored in the World of Light and Darkness because of this legend:

“One legend says that its wielder will save the world, another says that he will bring chaos and ruin upon it.” Of course the legend could be wrong but if it is true then it can’t be ‘stored’ in either one or the Keyblade adjusts itself to its wielder’s wishes e.g. a person dark of heart would store it away within the realm of darkness, Kingdom Hearts.

But then both light and darkness exist within Kingdom Hearts, the ending showed that so it could be possible that it’s stored in the same realm.

Another possibility is that it’s stored within Sora’s own heart which brings me to my next point.

The Keyblade only chooses those strong of heart, originally Riku was intended to be the Keyblade Master but gave into the darkness whilst Sora did not so he gained the Keyblade. This is where its power comes from, the heart. When Sora’s heart weakened, Riku temporary got the Keyblade. And it from this seems to have a will of its own.

Oblivion – Physical Representation Of Darkness?

A keyblade that was created when the 6 princesses of hearts were gathered, those of “purest heart”.

The kanji by the oblivion means darkness and was created with pure light (hearts of the Princesses).

Oathkeeper – Physical Representation Of Light?

The Keyblade given to Sora by Kairi with her ‘lucky charm’ on it, it’s thought to be the embodiment of the Keyblade Legend, the one who saved the world.

The kanji by the oathkeeper on the left means light which kind of links it to the legend.

Now I think Kairi will go off on an adventure of her own and use the Oathkeeper, the actual form of it and not the keychain Sora carries to fight the Heartless when the walls of the worlds come down again…

Keyblade Legend

This states that one saved the world whilst another brought ruin. Its thought that keyblades; oblivion and the oathkeeper are the embodiment of these two legends. The kanji in the keyblades' concept art would support this theory.

The Heart

In the beginning when Destiny Isles is destroyed Sora’s heart proves stronger than Riku’s as he gains the Keyblade. While trying to save Kairi, Sora is blasted away by darkness spilling out of the door in the Secret Place. Unbeknown to him though Kairi’s heart goes with Sora and she remains in a ‘heartless’ state but in human form. In Hollow Bastion, Sora remembers one of Kairi’s memories; one of her grandmother telling her a story about light and darkness.

Now could it be the case that when one of us for example remembers something from someone else’s memory that their ‘astral heart’ has been separated from the flesh and now travels within them?

Kairi remains ‘lifeless’ after the event in the Secret Place, at Hollow Bastion using the Oblivion Keyblade which unlocks hearts he releases Kairi’s and the princesses hearts as well as his own (Kairi turns out to be the 7th and final princess but unlike the others is not of royalty as far as we know, she’s been linked to being Ansem’s daughter though and he was a king). Sora becomes a Heartless, only Kair’s love and light allows Sora to grasp the light and restore his body.

This shows the strong bond and “connection” of hearts between the two which as the games developer stated the main theme of the game, he wanted to show that things aren’t “just connected physically”.

The Body

“When the heart casts off the flesh, where does the body go?”

When the Body disappears and becomes a Heartless, the Heart is also lost. But what becomes of the Body and Soul, do they perish or does something happen to them? If it only does this when the heart goes so the heart must keep the body together along with the soul, together they create a complete existence. So there are 3 parts to ones self; heart, body and soul.


Riku was destined to be the Keyblade Master but gave into the darkness whilst Sora did not so he gained the Keyblade. So destiny here was changed therefore proving that destiny isn’t always ‘meant to be’, it was more like fate where something could be and may not eventually come to be. Later on though fate shifts back in Riku’s favor as his heart gets stronger than Sora’s and he regains the Keyblade from Sora, his companions go off to follow the new keyblade master. A battle ensures though and it returns to Sora.

Kairi coming to Destiny Islands was by chance but also fate as Kairi was sent out from Hollow Bastion by Ansem's hand to find the Keyblade. There’s actually evidence of that in the jail at the End of the World. Ansem thought that girls who are princesses would be sure to make it to the place of the Keyblade. So Kairi coming to the place with Sora and Riku was both chance, and also fate.

Interesting enough Sora has access to both the Oathkeeper (Light) and Oblivion (Darkness) Keyblades by attaching it as a keychain. His destiny is to “open the door to the light” but as I’ve mentioned before a world of pure light would be just as bad as a dark one. Could Sora just be a pawn of the light? So I think through this and my own experiences in life that destiny and fate are indeed different and that BOTH are not 100% going to happen, we may have a pre-determined destiny before we are born but the decisions we make in life affect it and our future.

“The past determines your present self and that will change your future”

The Different Realms

There are I think 4 worlds or planes of what we call existence (others exist beyond our universe):

The Present World
The World of Light
The World of Darkness
The World In-Between

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v230/Chosenoneknuckles/Other Pics/4Realms.jpg

The Present World is the world or universe that we live in. The physical world. This world is a place of both light and darkness because of our hearts. The "Material Plane". It consists of this planet, the moon, sun and all the other planets in our universe. Based on this, could we not assume that this is the "World of Bodies"? The body is made of flesh which is physical matter and other physical things such as rocks etc. make up the planets etc.

The World of Light and The World of Darkness:

The light and darkness worlds are one and the same, ‘interwoven’. I am assuming that these two worlds are Kingdom Hearts, so they are, together "The World of Hearts". That makes sense since Kingdom Hearts IS the great heart, AND that there is both darkness and light in every heart.

Kingdom Hearts where all hearts are born. We possess hearts so this is perhaps beyond the Physical World, the “Astral Plane”. This can be reached via the mental and physical plane; one can enter it in their dreams or step physically into it.

Light World & Dark World = World Of Hearts

The World In-Between: This is perhaps the most mysterious of the worlds, the world of neither Light nor Darkness, but a third power or force, not contained in the heart (as far as I or we know). This world could well be the “Spirit/Soul World” where the dead wander. Perhaps if ghosts are real it’s due to a sudden overbalance in the forces of light and darkness which could allow them to wander unto the physical plane, the Present World? This would explain why they are see though and not physical, they are slipping in and out of ‘existence’.

If the 4 worlds (Present, Light, Darkness and a world of two worlds) together create complete existence, then what is left? Logic would state that from the Present World are all bodies born, hearts come from Kingdom Hearts but then from where does the soul come?

The World of Hearts (Light & Darkness together) creates the Present World therefore the only other existing realm that the soul can come from is the World In-Between.

I also think at the very centre of Kingdom Hearts (World In-Between) is a castle, one made up of stained glass, like in Dive Into The Heart. A sort of storage and collection place of hearts, where its secrets are stored etc. but thats just me, I'd like a big showdown with the Organisation, 'Dusk' and Heartless there!

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v.../Sonic Unlimited/SU-CastleOfKingdomHearts.jpg

Conclusion About The Connections Of The Heart, Body & Soul

Assuming that my theories are in some sort of logical way correct then the Body, Heart and Soul ‘Metaphysically’ are not connected in their origin but do make up every living thing. I know that this is only a game but it does start to dive into Metaphysics areas such as “Do we have a soul?” and tries like I think to look beyond human logic as we know it.

The Non-Existent Ones AKA The Organisation

No Body or Heart, surely a being cannot exist without a physical body, humans in particular. But perhaps in another world they must take on forms or ‘shells’ like the Heartless and exist there?

If such beings existed where do they live?

Do they have emotions as they are have no Heart and are they physical in a sense?

Summary Of My 4 Realm Theory

Bringing back my other point of the 4 ‘main’ worlds:

The Present World (where we reside, oblivious to the truth i.e. The Matrix)

The World of Light (where all true light comes from)

The World of Darkness (where all true darkness comes from)

The World In-Between (a forgotten world, consisting of both Light and Darkness)

These are not the only worlds or realities obviously. There are many, billions upon billions of different worlds, similar in a way and greatly different in another aspect, but I’m not going to diddle on about that right now…

The Unknowns reside in the forgotten world, The World In-Between as they consist of neither Light nor Darkness. They “begrudge both the light and darkness and have an in-between existence; they are the Non Existent Ones.

(From now on I will refer to the Unknowns are NEO’s so bear with me)

There are two enemies, that of Light and Dark existence, those of either physical or unphysical existence. Now the NEO’s are the third and consist of a Third Power, not contained in the heart as far as we or I know).

The World In-Between connects all the worlds and is hidden from everyone apart from the NEO’s.

The Properties Of The NEO’S

As the NEO’S have no Heart or Body surely they would have no emotion or sense of touch (or by touched) but perhaps the Soul can canter for both the emotions and the senses. We don’t know for sure what the soul is or what it consists of as it is beyond the veil of human reality.

In my opinion the Soul is the very essence of one’s self, consisting of all that person’s memories, personality traits, moral virtues etc. Even if the Body and Heart were to disappear the Soul would live on as a separate existence, a “shell” or ‘shadow’ of your self.

The black cloaks they wear would suggest that they have no body to see (but CoM disproved this so yea... hmm)

The Heart and Body disappear and the Soul becomes a Nobody (no pun intended), a NEO. Now saying that the Soul consists of everything I’ve mentioned (and etc’s) then the resulting Unknown would have the emotions and personality of the former person they once were.

In the game itself the heroes come across an NEO and upon hearing the name “Ansem” he replies with “That's a familiar sound...” suggesting perhaps that this is the “shell” of Ansem. That was created when he cast off his heart earlier. Like a ghost he fades in and out of existence. After his defeat at Sora’s hands he tells them that he is “just a mere shell” before vanishing.

Now about the still having physical sense and senses I don’t agree as it is common sense to say that if you cast off the Body then the resulting NEO would have no physical body unless in this World In-Between the definition of a Body is different but that’s another story…

It would make sense that these different realms have different laws of physics as well content as that would be the defining difference between all of them.

NEO’S Way Of Life – Purpose?

Now the NEO’s live I the World In-Between but what is their way of life, their purpose?

Speaking as a physical being that exists (as far as I know) I have no idea except that maybe it would be one of misery and that they would wish to end it for them and everyone. To do this they would have to destroy the Heartless, that way no more hearts can be stolen and casted off to create an NEO in the first place. But then darkness will always prey on the light and vice versa…

Now in CoM the Organisation reveal themselves as searching for the truths behind the heart's mysteries, in particular how such a strong heart (like Sora's) allowed him to return from a heartless state. Thus some will want to exploit that for power (like Marluxia & Larxene), others for reserach (Vexen) and others for purposes unknown (Axel). But they need him to fuifill at least part of their plans i reckon.

How Can You Destroy The Heartless?

This brings up another dilemma. The Heartless are created when someone loses heart and everyone has and will always have a heart so how can one stop the treat of the Heartless?

The fact is you can’t as everyone is born with hearts and they make up the ‘human existence’.

Heart, Body and Soul = Human Existence

If one were to lose the Heart just as losing the Body they would become a NEO anyway as the flesh would become the Heartless and the Heart would take on the form of a NEO.

NEO Purpose Conclusion

I think DiZ IS Ansem and that he is using the Unknowns perhaps to restore his powers and gain him a body, the light from Kingdom Hearts scarred his body and he just teleported at the end of KH to a safe location.

The Unknowns are from the World In-Between and "begrudge both light and darkness" and they are of a third mysterious Force, i will call this Chaos as a world without light and darkness would result in CHAOS as the universe would become unstable

The Unknowns are therefore using Ansem to perhaps locate the source of Darkness to destroy it and following Sora to the Door To The Light and find the source of Light.

Once both are out of the way they will never have to worry about anyone else being reduced to their 'non-existence' as there will be no darkness to spawn Heartless to steal their hearts etc. I think Axel wants this CHAOS for himself, though he could be under someone elses heel, we dont know.

Overall Conclusion

The World of Light and The World of Darkness:

The light and darkness worlds are one and the same. I am assuming that these two worlds are Kingdom Hearts, so they are, together "The World of Hearts". That makes sense since Kingdom Hearts IS the great heart, AND that there is both darkness and light in every heart.

The Present World = The World of Bodies

And the World In-Between obviously is the “World of Souls”
The World of Light and the World of Darkness are linked…

‘Behind Darkness = Door to Light”

This assumes that darkness lies behind light, suggesting its weakness perhaps?

In response to this I can say that ‘Behind Light = Door to Darkness’ which suggest that both doors are on the opposite side to one another just like the door to Kingdom Hearts… Based on this it appears that the Light and Darkness originated from Kingdom Hearts where all hearts are stored, the result of the Heartless, our creations…

The 'Dusk'

The 'Dusk' revealed in the trailers for the new game are more agile and freakish than the heartless, carrying a mysterious 'anchor' like symbol as well as the BHK, whom has it on his necklace (suggesting its his primary Keyblade Master duty to stop them). I think unlike the heartless whom are embodiments of darkness, these are of light as those of twilght are filled in by the Organisation. As before when i mentioned that light can be evil too, that could come in here, the light spawned its own defence against the heartless, those that take the soul (like Soullless). They are just another force in this huge war, that of heartless, non-existant ones and dusk.


At first i thought that she was like BHK 'Kairi' but from the new trailer, it appears that they don't even know each other that well, though I still think she is from Twilight Town. Her family could be alive or dead, but its known that she is lonely and that the Organisation exploited that in CoM.

Her talents and knowledge of Sora will probably aid BHK, either giving him directions or learning of another like himself (perhaps he dreams of Castle Oblivion and heads there for answers, gets info on Sora and heads off to protect him for whatever reason).

Now i dont really have a clue on Sora's new design, apart from the fact that it makes him look much cooler. All i can think of is that while rearranging Sora's memoru, that something goes wrong, perhaps leading to a slight shift in darkness within him but i dont know.


Having accepted the darkness within himself in CoM, he now walks on the path of twilight, that of dawn (from darkness to light). With instruction under DiZ, the leader of the Organisation, he will learn to use this power and perhaps aid Sora (or BHK) along the way. I dont know what he may do on a solo adventure to be honest, unless he of course the 'second key' Ansem mentions is needed to seal Kingdom Hearts but yea...


I think Sora will learn more of the darkness within himself in this one, and have to deal with the stress of losing conenction with Kairi's heart (because i think she go off looking for him and Riku when the Heartless again attack DI, maybe with a keyblade or a staff even), thus it will be alot harder on him this time round. He is a growing teen after all, bound to have tantrums with Donald!

King Mickey

His intentions are still not clear, how he got into Kingdom Hearts so easierly and quickly is beyond me, he seemed like he knew what he was doing... He now walks on the same road as Riku, that of twilight, but is now seen to be helping Sora with information (yet no sign of Riku oddly). Perhaps they both have different duties within the Organisation to fuifill, be it spying or going to check on other worlds etc. For now though, Mickey seems to keep his cards close to his chest, when he will reveal his story is unknown...

The Reaper

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Mar 27, 2005
Re: Kingdom Hearts Philosophical & Game Theories (Long Read)

Good Work! How long did this take you to write?:D

The Reaper

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Mar 27, 2005
Re: Kingdom Hearts Philosophical & Game Theories (Long Read)

Wow! good work again.

Fullmetal Blade

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Apr 29, 2005
You said the Dusk were light, right? Maybe since Sora used the light to fight the darkness(heartless), his new clothes signify he might use the darkness to fight the light(Dusk), or something along those lines.

Sgt Moo

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May 1, 2005
I BOW TO YOU!!!...I would say you pretty much have there the basis upon which KH was built upon! and yet at the same time sorta what i believe in (sorta) (astral hearts/plain etc)

Only one mistake, the "keyblade" riku has isnt called the oblivion, this just happens to be in a chest nearby (notice you dont get it immediatly after defeating him) but all you have made is just a naming mistake so no points lost :D
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I must say you know your KH... That's a great post and it all makes sense


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Jul 11, 2004
wait a min....you wrote this already the only new stuff is the chracters and what they about right? i remember i read seomthign exact like it oh well GREAT WORK very very very very awesome and i belive it all!
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