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Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts:Naruto style!

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Apr 23, 2005
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Hi everyone!I'm making a parody of Kingdom Hearts 1 with Naruto,Hinata and Sasuke as
the main characters and there still be Final Fantasy and Diseny cast in the story line.well I hope you like reading this!
Chapter 1:Dive to the Heart.

The intro movie of Kingdom Hearts opens with Naruto waking up under the water.

Naruto:"I've been having these weird thoughts lately,like is any of this for real or not?"
(I'm wearing this dorky clothes?)

The intro theme song Simple and Clean plays and Naruto goes down sleeping.
The screen shows Naruto(wearing Sora clothes)seeing Sasuke(wearing Riku clothes) and Sasuke hold up his hands wants him to grab his hand,but a tidal wave goes up towards him.

Naruto:"SASUKE-TEME!!!!!!WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!!"

Naruto ran up to save his friend but the tidal wave goes under under them.Naruto look to
see Sasuke still holding his hand up at him under water.Naruto goes down through the water and then in the sky of dawn.

Naruto:"I made it!"

The screen then shows Hinata(wearing Kairi's clothes)waving at Naruto and wants him to come to her.

Hinata:"Naruto-kun over here!"

He was going to approach,but he saw himself going down,and then,he falls into the water.

Naruto:"OH MANNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Naruto falls into the water and eventually lands in a circular area with a portrait of Snow
White and the Seven Dwarves.

Naruto:"where the hell am I?"

Then a voice called out....

Mysterious Voice:"So much to do,so little time....Take your time.Don't be afraid."

Naruto:"To late for that man or woman."

The voice ingores him.

MV:The door is still shut.Now,step forward.Can you do it?"

Naruto:"I'm not a baby and what door?"

Then trapezoid stones with a sword,a shield,and a staff appeared.

MV:"If you give it form...It will give you strength.Choose well.

Naruto look at the sword.
(well a sword gives strength and courage for the weilder,but brought death and destruction to people.)

He look at the staff.
(a staff gives wisdoms and great magic powers,but it will pain in my head by studing to

He look last at the shield.
(the shield protects people and friends for attacks.that's I want to do!)

Naruto grabs the shield.

MV:"Is this the power you seek?"

Naruto:"Believe it!"

MV:"now,what will you give up in exchange?"

Naruto chose the sword.

MV:"You give up this power?"

The trapezoid stones disappeared.The floor shatters and Naruto falls down.

Naruto:"NOT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!"

He then lands(with his ninja skills)on the circular floor with a portrait of Cinderella.A shield
appeared on Naruto's arm.

MV:"you gained the power to fight.Use this power to protect yourself and others."

Suddenly,Shadows appeared.

MV:"There will be times you have to fight.Keep your light burning strong.

Naruto:"Light?do you mean the fire of the will."


Naruto fights group of shadows.Then,they disappeared.Then more appeared.

MV:"Behind you!"

He fought and defeated all of the shadows.Then,the dark void appeared and Naruto goes
down there.He gets up in another circular floor with multiple colors.he approachs the door.

Naruto:"I can't open it..."

Naruto saw a treasure chest appeared and opens it.Then a large crate appeared.He push
and smashes it.then a barrel appeared and he also smashed that as well.The door then
opens and lights are coming out of it as Naruto enters the door.

He's back in Density Island.

MV:"Hold on.The door won't open just yet.First,tell me more about yourself."

Naruto spoke up."I love ramen,fighting tough warriors,friendship and become Hokage!"


Naruto then appeared in a circular floor with a portrait of Aurora.He step on the light and
shadows came.Naruto beats them all.After that,he step on the save point an the light
revealed stairs to the next area.

Naruto:"that's a long way..."

In the next area....

MV:"The closer you get to light,the greater your shadow becomes."

The shadow of Naruto rises and turned into Darkside.Naruto look up at his shadow.

Naruto:"The voice wasn't kidding!"

Naruto ran to the stairs but they were gone and almost fell off the floor when tired to escape.He had no choice but to fight.He did couples of hand seals.

Naruto:"Kage Bunshin!"

suddenly hundreds of Naruto shorud Darkside and all can Darkside do is sweatdrop as
they beat him up.After the fight,a black circle appears under Naruto.


MV:"But don't be afraid.You hold the mightiest weapon of all."

Naruto is getting engulfed in the black circle.

Naruto:"Damn you!"

MV:So don't forget:You are the one who will open the door.
well hope you like it and tell me if something is wrong.

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