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Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts ~ Lost Memories

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Apr 11, 2006
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Chapter 5? ;^;

Chapter 5


I woke up with a sharp pain in my chest, digging into the flesh.
I looked around. I was in a dark igloo-like building with bookshelves covering all of the walls.
“Where am I? What is this place…?” I muttered, lifting my upper body up.
The house was completely lifeless, with my slight movement being the only movement in the entire building. My chest was covered in bandages, although there was no blood. What the hell happened?
I got out of bed and limped around, taking in my surroundings.
There was a huge book lying on a table up on what seemed to be a stage. I walked up and flicked through the pages out of curiosity. Mastering Advanced Wizardry For Beginners, Dummies, or Utterly Stupid Fools.
“What the?”
I saw my shirt and jacket on a stool next to me, and I put my clothes on over the bandages. There was a kind of whirring, and as I turned around, a flash of blue exploded before my eyes, sending me stepping back in recoil. “Who’s there?” I shouted, raising my arms.
As the light faded, an old man took its place. He looked ages old, as he had a beard so long that it nearly reached the floor. His face was dark and seemed bored as if he’d gone through a lot in his life. He wore a blue outfit, with a robe and a tall, pointy hat that was at least half a metre high upon his head.
“Why, it seems you have woken up. How are you feeling? Would you like a cup of tea?” the man asked, his beard slightly muffling his words as he pointed to a cup of tea on the table. Why didn’t I notice that before? I went over and sat down as the bearded man somehow glided towards the table and sat down. I placed the cup to my lips and took a sip, wary of any attempts that the man could make to kill me. He seemed very suspicious.
The tea was perfect; not too hot; not too cold. “How did you…?”
“…make the tea? Oh, I went to the cupboard and took out a cup and a few tea leaves. There are many kinds of tea leaves, but I just so happened to choose…”
“Who are you?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.
“Why I’m Merlin! Don’t you remember me?” he replied. “I’m quite sure I introduced myself when you first came.”
“Who?” I asked.
“Merlin! You know? Have I ever told you that there’s a type of bird with my name? A truly amazing bird; possibly even as amazing as myself,” Merlin explained. He must’ve liked talking quite a bit.
“Ah, I see,” I replied half-heartedly. “Do you know where Mitsuko is? You know, blonde hair, white shirt with the crazy sleeve on one side, pink skirt?” I asked.
“Oh yes, the young lady who came in with you. She’s gone to get some medicine from the boys,” Merlin replied.
“The boys?”
Merlin stared at blankly.
“Huey, Dewey and Louie! The duck boys who own the store in First District!” Merlin answered. “Oh, that’s right. You were unconscious when I introduced myself and the boys!”
I paused for a second, waiting for Merlin to start yapping again.
“Did you know that those children used to live in Disney Castle? Not many people know of outside worlds, but I for one do. It was about twenty years ago…”
I drooped my head, putting the cup of tea down. “Oh boy, this is gonna take a while…”

After about fifteen minutes of discussion, Merlin finally stopped to have a sip of tea. “Hey, you’re awake!” called a voice; one that was full of relief.
“Hey,” I said, getting out of my chair.
“Wait, why is there a p…?” As I reached the word, my foot caught onto the leg of the chair, sending me flying to the ground.
“Pillow? I was pretty sure you’d fall just now,” Merlin finished through his beard.
I opened my eyes, seeing nothing but white—the white of a pillow.
“How d…?” I asked, pulling myself up. I stopped suddenly, realising that if I asked, it’d lead to about another hour of conversation.
“What is it?” Merlin mused.
“Uh, nothing,” I replied hastily. He was a nice guy and all, but he did get annoying.
“So Hikaru, do you want me to tell you what happened to you?” Merlin asked, somehow knowing my name.
“How do you know my name?!” I shouted. Was there no limit to his mind? Did he know everything?
“Mitsuko told me,” he replied, taking another sip of tea.
“Uh, sure,” I replied.
“Anyway, you were attacked,” Merlin said, his expression becoming serious.

“Attacked? I thought I just fainted,” I said.
“No, you were attacked. You were lucky enough that I was going out for a stroll at the time.”
“Well, who attacked me?”
“It’s not a matter of who but…”
Mitsuko jumped up onto the small podium that the dining set was on.
“..what!” she finished, finger pointing to the ceiling.
“What? You mean what attacked me wasn’t human?” I asked.
“The one who attacked you was far from human, yet had close ties with your kind,” Merlin explained. It sort of bothered me how he said ‘your’ kind. Was he some kind of super natural being?
“Well, what are these things called?” I asked curiously.
“You’ll find out soon enough,” Merlin winked.

Merlin finished his tea and walked over to a shelf and picked up a book.
“Here,” he said, handing me the large looking mass of pages.
“It will teach you to master the Water spell. One of the most basic spells a magician learns to cast,” Merlin said, smiling.
“What are you talking about? Magic? Why the hell would I need it?” I asked.
“Because this house is on fire,” Merlin chuckled.
“What?!” I looked around, seeing flames becoming to spread around, and a strangely guilty looking kettle by the window.
I looked over at Mitsuko and Merlin; both were amazingly calm. It seemed like I had to take action. I looked at the book.
The front cover read: “Water For Dummies”. I began to scan through the pages, taking in any facts that’d help me stop the fire.
The book stated: ‘First off, you’ll need a vessel or weapon, for example, a magic staff, to cast the spell.’
“Where’s my Keyblade?!” I shouted, looking frantically for my only weapon.
Merlin pointed next to me. I picked it up and turned the page. Was this some kind of test? This couldn’t be real, I thought. I felt the searing heat on my back, and I knew I was wrong. This was real, alright.
‘Gather inner energy, and if you have the will, the spell will be cast.’
I didn’t know what in inner energy was, but I somehow needed to utilise it. I had the will. I needed to extinguish this fire to save Merlin and Mitsuko.
I guessed just wanting it to happen would get it to work, but I wasn’t too sure if I’d have control over it. I could hear the sound of books burning, tea going over one hundred degrees celsius, and more than anything else, the pain of the heat. It was now or never.
As the thought appeared in my mind, I felt a cold chill as the Keyblade exploded in a burst of white and blue. The next thing I knew, the whole house was frozen with sheets of thick ice lining the walls.

“Uh, whoops?”
I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around, and as if the fire had never started the house was back to normal.
“Nice job, but you need to control the power. It could take years, but it’d be worth it. You actually cast the Blizzard spell there. I don’t know how you did it, though…” Merlin smiled.
“I could learn it in a month; every single spell,” I grinned. It wouldn’t be hard, would it? I just perfected a Blizzard spell without even knowing any of the steps involved.
“I take it that you’re confident that you have skills in magic? Well, only extremely powerful magicians would have the potential to perfect so many spells in a space of time that short.”
I kept listening, taking in all the words he was saying. With this stuff, I could kick Katsu’s ass any day, I thought with eager anticipation.
“Now, it is time for your medicine,” Merlin announced, taking at bottle from Mitsuko. I opened my mouth to speak, but I felt a spoon on my tongue. Merlin used his hands to close my mouth, and I swallowed.
It tasted horrific. The qualities of whatever was in my mouth were hard to explain. It was kind of like a bubbly concoction of various alcohols mixed with rotten cheese and a few rotting limbs of dead animals.
Oh, Jesus! What the hell is this shit?! My mind screamed.
“It’s dragon dung,” Merlin winked, pointing at the label on the logo as if he was on some cheesy advertisement promoting the product.
I paused, letting the thick liquid ooze down into my throat. It was too late—it had gone in.
“What?” I spluttered, letting some of the medicine splatter onto the table.
“Dragon poop,” Mitsuko giggled.
I just ate shit… Now wasn’t that delightful?
I sat back down, trying my best to ignore the fact that I had eaten what comes out of a dragon’s backside. Wait, were dragons even real?!
Mitsuko sat down next to me, trying her best to hold in the laughter.
“It’s good for you; it’s been proven to heal these kinds of wounds quickly,” Merlin explained.
“So, how did you two get here?” Merlin asked, probably knowing the answer. He was so mysterious; he had this amazing ability, but I really didn’t know what it was.
“Well, our town was attacked by these little white guys and we jumped into the water and ended up here,” Mitsuko explained.
“Hmm, it seems the world border has been destroyed once more,” Merlin muttered, caressing his beard.
“World border?” I asked, wiping my mouth. I took a big mouthful of tea and rinsed my mouth with it and spat it back into the cup.
“Ew, that’s gross,” Mitsuko said, recoiling.
“The world border separated the different worlds from each other before the ones that attacked you arrived, I believe.” Merlin replied, although he didn’t sound too sure, or he was lying.
“Well, what are those white guys then? Did one of them attack me?” I asked.
“Those white creatures are quite mysterious. They seem to be the opposite of the things that assaulted you. I don’t know if they’re foreign or if they’re of this world yet,” Merlin said, stroking his beard.
“Hey, why aren’t you telling us the name of these things?” I asked, almost shouting. It was close to infuriating how he would never say the name of these enigmatic creatures. “You’ll find it out eventually.”

“We are looking for somebody,” Mitsuko interposed abruptly.
“Who?” Merlin asked, putting his cup of tea aside.
“His name is Katsu. He’s a bit older than us,” I answered.
“I’m sorry. I know about most people who end up here, but I’ve not heard or seen a Katsu. Just in case you didn’t know, Hikaru, this world you’re in is Traverse Town; quite different than your home. This world exists as a refuge for those who have lost their own worlds. If you’re going on an adventure and it involves interstellar travel, go ask Cid about getting a gummi ship.”
I had no idea what a gummi ship was, but too lazy to ask. He’d probably start talking about why they’re so great and what they do and what he had for breakfast.
“Also, Mitsuko, you’ll need a weapon to defend yourself,” Merlin said, passing Mitsuko a staff. It had a small symbol on the tip and a small feather on the end of the staff.
“Wow. It’s beautiful. Thanks Merlin!” Mitsuko shouted, running over to hug the old man.
“What does it do?” I asked, inspecting the curious gift.
“It’s a magic staff. The ultimate weapon when it comes to spell casting,” Merlin explained.
“But she doesn’t know any magic,” I explained.
“That’s where you are wrong; Mitsuko has learned all the basic spells in the past three days that you’ve been asleep for,” Merlin replied, patting Mitsuko on the head. He took out a small stick and waved it. I watched closely, expecting something out of the ordinary to happen. Three huge books landed on the desk after seeming to hover towards the old man.
“Using those books, in time you will learn to master the seven basic spells too,” Merlin said. “Now go ask Cid about getting a gummi ship.”
“Uh, who and where’s Cid?” I inquired.
“Mitsuko’ll explain to you,” Merlin replied.
“I bid you farewell, children!” Merlin called as we left his house, waving his hand. “Good luck on your journey! I’ll be waiting if you want to come back!”
“Bye!” we replied in unison.
I followed Mitsuko out of the house. I was feeling much better after I took the medicine, even though it tasted so bad.
“I’ll help you carry those books,” I said, holding out my hand. She handed them to me and we kept walking.
“Thanks. Oh yeah, time to jump,” Mitsuko declared.
“What the hell?!” I shouted. There were rocks in the water, stepping-stones. But they were moving…

Mitsuko and I carefully made her way over the stones and onto the other side. I followed, almost falling twice.
“I never want to do that again…” I muttered.
“Chicken,” Mitsuko laughed.
We stepped out into a large area that completely desolated. “So, who’s Cid?” I asked. “Oh, he owns a shop in the first district,” Mitsuko replied. “I really got to know this town while you were sleeping,” she explained.
We walked along, lucky enough not to be attacked.
“Where’s that thing that attacked me?” I asked, wondering where it’d hide.
“Merlin scared them away. He told me that it came from the sewers, and that there are more of them. Yeah, after the first one got you, more started to appear and that’s when Merlin arrived,” Mitsuko replied. We approached a gigantic door pushed on the slabs of wood fixed to the portal.
“Here we are! First district!” Mitsuko said, stretching her arms out.

I remembered this as the place where we had first landed. It still seemed the same as the last time I saw it.
We made our way up a flight of stairs and I followed Mitsuko into a shop.
There was a middle-aged man standing at the counter. He had strawberry-blonde hair and a pair of goggles on his forehead like those pilots would wear. There was a white shirt which was amazingly plain on his chest and a huge brown belt across his hips and lastly, some blue jeans. A piece of straw in his mouth moved up and down as he talked.
“Hey!” he said, waving at Mitsuko.
“Hi,” she responded, waving back.
“What can I do ya’ for?” he asked, eying me.
“We’re looking for a gummi ship,” Mitsuko said. It was only then that I realised I forgot to ask Merlin what a gummi ship actually was.
“Hmmm. How much munny you got?” he asked. Mitsuko checked her pockets. She pulled out a bunch of little balls.
“About ten thousand,” she said.
“Ten… thousand? Ten thousand?!” I shouted, almost falling back in surprise. “How’d you get so much?!”
Cid looked at me as if I was an escaped metal patient.
“Merlin gave it to me,” she said. She handed Cid the munny and sat down on a couch by a fireplace.
We chucked the books onto a little table and waited while Cid checked to see if he had one of those gummi ships for us. He came back about ten minutes later, with a large smile upon his aged face.
“You’re lucky; follow me,” he said, signalling for us to follow him.
He led us down some stairs as I held the books and Mitsuko’s staff. When we reached the bottom a huge aircraft confronted us.
“Here ya go. You better enjoy it, ‘cos that’s the best I’ve got,” Cid exclaimed, both hands out with open palms directed at the grand craft.


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Apr 11, 2006
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Yay, another reader. <3

lol, got short?

Chapter 6


The boy walked through the dark hall, searching for any sign of light.
He looked around, taking in his surroundings. He was in a strange place; a place in which nothing was visible. There was nothing but darkness.
“Please! SOMEBODY ANSWER ME!” the child shouted. He had been here for more than a year, and amazingly, he had survived without any water or food. Time seemed to move so quickly, but the watch he had in his pocket said otherwise.
His mind could break any second. The boy was fifteen years old and had disappeared from his home town just over a year ago. It all happened during a distressing storm of darkness which was extremely uncommon in the peaceful isles of his home. His friends were gone, and he feared he’d never see their faces again.
“This is the beginning of your destiny,” said a voice. He turned around with delight, hearing the sweat sound communication for the first time in a year. The boy turned around to see a hooded man. His face was obscured by the hood, only allowing his mouth and the tip of his nose to be visible.
“Who are you?” the boy asked.
“My name is Axel. Commit it to memory,” he replied, slowly taking off his hood, revealing his face. He had fiery-red hair and two marks under his eyes. His hair was spiky and his eyes were fierce. “I take it you’re Kyle. From Twilight Town, right?”
“This is your first test,” he said handing Kyle a box.

It was long and quite heavy. Kyle looked at the box in confusion. “Open it,” the man named Axel winked.
Kyle took the box from his hands and opened it to find two large objects.
They appeared like swords, but with strange handles and the designs were beyond bizarre. One was black and the other was white. They were easily distinguishable, even if the colours were different. It was obvious that the first was quite demonic and the latter angelic. Two opposites.
“It took a while for me to get those,” Axel explained. “So, take care of them well.”
Kyle picked them up, one in each hand, letting the empty box fall to the ground. A black, crown-shaped pendant hung from a chain on the end of the black weapon. It was probably shiny at one point, but at that point in time, it appeared worn and had small grazes across its face. A star-shaped charm dangled on a piece of braided string from the bottom of the white weapon. The charm was reminiscent of a paopu; a mystical fruit which was said in legend to bind two people’s destinies together forever if they shared a paopu. Kyle had only ever used one once. It was popular tradition for a groom to offer his bride a paopu during weddings at Destiny Islands, and everybody knows that not all marriages can last ‘forever’. Paopu seeds, which were said to have the same effect, were usually put inside necklace pendants which teenagers with money-laden wallets would buy and give one to their partner, saying that they’d be together forever. Once again, this is usually never the case. There was a tiny imperfection with star, though: it was missing one point. “Why are you giving me these?” Kyle asked, rising an eyebrow.
“Because your destiny lies within them…”


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Apr 11, 2006
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Why do you hate Sora? xD

Next chappy.

Chapter 7


The ship looked kinda small, and I had no idea how we could fit in it.
“Hey, just tap the dome, and it opens up for you,” Cid explained. Mitsuko walked up and gave the glass-looking dome a tiny bop and then the hatch of the aircraft opened with a loud hiss.
I hopped in after Mitsuko, and beheld the interior of the ship.
“Holy crap, this looks huge!” I exclaimed spinning around. The ship looked so much bigger from the inside—it could’ve easily been the size of a small apartment.
“How is it?” Cid asked from outside.
“Oh, it’s so pretty,” Mitsuko said, pinching her cheeks. “I have got to be dreaming.”
“Uh, how does it work?” I asked, rubbing my head.
Cid handed me a small booklet.
“Geez, you bloody bogan. Here’s the instruction manual,” Cid grumbled, offering a slightly crumpled booklet from his pocket from outside.
I didn’t dare answer back in fear of the possibility that I’d piss him off and he’d think otherwise of offering such a grand craft to us. I forced a smile and grabbed the booklet.
Mitsuko jumped in and sat on the main pilot seat, getting comfortable. As the chair went flying back into the reclined position, I resisted looking into the luscious cleavage that revealed itself for that split second.
Control your urges, Hikaru. Control yourself. Remember what you’re doing. You’re going to find out who the Keyblade Master is. Oh shit! I forgot to ask Merlin! My mind screamed as I lost my balance and hit my head on a shelf.
Putting her seat back up, Mitsuko turned around. “Oh, you’re so clumsy,” Mitsuko laughed.
As I rubbed my head I looked around, spotting some small rooms, a cupboard and a table with some chairs.
“Wow, this is awesome. It’s like a flying house or something!” I shouted with delight.
“You’re lucky I was in a good mood,” Cid grunted, hiding an obvious smile. He must’ve been glad we were satisfied with his product. “You ain’t gonna find anything like this elsewhere; this is a Cid Highwind exclusive,” Cid boasted.
Suddenly, a loud ‘thud’ rocked the ground. We all turned towards the direction of the origin of the sound.
“Holy shit…It’s happening…” Cid muttered, wide-eyed staring at the staircase, cigarette hanging limply from his mouth.

“THEY’RE COMING!” Cid screamed.
I looked out through the window, seeing what looked like walking black jelly beans.
“Oh, they look so cute! What are they?” Mitsuko called in an overly exaggerated girly voice. “Wait… they look just like the thing that attacked you, Hikaru!” she realised.
Could it be? I thought. Could these things be the same as that creature that attacked me?
The Heartless were completely black, except for their tiny yellow eyes, as brilliant as the Sun, although they glowed with an unknown malevolence.
“What’s going on?!” I shouted.
“JUST FIGHT OFF THE LITTLE FAGGOTS, WILL YOU?” Cid retaliated, whipping out a spear leaning on a nearby wall.
I summoned my Keyblade, its golden shaft glowing brilliantly.
I hopped out and watched Cid whack the tiny black things away. They all seemed to be aiming for his chest. Just like with me, they must be aiming for his heart. One blow and he could die. “Mitsuko, stay here; I’ll protect you,” I said heroically.
“Yeah, whatever.”
I ran forward with my Keyblade and prepared to strike one of them, but the tiny creature was replaced by a shadow. “Hey, where’d…”
And with that, I felt a strange sensation. It took me a second to realise that one of the Heartless had plunged its fist into my heart. I felt it grab, sending an insanely powerful shock throughout my body. Excruciating pain filled my chest, the pain searing deep into my flesh. Blood dripped from my lip as I began to lose consciousness. Damn. I can’t die yet; I still don’t know who the Keyblade Master guy is…
I could feel my life being dragged away when I heard the distinct voice of Mitsuko.

“Cure!” she shouted, her voice seeming to rush up towards me. Angelic green leaves floated onto me, filling my body with life.
To the Heartless’ horror, I got up and sliced its head off, sending little black balls flying in all directions. As the body disintegrated, a small heart rose into the sky. I watched it float upwards, like a leaf caught in the breeze.
“HA! Take that you piece of crap!” I shouted, spitting on the ground where the Heartless was standing only moments earlier.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing?!!” Cid screamed. “I just wiped the floor yesterday!”
I turned around to see Cid swatting Heartless away with his spear, just barely dodging an oncoming attack after being distracted.
I raced towards him ready to help, turning back to thank Mitsuko for helping me. “Thanks!”
“I don’t know where you’d be without me,” Mitsuko sighed.
But by the time I got there, it was over; Cid had destroyed them all.
“Aw gee, thanks. I really appreciate your helpful helpful-ness,” Cid grunted sarcastically.
I walked over to him and looked at the destruction. Bodies of the Heartless were beginning to disappear.
“Now that that’s over, get back on the ship.” Cid wiped his forehead as he placed the spear back onto the wall in its peaceful resting spot.
“Man, why were you acting so casual? We could’ve gotten killed,” I said, fearing that these battles would be common occurrences.
“You could’ve gotten killed. I eat those things for breakfast?” Cid replied.
“Really?” Mitsuko asked.
“Jesus…” Cid sighed.
I returned the Keyblade to my belt in its keychain form and made my way to the ship.
There was a loud crash, and a hole appeared in the wall.
“No…” Cid wailed. A huge purple Heartless ripped through the walls of the basement as if they were made of paper and approached us. It didn’t have any arms or legs or even a neck; all of its hands, feet and its head merely hovered around the body. It had a large symbol on its chest—the symbol of the Heartless? It had purple armour, made of some kind of slightly transparent stone, possibly amethyst. Upon closer inspection, I found that the suit of armour was empty!
“GO; NOW!” Cid shouted, getting his spear back.

“I won’t leave you!” I shouted with as much bravery as I could muster.
“Aw, get out of here you idiots; this is for me,” Cid replied, hiding his concern. “If anything happens, nobody will notice. I’m just ol’ Cid.”
“You’re wrong; even if you’re a bitter-ass loner, there’s always somebody who cares for you,” I muttered.
“Just go,” Cid said solemnly.
Mitsuko and I ran into the gummi ship in a frantic sprint. I raced through the gummi ship instruction booklet as soon I my backside met with the pilot’s seat, trying to learn how to drive in the few seconds we had. I looked outside to see the huge Heartless approach Cid, hands spinning around excitedly. I returned to the book as heard Cid’s battle cries from outside and the clanging of metal on metal.
“Is he going to be okay?” Mitsuko asked.
“I dunno, close the door,” I replied.
I reached up and blindly flicked a few switches. We both heard Cid scream outside.
“WE CAN’T LEAVE HIM!” Mitsuko cried, turning towards me.
The ship was gradually accelerating. I pressed a button which opened a door in front of us, leading outside.
Cid was calling to us as he battled the giant Heartless.
“GO! What’re you waiting for?!” he shouted.
“I know… but we have to leave…” I whispered softly.
As the gummi ship took off Cid’s screams could be heard as he was impaled by his own spear.

Mitsuko ran into one of the rooms and I knew she would cry. She had cried when her grandmother died, she had cried when her cat died, and she had cried when Kyle died. Cid had sacrificed himself for us.
But why? I mean, we had just met. Just to let us test out a ship? Or was it to distract the Heartless so we could escape? Or could there have been another reason?
I saw a button labelled ‘auto-pilot’ and pushed it down and made my way to the small table and sat down on a chair. I didn’t know what to say, I just sat staring into the nothingness of space.
Normally, I’d be excited about going into space and going to other worlds, but I didn’t feel like celebrating. What was happening? This is all so crazy; all so fast. First we meet him, and the next second, he’s dead. What about Merlin? Could he have been killed too?
I stopped thinking about it and put my face in my hands.

After a long hour of soft weeping from Mitsuko’s room, silence came.
I stared out into the distance, seeing something red. Fiery red; just like a star. The only thing was, it was getting closer, and closer.
I got out of my seat and sat back down on the pilot’s seat. “What the hell?”
Then, I realised. “Aww, man ….” I groaned.

The huge asteroid hurtled towards us, at amazing speed.
“Mitsuko! A HUGE ROCK! IT’S GONNA HIT US!” I shouted, looking for some kind of missile launcher to blow up the rock. There were no counter-measures, which meant we were pretty much ****ed.
I looked down in the corner to see a large house. Another world?
“We’re landing! We can only dodge it, even though that’s gonna be as hard as nothing else; we can’t destroy it.”
No reply.
I yanked the steering wheel and banked right, just barely missing the asteroid.
There was a slight glow, and a flash. When I opened my eyes, something was different. I felt a lot softer. I looked down at my hands in terror. It couldn’t be.
“Sweet Jesus, I’m a midget!”
No, I wasn’t a midget; I was a toy. How the hell did this happen?
The asteroid was long gone; we had just barely missed. I heard a loud explosion that rocked the entire gummi ship, and I fell off the seat.
“What’s happening?!” I wailed, trying in vain to jump back on the ship.
The house, or world, or whatever it was appeared to get bigger and bigger as the seconds passed by. We were moving too fast; it was impossible to attempt a safe landing.
Then, with a loud ‘smash’ we whizzed through an open window onto an oversized mattress.


May 1, 2005
Wonderland. We're all mad here! :D
I have my reasons.... -glares at own fic- <.<;

“HA! Take that you piece of crap!”

“Sweet Jesus, I’m a midget!"

Zomg, I love Hikaru so much. xDDDD I luffed him so much, I named one of my own charries after him. <333

'Aozora Hikaru'


Nice update. I know where they are. ;3


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Chapter 8


His eyes were closed. He saw nothing but a faded image of something red.
His body was trembling, and his eyes burned with an intense, stinging pain.
He crawled along the ground, searching for anything, or anybody to help him. “Please, help me…” he muttered weakly.
“Where is everybody?” he whispered. There was no reply. He felt a kick in his chest, and he went flying and hit a wall. He coughed as blood dripped out of his mouth. “Please, don’t hurt me.”
Riku slowly opened his eyes to see a person in a black coat.
“Sora?” he asked, raising his hand.
The name brought back memories, memories of the life which never was.
“Sora,” Riku muttered, almost crying. He never noticed the red, blood-soaked tears that trickled down his cheeks. “Why aren’t you helping me…?” Riku asked in confusion.
Something about him was foreboding, but how could Sora be foreboding?
The man begun mumbling and suddenly his voice warped into chaos.
Riku clutched his ears in pain as more blood came from his eyes.
The voice begun to cool down, and it was then that Riku realised it was actually a woman. “I think you’re going crazy? Why do you do that when I talk?” she asked.
She lifted off her hood, revealing a childish, innocent face. She was a petite woman: thin, not very tall. Her hair was a golden blonde; almost pure yellow, in fact.
“I’m Larxene,” she added.
“Where’s Sora?” Riku asked.
She shook her head. “It doesn’t matter now. I’m offering you power. Power beyond imagination,” she replied. She said it as if she was a reluctant advertiser who had to promote a product which she didn’t approve of.
Riku deduced that she was connected with Ansem somehow; and anything to do with Ansem meant darkness.
Riku’s eyes began to burn even more. He weakly looked down at his yellow shirt which now seemed orange after his blood had dripped all over it. He was losing his sight, and it was all because of Ansem.
“I don’t need darkness. Darkness has already given me enough pain,” Riku answered. “Fine. Have it your way,” she said. Riku was confused.
“Vexen, he’s resisting. It’s time for you to take over,” she called out.

Chapter 9


Without warning, Axel disappeared. Kyle held the two weapons, one in each hand and looked for Axel.
Axel had led him to a new room, full of endless corridors before disappearing.
“Wait! What did you say about a test?” Kyle shouted. He opened the many doors, but found nothing. Nothing but darkness. He slumped down onto the ground. What’s going on? He thought.
He recalled how the other islands, Destiny Islands, were destroyed. He lived in Twilight Town, but would occasionally go to Destiny Islands to buy food and gather coconuts for his orphanage. He had been watching a boy named Sora a while before the storm came. Sora never noticed Kyle, but Kyle still observed him, usually from a distance. Sora and his friends were so similar to Katsu, Hikaru, Mitsuko and Kyle… although there were only three of them. The leader of their little group was a boy named Riku, who was very much like Katsu. There was the girl, who was called Kairi, who Kyle didn’t really know much about and there was Sora who was kind of like Hikaru and Kyle: ambitious and always seeking thrills. On that fateful night, Kyle had taken his boat over to investigate the storm, but didn’t bother to go and wake up Hikaru and the others.
Then, a huge black ball swallowed us up, Kyle thought. But why did I end up here? Where are Sora and his friends?
There was a flash of flaming red, and Axel returned. “Congratulations. You’ve passed the first test,” he said.
“Sora. We need him,” Axel explained. “’Cos he’s like… well, I can’t tell you.”
“We? And why do you need him again?” Kyle had no idea what was going on. Another figure appeared next to Axel. It was a man, covered in red bandages, face hidden save for one eye and his mouth. From the skin exposed around his lips, Kyle saw that he was heavily tanned. His eyes were dark orange. He appeared frail, like an old, but wise man.
“Ansem,” Axel said, facing the man, smiling. “I’ve found him,”

“Excellent; I’ll go inform the 1st,” Ansem replied wearily. The man named Ansem suddenly disappeared into thin air without warning, and left naught but a tiny note.
Kyle stared blankly at where Ansem was standing only seconds ago.
“Now, for your second test,” Axel said. Axel disappeared at that, sending a huge shockwave across the radius. Kyle was sent flying backwards, nearly dropping his two weapons. There was a flash and Kyle found himself in an alleyway. He recognized this place. This was his home.
Twilight Town. He walked around, searching for anybody he could remember.
What am I doing here? And where is everybody?
Something appeared under his feet. Awoken from his daydream, Kyle jumped back. There was a glowing white dot on the ground. It was getting bigger by the second. He whipped out his two swords and prepared for battle. Strangely enough, as soon as the ball of light took form, it started running away. Kyle gave chase, suddenly intrigued by this strange being. It looked like a little white person without a face. The only thing on its head was a cross like shape. Kind of like the pendant acting as Kyle’s zip on his shirt.

He realised that the two weapons were weighing him down.
“Aww man. I wish these were lighter,” he moaned. As soon as he finished his sentence, the two blades started to glow and turned into small keychains. In fact, they were just the pendants on the end of the weapons. He put them in his pockets and continued chasing the creature. He had lost it. Kyle looked around corners to find nothing.
Looking up, he saw the thing jump out of the sky and run along a wall. It stretched its body and flipped onto another wall. He couldn’t keep up. He pushed on, using up all his stamina. He was nearly there, when it jumped onto another wall. Actually, into another wall. The creature was gone. Completely disappeared. Kyle touched the wall. It was solid, alright. He slumped down and took in some deep breaths.
“Hey kiddo,” said a voice.
Kyle turned around to see Axel.
“Ready for your next test?” he asked, grinning.

He disappeared again in a ball of flame this time. There was a flash of light, and Kyle found himself on a strange platform. It was more of a pillar though. The ground was made of stained glass. An image of Kyle’s pendant was spread across the face of the glass. The cross. Did it have some kind of significance?
“What the hell?” he asked himself. The ground was glowing with a strange blue light. Looking around, he saw the little, white creature, growling at him. Kyle acted by impulse. He ran towards it, without either of the weapons. He lifted his foot, ready to kick the thing in the head. He launched his foot forwards, crushing the head of the creature, sending it flying off the pillar. As he turned around, something appeared. Just for a second. He felt his body lurch as a beam of light erupted from his body, and suddenly took the form of a duplicate of himself… although completely white.
In the distance, he heard a voice say, “Get ready, kid!”
“Jesus…” Kyle muttered. The thing in front of Kyle suddenly bent over on all fours and started to grow! Its hands turned into claws, and its head expanded until it reached the size of a beach-ball. It changed again, and with a flash of light, it was complete. Long tentacle-like strings shot up, curling around, before the beast lifted its head with its body. It looked very much like the small creature from before… but it was huge. It had that symbol on its head; the cross and an upside-down heart. Tendrils flickered around playfully behind it; they were attached to its neck. It had what looked strangely like a scarf. Its shoulders were enormous spikes. It also curiously had a long zipper down its chest. He tried to run, but stopped as he reached the edge of the pillar. He turned around and faced the fully-grown creature fearfully.
Kyle said nothing; he just stared absent-mindedly. He looked up as it glared at him. How could it glare at me if it didn’t have eyes? Kyle thought. He took out the two keychains from his pockets and gripped them tightly. The keychains began to glow and took their original forms once more. “Okay… let’s do this,” Kyle muttered.

He charged at the creature with both of his weapons. He swung with all his might. The creature dodged effortlessly.
“Crap,” Kyle cursed.
Its tentacles reached down to him and picked him up. Damn it! Stop daydreaming, Kyle! Kyle told himself.
Kyle sliced the tentacles off, letting go an explosion of white powder. “Yeah! Kyle: one, freaky white guy: zero!” he shouted.
The beast lunged at Kyle and clamped its claws around Kyle’s waist. It opened its palm and pushed Kyle into the ground. Kyle roared with pain. Pinned down, Kyle could do nothing. The creature used its crab like claws and practically skewered Kyle’s arm.
He screamed in pain, clutching his wound. His arm was bleeding at the same rate that a tap lets out water. He was losing consciousness.
Suddenly, Axel appeared. “Hey! ‘Sup?” he said. With a huge kick, he sent the beast tumbling backwards.
“All yours,” he said, only to fade away seconds later. Kyle got up. Using one arm, holding the black weapon, he cut through the creature’s face. “Yes!” Kyle shouted. “Take that!”
He looked down, and found that his wound had already healed. Axel…
He was about to unleash a final blow when the whole thing just collapsed—right on top of Kyle. It began to fade and was replaced by light. Small tentacles of this light caressed Kyle’s body, and began pulling him into the pillar. He tried to squirm free, but it was useless.
Axel suddenly appeared from above. “Hey! Think about darkness, and you’ll be fine!”
“Darkness?” Kyle asked. “What are you talking about?”
“Just do it!” Axel called, before vanishing again.
Shrugging, Kyle emptied his mind and just imagined a black wall. Nothing happened.
His legs were now under, and his arms would be next. Come on…
Abruptly, the tentacles backed away and exploded. Kyle pulled his legs out of the glass; it felt like jelly, but was too hard to be anything like that. He yanked his hand free and looked at it. A dark aura surrounded his palm for a moment, and suddenly disappeared.
“Man that was cl…” he was cut off before he could finish his sentence. The glass under him shattered.

Kyle fell. It felt like a century had passed, but he still hadn’t touched ground. Strangely before he reached the ground, his fall miraculously slowed down. In fact, he was floating. He landed like a feather on solid ground. Lights began appearing around him. They were bright and blasted away the darkness. Kyle turned around to see Axel. He was putting on his gloves. “Ok kid, this is your last test,” he said, grinning menacingly.
“Test after test! Give me a break!” Kyle shouted.
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