Kingdom Hearts: Journey of the Keyblade Princess



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Sep 14, 2010
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Kingdom Hearts

Journey of the Keyblade Princess

Chapter 1


Kairi look at the ocean on the island waiting for Sora and Riku to come home. She shed a soft tear as she summon her keyblade Destiny Embrace. "Should I leave the islands or stay?" Kairi asked herself before she heard a familiar voice. "Kairi" the voice said. She turn around seeing Riku. "Riku" She ran to him. "How did you and Sora do? Where is Sora?" Kairi asked. "You have to come with me Kairi. A keyblade master wants to speak with you." Riku said as Kairi nodded. "We need to stop one place first." Kairi ran to the secret place with Riku behind. "Why are we here Kairi?" Riku asked. Kairi summon destiny embrace and aim at the world's keyhole and lock the door with her keyblade. "Wow your learning to use the keyblade well." Riku said to Kairi. "Thanks I've been training while you and Sora were gone." Kairi said. Riku nodded and open a portal to the Mysterious Tower. "Lets go" Riku said as he enter then Kairi enter.

At the Mysterious Tower Donald and Goofy were minding there business till they saw Riku then Kairi. They were both surprise seeing Kairi as Riku and Kairi enter the Tower. "Master Yen Sid I brought you the guest but you never asked why." Riku said and King Mickey looking surprise. "I heard you too could wield a keyblade. I'm glad you came." Master Yen Sid said. "It's a honor Master Yen Sid." Kairi said bowing politely. "Kairi you were brought here to begin your mark of mastery." Master Yen Sid said Riku and Mickey became surprise. "Is that what Riku and Sora took?" Kairi asked as Master Yen Sid nodded. "Your Mark of Mastery is going into the past by traveling back in time and locking the keyholes of time to awaken a new power in you." Master Yen Sid said. "Wait wouldn't Kairi need to separate herself from her body like Xehanort did?" King Mickey asked "Yes however I discover a new way for Kairi to travel to the past." Master Yen Sid said as he use his magic to show a mysterious creature with the symbol of a broken clock. "These are known as the Time Creepers. They consume time and devour the keyhole of time that will cause the world to be erase from existence." Master Yen Sid said. "To prepare for your journey the three good fairies has prepare new clothes for you as this well let you travel to the past. They are in that room." Master Yen Sid as Kairi enter seeing the three good fairies. "Alright ladies lets prepare for her new clothes." Fauna said as the three good fairies shoot there magic at the same time. Kairi's new clothes was purple shoes,purple skirt,a white tank top,purple vest with a heart symbol in the front and clock symbol in the back. "Thank you" Kairi said as she walks back to the main room. "Before you leave Kairi you must remember the one rule of time. You must not interfere with time that will change the future." Master Yen Sid said as Kairi nodded. He summon a portal that will take Kairi back in time. "Well I guess this is good bye. I wish Sora was here to see me leave." Kairi said before she heard a very familiar voice. "Well your wish came true." Kairi turn around seeing Sora. "Sora!" Kairi said and hug him. "I miss you so much." Kairi said. "I miss you too." Sora said. "I have a gift for your trip." Sora gives her the lucky charm Kairi gave him. "Thank you. I promise to come back as a Keyblade Master." Kairi said as she enter the portal and began to travel through time.

Kairi's journal

Originated: Kingdom Hearts (2002)
Bio: Princess of Heart and Keyblade wielder. She is now beginning her mark of mastery.

Originated: Kingdom Hearts (2002)
Bio: A former wielder of darkness. He is now a keyblade master.

Donald Duck
Originated: The Wise Little Hen (1934)
Bio: The court wizard of Disney Castle

Originated: Mickey's Revue (1932)
Bio: The captain of the guards in Disney Castle

King Mickey
Originated: Steamboat Willie (1928)
Bio: King of Disney Castle and Keyblade Master

Master Yen Sid
Originated: The Sorcerer's Apprentice (1940)
Bio: Former keyblade master. King Mickey was his former apprentice.

Flora,Fauna and Merrywheather
Originated: Sleeping Beauty (1959)
Bio: The three good fairies. They usually squabble and fight when it involves the color.

Originated: Kingdom Hearts (2002)
Bio: Keyblade Wielder. Best friends of Riku and Kairi. He came just in time to say good bye to Kairi.


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