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Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance: Another Story (Spoilers for KH2/Another Story)

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OathkeeperRoxas XIII

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Feb 15, 2009
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Destiny Islands
Summary: Post Another Story KH2. Kairi, Sora, and Riku must take the Mark of Mastery Exem to prepare for Xehanort, But what surprises are await for our heroes in the Realm of Sleep? Huge spoilers to both Canon! KH2 and Another story. Please review and Request.

Michael: I bet you're wondering why I'm making a DDD story while My KH2 another story is still in progress. Well I wanted to put up the first chapter of this story right away, while all the news for the game comes out. Like Another Story of KH2, Kairi is the main character along with Sora and Riku. There will be all the worlds that will appear in Dream Drop Distance with a few of my own into the mix. And a familiar FF character will be joining Kairi and Riku. Spoilers to KH2 (Canon and another Story) and Re: Coded. Please review and request even more extra worlds and Characters.

Chapter 1: Realm of Sleep: Traverse Town Part 1

Radiant Garden-10 Years ago

Inside a Castle owned by the world's ruler Ansem the Wise, something unusual was happening that would change everything. An unknown person was looking around a lab, he ors he stared at two unknown people unconscious on the cold lab floor. One was a man with white blond hair and the other was a boy with silver hair. Both were wearing white lab coats and their bodies covered in darkness wisps. The unknown person looks to see a man with black hair and an eye patch over his right eye standing near a computer.

Xehanort!" he called, addressing what sounds like a man. "What were you thinking?"

The unknown man named Xehanort walk closer to the one eyed man, not responding to his words just yet.

"Has your memory returned?" he asked.

Xehanort merely responded with a raised hand. A flash of light was forming in his hand as an odd sword with a battle ax like tip appeared. With one quick thrust, the sword stabbed the one eyed man in his heart, as he dropped to the ground like the other two. Xehanort smiled evilly as his eyes began to change. The once brown eyes changed in a flash to yellow eyes like a cat.

The whole town of Radiant Garden were in panic as they ran from the dark creatures called the Heartless, Parents called for their children as the Heartless attacked them.
Familiar faces began to run around the streets of Radiant Gardens including a young boy with brunette locks. The young boy fell to the ground as his friends all hurried beside him.

"Squall let's go! We have to get of here!" a girl with raven black hair said to him.

"But our home, look at it and those monsters…" the boy named Squall said in fear.

The raven haired girl then slapped her friend across the face and added, "We don't have time for you to mope, Squall. We have to leave Radiant Garden!"

The raven haired girl grabbed Squall by the hand and guided him away as a young girl with brunette hair tied in a ponytail said, "Cloud, where are you?"

Meanwhile in the marketplace, another group of residents were trying to escape the heartless madness. A female teenager with light pink hair and a male teenager with blond hair were carrying two young ones on their backs as they too were trying to get away. On the blond teen's back, a little boy with Silver hair said, "Mommy, is mommy really dead?"

The bond haired teen sighed and said, "I'm sorry Hope, but we couldn't save her, those creatures killed her. And my parents and Claire and Serah's as well."
On Claire's back, the boy known as Snow could hear the sounds of Claire's 8 year old sister crying.

Claire spoke next. "There's nothing we could for them. All we can do is leave."

Snow nodded as Hope began to cry as well. The two quickly followed more escapees and thought only of lost lives of their parents.

Near the town square, a small young girl was crying as well as she watched the death of her grandmother right before her eyes. Blood drained from the body as the auburn haired girl cried as the man who had killed her grandmother walked up to her. Without saying a word, Dilan grabbed the girl by the collar of her dress and carried her to the castle where Xehanort was waiting for them.

Inside an underground research faultily, Ansem's now former apprentices waited for their fellow apprentice to return with the girl. Finally, the man known as Dilan entered the room with the girl in one hand and a blood strained lance in the other hand.

"So you brought the kid, well done. Our new master has been waiting for you, Kairi," the man with the eye patch said.

As Dilan brought Kairi through the room, the little girl saw that these people were not in their right mind. She spotted the boy with the silver hair and said softly, "Ienzo, please help me…"

Dilan brought her to the front of the room, where a man in a brown coat was waiting for them with a huge door behind him. Dilan drop Kairi onto the cold metal floor as the man spoke, his hands slowly reaching for his hood.

"At last we finally meet… Princess Kairi."

As the man removed his hood, Kairi was face to face with a man with tanned skin, white hair and yellow eyes; eyes that pierce through Kairi's tiny core. Xehanort merely snapped his fingers and darkness formed over Kairi's body. As the darkness slowly formed around her, she let out one last scream; screaming the names of the only people in her life.

"Daddy, Grandma, help me!"

Destiny Islands- Present Day

A now 15 year old Kairi awaken from her sleep and stared at her room she placed a hand to her head and slowly strokes it.

"Was I dreaming? But it was so real." Kairi sighed and lowered her hand to the sheets. "Grandma, father, I know you're not with me, but I'm going to do my best today and promise to end all the suffering; only when I become a Kayblade Master."

Kairi rose from her bed and walk to her bathroom and stared into her mirror. She placed a hand back to her hair, which was different from before. Instead of being long and spiky, it was much shorter and still retained its spikiness. She look pass her shoulders to see a few of her friends were still asleep; a boy with blond-brown hair, a girl with blond hair, and a girl with black hair. She walked out her bathroom and tapped her friends awake.

"Namine, Roxas, Xion, it's time to wake up."

The three former nobodies woke up and stared at the blurry vision of Kairi.

"Is today really the day?" Namine yawned.

"Yup, today Riku, Sora, and me will take the Mark of Mastery exam and become real Keyblade Masters like Master Aqua. You guys get dress while I make breakfast." Kairi said as she headed downstairs.

It has been almost a week since Kairi, Namine, Roxas, and Xion along with Ven and Terra, saved a controlled Sora, Aqua, and Riku and defeated Organization XIII. Since then, it was quiet on the islands as the auburn haired keyblade wielder had all her friends together, both old and new. Kairi had changed a lot since her journey with her friends and that wasn't only her appearance. After her great adventure throughout the worlds, Kairi had grown into a very mature young woman who will make the right choices for her friends. When Kairi and her friends got the letter from about a powerful darkness growing and needing new keyblade masters, Kairi didn't change her mind and was ready to take the test. Kairi thought of her grandmother and Ansem the wise and how their lives were ruined. Kairi wants to end all the suffering Xehanort had brought onto everyone. After Kairi made breakfast, her father came downstairs to greet her.

"Ah Kairi, how you been? Getting ready to leave for another adventure?" the mayor of Destiny Islands asked.

"Yeah, to tell you the truth; I'm a little nervous since it's a very important adventure of my life. But I'm doing this for everyone, dad."

"Well, I think you'll do your best. You have your friends who will help you along the way." The mayor added.

"Yeah, my friends…" Kairi replied as the three former nobodies came downstairs to eat breakfast. "I own them a lot. I wouldn't have beaten Xemnas if it wasn't for their help."

After breakfast, Kairi said goodbye to her father and left the house with Roxas, Namine, and Xion right behind her. They walk through the main street as they made it to the pier where two more people were waiting for them. One was a boy with brunette hair and the other with silver hair. It was Sora and Riku; Kairi's first friends when she first came to the islands. Not much changed the two since coming back to the islands except both boys' hair was shorter. Sora's wild spiky hair was back to normal as Riku's long hair was cut much shorter to how Kairi remembered it. As Kairi and the others walked up to them, Kairi waved to her friends.

"Good morning, Sora, Riku." The four said to the boys.

"Good morning guys!" Sora greeted.

"Are you guys ready to go?" asked Riku.

Namine, Roxas, and Xion nodded, Kairi as well.

"Terra and the others are waiting for us at Yen Sid's tower, so we'll just take the Gummi Ship to get there." Riku added as a twinkle in the sky appeared. A Gummi Ship flew down to the main island and landed in the sandy beach. As the sextet walk up to it, the Gummi Ship's doors opened to reveal three familiar people: Donald Duck the Court Magician of Disney Castle and Goofy the Captain of the Royal Knights and Jiminy Cricket the royal chronicler. The six of them greeted Donald, Goofy, and Jiminy as Goofy spoke first.

"Kairi, Riku, Sora, are you three ready for the exam?"

"Yes, we're ready." Kairi said as Sora and Riku nodded.

The six entered the Gummi Ship as Goofy, Donald, and Jiminy followed after them. Goofy took the wheel of the ship as it lifted off the ground and took off from the islands. As their ride to Yen Sid's tower was calm and quiet, Kairi sat in her seat, staring at her Good Luck Charm as she thought about the past. Ever since remembering the true name of Hollow Bastion, Kairi's old memories return as well, reminding her of the night it all changed. Kairi's thoughts then return to the Mark of Mastery and it is about. She remembered what Terra told her about the exam and how it works. Kairi had a feeling that Yen Sid's Mark of Mastery exam won't just of their skill, but to see how far they have gotten, and to see if they're ready for the future at hand. As Kairi look outside into space, she knew she made the right choice to get stronger and help everyone.

An hour finally passed and the Gummi Ship finally made it to the Mysterious Tower and disembarks. The groups were outside the tower as three familiar faces were waiting for them. The first was a man with fiery red hair. His eyes were emerald green and he look to have a smile on his face. The red headed man wore an orange shirt with a yellow scarf and long tan pants. On his feet were orange and black shoes. His arms were skinny but he held two wheel-like weapons in his hands. The next one was a boy with a blond mullet and light green eyes. He wore a light blue shirt with bubbles on it and dark blue pants. On his back was a blue sitar. The last one with them was a boy with blue eyes and silver hair draped over his one eye. He wore a grey shirt with an odd crest pinned to the front and black pants. Under his arm was a black book with an odd symbol on the front. Kairi smiled when she saw these three boys.

"Lea, Ienxo, Demyx, long time no see!" she greeted when the two groups walked up to them.

"Yo Kai, how's it going?" greeted Lea.

Lea was known as a nobody named Axel when he was a member of Organization XIII. After helping Kairi and her friends enter then world that Never was, Axel regained his heart and returned as Lea.

"Great to see you're doing well, Kairi." greeted Ienzo.

Ienzo, or Zexion, was another member of Organization XIII and in reality Kairi's stepbrother. Kairi spared the Cloaked Schemer and Zexion became an ally to Kairi after Xemnas' fall and their father's death.

"Great to see you too Kairi, and its Myde now." said Myde.

Myde or Demyx was another member of Organization XIII that Kairi spared. After that, Demyx became their friend and regain his heart.

"Oh, so you finally found your hearts." Kairi said, referring to the former nobodies. "That's wonderful. Are the others waiting for us?"

"Yes, follow us!" Myde instructed.

The two groups nodded and followed their friends into the Tower and up the long staircases where they finally made it to the Sorcerer's loft. There, the elder former Keyblade Master was waiting for them along with five other friends. The first was a man around 18 years old with brunette hair and blue eyes. He was Terra, the second peorson Kairi found on her journey. Kairi helped the Earth Knight regain his body after Kairi allow him to use her body. The next person with him was a boy who looked like Roxas. He was Ventus, who Kairi found first after meeting the Wind knight in Olympus Coliseum. The next person with the boys was a girl around 17 years old with ocean blue hair and blue eyes. She was Aqua, the third one Kairi saved after saving her and Sora from the prison cell in The World That Never Was. With the three was King Mickey, fellow Keyblade wielder and friend to the Destiny Islands trio. Lastly was a boy who looked like Riku but wearing an organization cloak. He is Riku's replica, or his brand new name, Kohaku. The two groups didn't speak to Terra, Aqua, Ventus, Mickey, or Kohaku, but stood where they need to be. Namine, Xion, and Roxas stood with Terra, Aqua, Ventus, and Kohaku, Lea, Ienzo, and Myde stood with Mickey, Jiminy, Donald, and Goofy and Kairi, Sora, and Riku in front of Master Yen Sid's table.

"Kairi, Sora, Riku, I pleased you made it today. There is much I must tell you before we begin. This exam is not just granting the three of you the Mark of Mastery, but preparing you for Xehanort's return."

The whole room was silence from Yen Sid's words. Kairi spoke up first. "But we defeated Xehanort, both halves. His heartless, Ansem the Seeker of Darkness, was beaten by Sora. His Nobody Xemnas was defeated by me, Riku, and Sora. What you do mean, Master?"

"Correct Kairi, but you should know now after learning of your stepbrother's return to his human self and Lea and Myde. When the Heartless and Nobody are slain, or when their heart returns; they return to their original being. Destroying both his heartless and nobody has returned this man, but can the three of you handle more than one Xehanort?" Yen Sid asked then.

"What?!" the three shouted in shock.

"Let me explain more. Master Xehanort was a genius Keyblade Master. He appeared in many forms and stood in the way of those who use the Keyblade to safeguard the light. However, it is not over yet. Xehanort is growing stronger and soon reclaim what he needs to reclaim: Kingdom Hearts. That is why you three are here, for here on out, you three will take the Mark of Mastery Exam."

The three nodded as Sora spoke with an over confident voice, "Even without taking it, No one will beat me!"

Kairi smiled. She's happy to have the old Sora back, but maybe he was a little too confident? Riku look down to the ground and spoke to both Sora and Kairi. "Having walked the path of darkness, I'm wondering if I'm still fit to wield the Keyblade, the both of you should make sure as well. Sora, you were used by the Organization and Kairi; you've been wielding yours for a short time and are at a league of your own. We all have to make sure that us meeting Terra, Aqua, and Ven wasn't a fluke."

"Riku..." they said worried for him.

"Now then, this exam is different from the ones Master Aqua, Terra, and Mickey have taken. You could call this a task of some sorts. Sora, in your first journey, you seal the great door and brought many worlds to the Realm of Light including your own, but not all the worlds return to the Realm of Light. These worlds along with others are sleeping in a Realm called the Realm of Sleep. Inside the Realm of Sleep exist a particular key. That is, creatures who consume dreams and nightmares known as the Dream Eaters. Searching for the Dream Eaters will guide you to the key of Sleep. Once found, you will awaken the lost worlds from their dreams. Opening the keyhole of sleep, along with finding a new power, the power locked in sleep will be revealed as well."

Kairi nodded, along with Sora and Riku. "Okay, I think we're ready."

"Now let us open the Keyhole of Sleep. If you return to this place, I will consider you master."

Yen Sid waved his hands and his table disappeared, revealing a large golden keyhole in the floor. The Destiny Island trio looks back to their friends.

"Well, this is it. We don't know when we'll return, but if we do, we'll be masters like Aqua. To tell you the truth, I'm really anxious. I don't know what is in the Realm of Sleep, but I'm really to face it head on. Don't worry, we'll be back." Kairi said smiling again.

"Well good luck Kairi, and too you Sora and Riku." said Ventus.

"When you come back, let's have some Sea Salt Ice Cream to celebrate!" said an excited Xion.

Sora chuckled. "Okay and thank you Xion."

"Hey, don't do anything stupid to get Kairi and Sora hurt, Riku." Kohaku warned.

"I won't, but thanks for the concern." Riku said to the replica.

The trio gave their friends one final look and jump into the keyhole. The keyhole finally closed and Yen Sid's desk returns. Everyone look to one another and decided to make their leave.

"Well, I guess I'll head to Twilight Town to hang with Hayner, Pence, and Ollette. Later!" said Roxas as he turned around to the door when both Namine and Xion grabbed and hugged his arms. Roxas blushed scarlet as Namine said with a girlish smile, "Well, shall we?"

With his face still burning red, Roxas, Namine, and Xion exited the loft. Terra, Aqua, and Ventus walked up to the Yen Sid's desk.

"Master, we should go as well. We need to make sure our world returns as well." said Aqua.

"Very well, Master Aqua," Yen said calmly.

"Thank you!" the trio said with a bow as they left as well. Mickey, Jiminy, Donald, and Goofy walk up to the desk.

"We should be going too. Minnie and the castle are waiting for us." squeaked Mickey.

"Yeah and Daisy will have my head if I miss our date." Donald noted.

"Gee, it won't feel the same without Sora or Kairi." Goofy said with a glum mood.

"Don't feel bad Goofy, once they return, everything will be the same again!" said Mickey cheerfully.

"You're right!" Goofy said, his smile returning again.

The Disney trio and Jiminy took their leave as well, leaving the former nobodies and replica.

"Guess that leaves us." said Myde, strumming his sitar.

"Everything you need, Yen Sid?" asked Lea.

"Why yes I do. It seems you three and Xehanort aren't the only ones alive, see what you can find about this." instructed Yen Sid.

"Right." nodded Lea.

"I don't like work, but this is for Kairi and the others, so I'll help too." replied Myde.

"Me too, Kairi would want me to fix up everything I've done." added Ienzo.

The three took out their cloaks and walked out the loft, leaving Kohaku with Yen Sid.

"Now then Kohaku, I have very special task for you and it concerns Riku in the ROS. Will you do it?" Yen Sid asked him.

The replica nodded without saying a word.

-Meanwhile in a unknown world—
Sora opened his eyes after first entering the keyhole and gasped.

"This is Traverse Town. I remember this place." He looks down and noticed he wasn't wearing his regular attire; instead he wore a brand new outfit. He had on large yellow shoes, a silver and black overjacket with red and white trimming, and a black vest with an "X" on the front, red pants and a pair of black with yellow gloves with his old crown necklace around his neck. He also wasn't fifteen anymore but look to be back as a fourteen year old. The brunette was in the first district, the same place he first came here. Unlike in the alley, he was on a balcony.

"My clothes changed, but more importantly." He said as he hopped onto the railing. "Hey Riku, Kairi!"

"You're far too loud, stupid noise." A voice said.

Sora looks to see a boy around his age, gasped and fell. The boy landed onto the ground to greet Sora. He was a tall and slender boy with orange hair and blue eyes. He wore a sleeveless shirt with a funnel-shaped collar, and a blue-violet stripe outlined with gold going down the middle, a blue-violet pair of headphones on his head, a yellow sweatband on his left arm, and white shorts held up by a loose-fitting belt and black shoes with a blue-violet stripe outlined in gold.

"You're Sora, aren't you?" the boy asked.

-In the second district—
Kairi woke up near the Gizmo shop and look around her surroundings.

"This is Traverse Town. But why am I here?" she look down to her clothes (her another Story attire) and saw she wasn't wearing them anymore, but new clothes. It was designed like her old clothes when she was 14, but with something new to add to it. It was a purple and blue zipper dress with a white halter top underneath, a purple skirt with a matching belt with a red side pouch. Her shoes were sky blue with purple straps across it along with both her Good luck charm and moonstone pendant around her neck. What made the new look complete was her appearance. She wasn't fifteen as well, but back to her fourteen year old look.

"Are these my new clothes? But where Sora and Riku?" she place her hands to her face and shouted, "Sora, Riku!"

…But no response. With a sigh of disbelief, Kairi set off through the 2nd District in search of Riku and Sora. When she made to the hotel, she saw someone on the ground.

"Hey, who is that?" she asked herself.

Kairi hop down from the hotel and ran to the unconscious' person's aid. When Kairi got close, she spotted the hair of someone she knew. When she got closer, Kairi knew who see was.

"Serah!" she said with surprise.

On the cold stone ground was Serah Farron, Lightning's eighteen year old sister, but she was a lot different. Her clothes were different like Kairi's were. She wore a white/pink/gold dress with her pink semi-transparent sweeper over it, with light purple knee high shoes. Around her neck was her pendent and her hair was not in a ponytail anymore. Beside Serah was a purple Bow. Kairi kneeled down and shook the pink haired girl awake.

"Serah, wake up. It's me, Kairi!" Kairi said, shaking her.

The pink haired girl slowly opened her eyes and saw Kairi's worried face hovering over her.

"Kairi, is that you?" she asked, slowly rising onto her feet. "But, you look different. Not the Kairi I remembered. Are you really Kairi?"

Kairi folded her arms and thought about it. An evil smirk formed on her face.

"Okay, why don't I prove I'm the real Kairi? When you were only fifteen and Lightning was only eighteen, you kissed your sister."

Serah's face was burning red as she flailed her arms like crazy. "No, I told you, it was an accident, honest!"

Kairi laughed as Serah folded her arms. With a scowl on her face, she said, "It's not very funny, Kai!"

"I know; I just wanted to make sure you were Serah." Kairi walk passed Serah and picked up the bow. "Is this yours?" she added, handing her the weapon.

"I'm not sure, but all I remember before waking up here was that my sister had a surprise for me." Serah, said, taking the bow from Kairi's hands. Before Kairi and Serah could continue their chat, several strange creatures appeared surrounding them. The creatures (a Cat like one and a Bat like one) had a dark pastel color to them and round red eyes. The two girls stood back to back as the creatures waited for them to attack.

"What are these things?" Serah said scared.

"Are these the Dream Eaters, the ones Yen Sid told me, Riku, and Sora about?" Kairi summoned her Destiny Embrace Keyblade and stood ready to fight. "Serah, I'm going to need your help to beat these things. Will you help me?"

Serah nodded and held her bow at the ready.

(Cue Paradigm Shift-Final Fantasy XIII-2)
Kairi started the battle with the Dream Eaters by casting fireballs at the cat like Dream Eaters (called Wandanyan) while Serah shot arrows from her bow at the bat like Dream eaters (called Kōmori Bat). The Wandanyan scratched at Kairi and Serah as the Komori Bats circled over their heads. Kairi took the offensive and attack the Wandanyans while Serah's bow switched into a sword as she struck at the Komori Bats in the air. The number of the Dream Eaters was down to half as they were taken down easy.

After the Dream Eaters were gone, Kairi crouch down to the ground and rubbed her feet. Serah then sat beside her.

"*Sigh*, fighting those Dream Eaters wasn't easy. Even in this body." Kairi groaned.

"So those were Dream Eaters and this is Traverse Town. Okay, I think I got it now." Serah said to Kairi. Serah look to her bow-sword as it began to glow and hop from her hand and spin in midair before a cloud of smoke formed and a Moogle appeared in its place. The Moogle was different than the one Kairi sees in Radiant Garden. It was a white Moogle with a fairly human-sized head that is big when compared to its body. It had closed oblique eyes, a big round salmon nose, puffy pink cheeks, small ears, short arms and legs, purple bat wings, and unlike other moogles, it had a pink crystal pom-pom instead of a traditional fluffy one on a black antenna. It carried a clock staff composed of a blue rod, a bronze clock with a white clock face adorned with the same kind of crystal like that on its antennae.

"Whoa, a Moogle!" Kairi said amazed.

"Nice to meet you the both of you, kupo; my name is Mog, kupo." Mog said to the two girls.

"You were Serah's weapon, weren't you?" Kairi asked him.

"That's correct, Kupo. I was supposed to be your surprise, Kupo but we were sent to the Realm of Sleep, Kupo." Mog explained.

"So that's where I am and Kairi too. We both look different. Does the Realm of Seep affect your appearance to some?" Serah asked.

"Yes, kupo. The Realm of Sleep is different from the Realm of light, and has special rules, kupo. And even the creatures we face are different too, kupo. The Dream Eaters are split into two categories, Sprits and Nightmares. The Sprits eat bad dreams and the Nightmares plant bad dreams. If you Kairi could use the sprit version of the Dream Eaters, it might lead you to your goal, kupo." Mog finished.

"Sounds easy enough, But right now, I want to find Sora and Riku. I bet they're here too. So Serah, Mog, want to help me?" Kairi asked.

Mog and Serah quickly nodded as Serah and Kairi got up from the ground. Since only Kairi knows the world better (being in Sora's heart and all), Kairi led the two to the location of the 3rd District.

-Meanwhile in the 3rd District—

Riku was last to wake up in Traverse Town.

"This is Traverse Town, there's no doubt about It." he look down to see his clothes were different, just Kairi, Sora, and Serah. He wore a sleeveless white/yellow high collar zipper shirt, light blue jeans with a black belt, black bands on his wrists, and white/yellow shoes. Same with his friends, he was back as a fifteen year old.

"My clothes changed." he added as he was tugging at his collar. "Sora, Kairi, where are you!"

'Feels like before… when I opened the heart of my world and ended up in Radiant Garden, all alone. Is this how it will all be?' he thought to himself.

"Riku, Sora!" a voice called out.

Riku look to the top of the steps to find Kairi, Serah, and Mog waving at him. Riku's gloom turned into happiness as Kairi, Serah, and Mog ran down to greet them.

"I'm glad you're okay, Riku." Kairi replied with a smile.

Riku smiled softly and replied back with, "Me too." He looks to Serah. "How did she get here?"

"Not sure, but she'll help us on our little mission." Kairi explained.

"Sounds good to me. Now let's track Sora down and get this exam started." Riku said, revving to go.

The girls nodded as Mog squeaked a Kupo. As the three discuss what to do, an unknown person was watching them. The unknown person was wearing a black coat like what Organization XIII wore and a hood over his/her head. All that could be seen were the glow of golden eyes.

-Meanwhile in the hotel—
A young boy was sitting on one the bed speaking with three others. The boy had a light color hair, a pale blue shirt, dark blue pants, and white shoes. The next person in the room was a girl with reddish hair with a cap over it, a red short sleeved shirt that exposes a large portion of her abdomen over a yellow hoodie, a low-cut green colored denim skirt with a brown sac around her waist, a yellow bracelet on her left wrist accompanied with a ring on her pinkie finger and lastly she wears almost knee-length brown medium heeled boots with yellow stripes on the sides. Because of her appearance, she was tall and slender.

The second one of the group was a young girl with blond hair covered by a black skullcap, an orange shirt with a skull on it, white jean shoes, and yellow and black shoes.
The last one was a boy with blond hair covered by a skull cap, a white shirt with a black skull necklace, tan shorts with a chain hanging down from them and red and black shoes.

"Any word from Neku?" asked the reddish brown haired girl.

"No, we haven't seen him since. We checked all over, not a trace." said the blond haired girl.

"It's like we don't see Phones." added the blond haired boy.

The reddish brown haired girl got up, picking up a toy cat from the ground.
"Shiki, where you going?" asked the blond haired girl.

"Rhyme, I'm going to look for Neku. He is my partner after all. I'll be okay. Later!" she waved as exited the room, leaving Rhyme and the two boys.

"Well, she hasn't changed since we got here." The blond haired boy noted.

"Beat, this world, if we could call it one is different than our own. But, we can't find Neku, only those creatures." Rhyme said to him.

"I agree. Hey Joshua, got any ideas?"

The boy known as Joshua merely smiled and giggled.

"I don't like that look, what you know?" Beat said irritated.

"Let's just say things with be interesting around here." Joshua said before giggling once more.

Michael: And that ends chapter 1. Quick summery of what will happen in Another Story, but this is my sequel to it anyway. Sorry it feels a little boring, there's still a lot of the Traverse Town (DDD) storyline I don't know, or even how it begins. So here's my plan, all worlds will be split into two-three parts. This also marks my first time using TWEWY characters and hope I got them down from their brief speaking roles. Now until DDD comes out in Japan, this won't be update until then, but this chapter will be expanded once more info comes. That is all, please review, request, and celebrate 10 years of KH.

See ya next time!

If you want to see what Kairi's DDD outfit look like, MegaWallflower drew it for me. You can find what it look like in the Kairi Fanclub
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Ah, and interesting idea. Not a bad start, in my opinion, but this was riddled with grammatical errors that made it a little harder to read... they messed up the flow a bit, is what I'm saying. For example, at the start, when there were two unnamed male characters, you used "he said" when it wasn't really clear who "he" was. Also, you changed from past to present tense a few times, and there were a few misspellings. That said, the story was still pretty easy to understand. Oh, and I don't think the mayor would be her step father, he'd just be her adopted father or father.

I like how you saved some of the characters from before, and I like how Kairi gets a good part in this, as well. The ideas in here are good, imo. :3 I wonder where it will go from here.

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Ah, and interesting idea. Not a bad start, in my opinion, but this was riddled with grammatical errors that made it a little harder to read... they messed up the flow a bit, is what I'm saying. For example, at the start, when there were two unnamed male characters, you used "he said" when it wasn't really clear who "he" was. Also, you changed from past to present tense a few times, and there were a few misspellings. That said, the story was still pretty easy to understand. Oh, and I don't think the mayor would be her step father, he'd just be her adopted father or father.

I like how you saved some of the characters from before, and I like how Kairi gets a good part in this, as well. The ideas in here are good, imo. :3 I wonder where it will go from here.

Yeah, I think I made some mistakes but I'll might be able to fix it before I head home (You said past and present and misspells?

Thanks for the comment.
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Yes,I think most of it is written in past tense, but sometimes it briefly changes to present tense. That is not really a big deal, though. And I think I saw some misspelled words in there. But, overall, still a good story.

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Decided to bumb this up with a update. With the English version of DDD resleased early for EU, The first chapter will follow the english version with a few more additions. Also Kairi will serve as the second narrator in the story.

That's it for now, and I'll have chapter 2 up soon.
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