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Fanfiction ► Just one little promise....

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Jun 26, 2006
Some place I've never been... wait a sec... this s
K so this is my new fanfic.. in the beginning it's showing every thing that happened after the promise and the next chapter will be how all this happened so hope this doesn't confuse you..I was gonna write prelude instead of chapter one but then again it isn't a prelude...since it's what happened after..not before

Chapter 1: Escape

She ran…she ran like she had never run before…for you see, she was being followed. She needed to get away. She needed to hide. She ran down the extremely long corridors, through all the opened doors and through all the large rooms until she was trapped at a crossroads.

“Oh no, which way should I go… he’s catching up to me I need to choose quickly,” she whispered quietly to herself, as she started to run down the left corridor.

As she reached the end she saw she had gone the wrong way, the corridor ended with a dead end… well not exactly, it actually ended with a locked door, but right now she didn’t care. She could hear his voice now, “Kairi, where are you….. Come out; come out where ever you are!”

She felt disgusted. His voice was so evil; she knew the one thing she had to do. She had to run the other way.

“I only hope I have enough time,” Kairi said silently as she was about to run the other way.

Then, out of the corner of her eye she saw something dash behind her but when she turned around nothing was there, so she just started to run.

When she finally made it to the crossroads, she could see him, and he could see her.

“Oh Kairi, there you are my love, I was worried!” He said malevolently.

“Back the HELL away from me!” She screamed at him, feeling sick.

As quickly as she could she dashed down the right hallway hoping to make it to the door, but when she finally got to the door she realized that she had made a grave mistake because the was locked. She banged, kicked, knocked and tried to open the door but nothing was working. She could now hear His foot steps, she felt like she could feel his breath on the back of her neck but it was just her imagination.

Then out of the corner of her she saw that dash again, and this time when she turned she did see something, it was a boy about her age, a bit taller then her, he had brown hair, that reminded her of Sora, but it couldn’t have been him, that would have been impossible.

“Kairi, quickly this way,” the boy whispered to her.

“Wait, how do you know my name?” she asked, quickly realizing that she had never seen him before.

“There is no time for questions, I’ll explain everything later, and unless you want to get caught I suggest you follow me,” he said quite demandingly.

“Fine,” Kairi whispered, remembering who was following her.

She followed him through the door, that he had just unlocked and she followed him through the next door and down the last corridor until, without warning he stopped making Kairi bump into him.

“Hey, what was that for!” Kairi yelled at him.

“Shhhh,” he whispered as he put his finger to her mouth.

She went quiet almost instantly.

He whispered to her, “Someone is following us.”

“How can you tell?” she whispered back.

“Just listen…”He said.

Kairi listened, She listened for quite a long time, after a while she finally heard something, it was faint but she heard it.

“How is it? I hope it isn’t him,” she said pointing to the picture of the man who had been following her.

“You mean, Blaze, right?” he asked.

“Oh, so that is the name of the creep who kidnapped me.” Kairi said a bit innerved.

“Anyway,” he started, a bit scared of Kairi who had a very mad expression on her face, “we better start going before who ever is following us catches up.”

They started leaving. Then after a long time of walking, they finally reached the place he was taking her.

“Come on, down here,” He whispered.

“Wait, is that the sewer…there is no way I’m going down there!” Kairi said.

“Aww, is little Kairi afraid of the big bad sewer?” he asked in a little kiddy voice.

“No, I…umm…just don’t want to …umm...wreck my shoes… yeah that’s it!” Kairi said.

“Come on, you don’t want to get caught….” He began and before he could finish Kairi had already began to climb down the ladder.

When they reached the ground the boy began to explain.

“My name is sorax.” He said, “And I’ve been helping you out ever since the beginning.”

“Hmmm,your name it sounds familiar, well anyway ohh yeah, that’s right the beginning, this all started with a promise,” Kairi began, “Who could have ever thought all this could have happened with just one little promise…”

So how was it comment plz.....give me some tips on making it better if you want:unsure:
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Jun 26, 2006
Some place I've never been... wait a sec... this s
Srry If it's not that good I had to hurry my dad want's me off the computer, I'm not sure of the ending but hope you like it stil l:)

Chapter 2: Shooting stars

“I miss him; I miss him so much… I want him here beside me, I want him to hold me, to love me…” she whispered as she lay on her bed.

“Kairi…come down for breakfast,” her mom yelled up the stairs.

Kairi walked slowly down the stairs, “Umm, Mom I’m not that hungry, I think I’ll just go for a walk around the Island for a bit,” Kairi explained.

“Are you sure, dear?” her mom asked a bit concerned.

“Yeah, I’m sure… see you later,” Kairi said as she walk out the door.

As the door closed her mom whispered to herself, “That girl has got to stop worrying about Sora…she’s got to know that he’ll be alright.”

As Kairi walked down her driveway, she was thinking of Sora. She was thinking of how he always used to smile and of how his laugh, oh how his laugh always made her smile. The next thing she knew she was at the beach. She looked past the water to the island they all used to play on when they were little, her, Sora and Riku. She remembered the time they wanted to take a raft to all the other worlds and the time where Sora and Riku had a race to see who would share the paopu fruit with her, but no one ever did and she remembered all the times they spent looking at the sunset while sitting on a tree.

As Kairi thought of all these moments she started to cry, not tears of sorrow, but tears of happiness. Then she started to smile. She had just realized that her love for Sora wasn’t just some little crush that she would forget in a week or two, no this was the real deal, Kairi knew that she was totally in love with him. Then all of a sudden she stopped smiling, and asked herself… does he like me? , does he love me? , what if he forgot about, what if he forgot his promise, what if… no she had to think positive, she had to believe Sora was coming back.

After about an hour of thinking about the island, Riku, Sora…his promise, she walked home. As she got to her drive way she saw her mom’s boyfriends van, she entered the house as silently as she could possibly have and went straight to the kitchen where the phone was. She picked it up and dialed Namine’s number and asked her in a loud whisper, “Hey, Namine can I sleep over at your house by mom’s boyfriend, Rick, is over and you know who much I despise him.”

“Sure, you can sleep over, my mom loves you so I’m sure she’ll let you come over,” Namine said reassuringly.

“Thank god, Rick is so obnoxious, I hate him, but my mom loves him.” Kairi said rudely.

“Ohh, and I’ll be over at your house in a few minutes,” She added. Kairi hung up. As soon as the phone was put down, Kairi went to the door, just as silently as she had come, then just as she was about to leave, Kairi yelled, “Mom, I’m going to sleep over at Namine’s! Bye…” And she bolted out the door, before her mom could protest.

After Namine hung up the phone she went downstairs where her mom was working on a new design.

“Mom, is Kairi allowed to sleep over?” She asked.

“Well, of course, I mean we’re like her second family.” Her mom uttered while still working on her project.

Kairi was walking along the side of the water, it was a longer way to Namine’s house but the beach always made Kairi happy. She a star, or atleast what she believed to be a star, shooting across the sky, she made a wish, her wish, was the only wish that was important to her, she wished that Sora was back with her and would never have to leave again.

When she finally got to Namine’s house about an hour later, Namine’s mom was worried.

“What took you so long? A young girl as pretty as you should not be walking out alone for that long at this time of night, you could have been kidnapped!” Namine’s mom continued, while Kairi just ignored her, she didn’t need to hear her complain right now.

Kairi went up to Namine’s roomand saw Namine drawing in her sketch pad, as usual.

“Namine, you’re so good at drawing!” Kairi complemented, looking over at Namine’s drawing.

“Hmm, that boy, that boy in your picture he seems familiar,” Kairi started, “he looks like Sora but he has red hair.”

“Yeah, he appears in my dreams,” Namine explained, “I think I heard someone called him Blaze…or maybe it was something else.”

“His eyes, they don’t look like Sora’s, they look like they have seen a lot of pain and misery but most of all they look evil,” Namine explained abit disturbed remembering the eye’s of the boy she had seen in her dream. As Namine was explaining, Kairi was looking out of the window, she looked at the stars, they looked beautiful, they reminded her of when Sora had left her and all the stars and lights were falling into the place they belonged, it had been a beautiful sight but Kairi had only been thinking of Sora then just as she was now.

Then just as she had earlier she saw a shooting star, then another and another. She made as many wishes as she, one for Sora’s safety, one for Sora’s return and another for Sora’s love.

Then Namine came over and looked out, saw the shooting stars and made her wish as well.
so how was it, comment plz...


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Jan 6, 2006
Wow! I think it was really good! The ending was great you shouldnt be worried about if you think your chapters are Good or Bad! Just post it and hope for the best ^_^


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Jun 26, 2006
Some place I've never been... wait a sec... this s
yay glad you like it...I need more time for the next chapter cause I've been really busy with basketball, homework...cleaning and other stuff...urgghh...I can't even think about what to write either...things just aren't going my way these days...but I'm sure they'll get better soon:)...hope you guys can wait...
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