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Is it possible some Heartless, Nobodies, scrapped Dream Eaters, and Scrapped Worlds still exist ...



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Mar 16, 2014
In the games data? I can imagine with a 3DS R4 Card, and I can also imagine the hacking. I am buying me an R4 Card Gateway soon to look into the possibilities of hacking KH 3D soon. Imagine if some rooms of a scrapped world, or parts of the Space Paranoids part of the "The Grid" still exist! I can also imagine Room Mod Codes as well as Playing as Riku in Sora's Story, and playing Sora in Riku's Story. I can also imagine hacked fights such as fighting Ansem, and Xemnas in one fight. If it's also possible to replace their textures, I would give Ansem, and Xemnas KH BBS FM textures for their low, and high polygon models as well as Ansem's Org. XIII model. I would replace battle quotes, keyblades, and even music? What do you guys think? Do you think it would be possible one day?


Also Ansem, and Xemnas's KH BBS FM models are still seen here. I personally think they look so much better!
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