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Invitation to Blood: A Beginner's Battle

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Crisis Break

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Jan 3, 2006
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[ooc: Not a Continuum Battle. Which means.. if you die? You don't die really? Or does it have to be Continuum. Okay, I'm new at this, so help me out here! *waves arms* I really don't want it to be Continuum b/c this is my first battle. Invitation to anyone who wants to fight, a preferable 1vs1.]

The person who is to fight me; you've received an inspecific note to get this item. My character, Aurel, will fight you for it.

A looming castle suspended in the air in the middle of an eternal starlit sky. The moon vibrantly lights half of the castle, but the other half is left in a blanket of pitch black darkness. It is reminiscent of Victorian houses; hosting elegant glass window murals, ancient artifact furniture, and a gloomy tone, silent and abandoned despite its seemingly peaceful disposition. Somewhere within the castle, somewhere deep, lies an item of forbidden legend. It carries no name for right now, but is the sole purpose of entering this castle is to get this item. No one knows its powers, but it's obvious that the item's powers are key to inhibiting the state of vampire, as well as possessing other unknown and superior abilities.

Crisis Break/Absolution_Fear - Aurel Crisis
Reckless Chaos - Ceon Kuger

Mr. ||Redux||

Template'll be up whenever someone responds. Use your own template. xD If more than one person wants to teach me how to fight, I'll pick one. xD
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I'll take you on. Since it's your first battle then i'll go slightly easy on you. Also let make this non-continuum since it's your first fight.

Name: Ceon Kuger

Full Name: Ceon Korian Kuger

Nick Names: Chaotic Destruction

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Homeworld: Gaia

Appearance: http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c223/Im_weird_how_bout_you/Anime guys/Coolguy.jpg


Father: Ceon Dregur

Mother: Terra Kuger

Guardian: Dagon of the seventh wind

Spirit guardian: Serene


Brothers: Deceased

Sisters: Deceased


Henskie: This sword has been passed down Dagon's family since the ear when Nobunaga Oda ruled. It is said that this sword was the same sword that pierced Nobunaga Oda, killing him. This sword was forged by an ancient race of elves. These elves always gave it the ability to absorb the elements and use them to amp up it's own power.

Henskie appearance (middle sword): http://tn3-2.deviantart.com/fs9/300W/f/2006/342/1/d/Anima__new_swords_set_1_by_Wen_M.jpg

Undying Soul: This spear gains it's name from the first user to ever battle with it. Serene was an exceptional warrior of heaven but, she was soon sent to hell for the crime of turning her back on God. She was the second arch angel beside Lucifer. After becoming Lucifer's second in command, she used the powerful Ebony stone to forge a spear that could harm God and cause mass destruction. In a strange turn on event, Serene attacked Lucifur and God at the sametime, cauing them to combine their powers in order to defeat Serene and her spear. They explled her from heaven and hell, leaving it on earth and her spear was put in a hidden shrine away from her. Ceon is the only person capapble of handling this spear without Serene.

Undying Soul appearance (spear on far left): http://tn3-2.deviantart.com/fs5/300W/i/2004/356/e/b/spears_by_Wen_M.jpg

Powers: Ceon has the power to regenerate his body even if his body has been turned into paste. The only way to stop his regeneration is to destroy his entire body, leaving not even a piece of him lying on the ground. Because of the very powerful gravity on his planet, Ceon can jump higher then any human, and his vast strength which has no known limits. When using any of his shaman abilities, Ceon is gifted with godspeed because his spirit gaurdian has surpassed godspeed and is teaching Ceon on how to surpass it. Ceon's furyoku is nearly unlimitied because his master gave up half of his life force to bring Ceon from a near death state.

Shaman Abilities:

Spirit Unity: The simplest technique, the Shaman merges with the spirit in his body. The power of Hyoi Gattai depends on the level of synchronisation and the user's physical state. It needs no furyoku to use, but can be taxing to utilize for novices. The shaman uses their furyoku to transform their guardian spirit into a ball, called 'spirit ball' or 'spirit ball mode' and then merges the spirit into their body.

Spirit Control: A Shamanic skill that allows for the physical manifestation of any number of spirits with the aid of a spirit-specific medium and the furyoku of a Shaman. The most common combat skill for Shamans, Spirit control essentially involve the creation of a new, physical form for a spirit (often in the form of a weapon) by a fusion with an item relating to the spirit and with the user's own personal furyoku. Due to the sheer number of variables involved, spirit control can vary greatly in terms of power and form, attributes which often depend directly on how adept a Shaman is with his or her furyoku, or how much they have in the first place

Giant spirit control: The Giant spirit control is a sign of power in a shaman. The spirit is given a gigantic body, constructed entirely from furyoku, with powers relating to whatever the spirit and shaman can create.

Double Medium: A difficult but highly powerful technique. It can be summed up by the phrase :"Two Souls, One Body. Two Focuses, One Weapon". It involves invoking the spirit inside one weapon and concentrating one's strength inside another weapon. The weapons are then combined into one huge weapon capable of dealing very heavy damage.

Spirit Reduction: By reducing the physical size of the Giant spirit control or Double Medium in Yoh's case, but not the amount of externalized Furyoku, one can considerably power up one's attack. It basically concentrates the Furyoku instead of spreading it throughout the spirit control.

Armour Oversoul: The Shaman uses his medium, spirit & furyoku to create an oversoul which wraps and protects the body like armour.

Furyoku awarness: This technique is taught by the chou senji ryaketsu. It allows the shaman to sense the change and impulses in a persons furyoku allowing one to predict where and when an attack may come. This allows a person to dodge or prepare a suitable counterattack to the opponents strike. Though it is about furyoku, Ceon can also use his furyoku to sense the change and impulses in anyone's body.

Talent attacks/ Spirit attacks:

Diamond Brigade: Four furyoku balls surround the opponent and traps them in a diamond made of hardened furyoku. The diamond then does one of two things. It blows up, or crushes them. This also allows Ceon to restrict his opponent so he can prepare for an attack.

Final Hope: Collects all the his furyoku into the blade of his sword. The blade becomes bright pink and he slashes his opponent with all of the energy. When he hits his opponent an explosion happens, hurting him and the opponent. Used as a last resort.

Furyoku Wave: Sends a staright line of furyoku at the Enemy(goes up to 20 feet)

Hurricane Spin: While Ceon fights, the tip of the Oversoul will start glowing. At this moment, he can perform the Hurricane Spin, in which he spins crazy like a top; Serene, while in OS state, gives the directions to Ceon to be able to attack the opponent.

Furyoku Giant Blast: Ceon holds an outstretched fist at the opponent. Two small points of light appear directly above and below the arms. They circle around his arm to complete a full circle. When that happens, a powerful blast of Spirit Force is released at the opponent.

Dancing Blade: Ceon slashes multiple times, with such speed that it appears his arm and blade are teleporting from position to position, the Mana flares giving the attack its name.

Million Pierce strike: Using quick speed, this technique thrusts out a sword to strike multiple locations. Because of the quick speed of the strikes, no one has been able to tell how many times Terry attack or which way each attack would be coming from.

Temperament: Happy, fun-loving, courageous, confident, cool, caring, and adventurous. Ceon loves his friends to a fault, and would do anything to guaruntee their safety. He is committed to his friends, and they look up to him. Sometimes Ceon makes foolish decisions, but he is always prepared to face the consequences and figure out a way to fix things. Ceon is sometimes stubborn and loses his temper, causing people to back away from him. But otherwise he is well respected and admired.

Guardian spirit:

Name: Serene

Appearance: http://tn3-2.deviantart.com/fs11/300W/i/2006/177/2/f/Design__Fallon_by_enduro.jpg

Background: gotta edit later

Crisis Break

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Jan 3, 2006
Poisonous California.

Aurel Crisis

At age of transferrence, twenty-three. Now, Aurel has been living for about two thousand and twenty three years.


Avarice. A world teeming with insidious serpents with money, trying to take over the kingdom at the cost of peace in society. Bordering on the break of technological discovery, Avarice's streets are plagued with mind probes and a constant vigilant guard. Recent governmental decisions have spurred the release of resistance groups, and have furthered the kingdom's fade into oblivious lies. Though there is a dominant number of high-class nobility, the world teems with poverty-stricken people on the streets, one of many political fallacies and flaws of Avarice.

Human; now a Vampire.

Aside from her vampiric abilities to possess inhuman strength, senses, and durability, Aurel possesses a wide artillery of items, lethal and non-lethal. Their descriptions and uses are listed here:

~ Malefice: A fencer's rapier that is an artifact from her past life in Avarice. Made with an intricate design, the blade is shining silver at its edge, its center pitch black and engraving ancient words along it; Aurel obsessively cleans it off with a simple linen cloth. The weapon has a fiery theme; it is curved and possesses a burning eye-like materia forged amongst its hilt. Possessing a handguard made of pure gold, it is melded and is for sheer appearance only. The edge of its blade utilizes the powers of the materia, elemented with fire comparable to hell's itself. One wouldn't want to face such a weapon, and with Aurel's mastery with a blade, it makes fast death favorable.
[image courtesy of stonewurks]

~ Punishers: Twin revolvers that possess no extraordinary appearance or talents. Unlike other revolvers, these have a ten-shot capability and shoots easily in rapid succession. The barrel is pure black, a little lacking on luster, and its handle is made from refined mahogany wood. It is sleek in design, and they are very simple weapons. Aurel doesn't prefer to use these; they spend most of their time in holsters along her belt. Whenever she needs a long-range weapon, however, Aurel is quite open to using them. She isn't the best shot, however.

~ Avarice: Jewel of the kingdom, and prized possession of Avarice. Whomever retains this brings immediate proof of royal blood. Aurel stole it with glee shortly after her transmutation into a vampire. It shines forth a radiating glow, and has the strange property of absorbing sunlight into a fixation in the center of the crystal. It is of a vibrant scarlet hue, and hangs on a thread of silver chain. Aurel hangs this on her neck, and believes it to be a good luck charm. It has no apparent powers, though.

~ Pack of Marlboro: As a vampire, Aurel is immune to sickness and pain, and as such, relieves her stressful situations through her trademark pack of Marlboro. To ignite, she carries a stainless steel lighter. Smoking cigarettes is another one of Aurel's obsessions, though she does so on occasion, just for the sake of moderation.

~ Magic: Although a vampire, Aurel remains true to her old days as a magician by imbuing herself into the wide aspects of magic. She remains varied in knowledge of each type of magic, but specializes in psychoportation, and abjuration. However, the true strength of her mental powers lies within a naturalborne ability akin to necromancy [see abilities].

Aurel stands at 5'8", and is reasonable in terms of beauty. Since becoming a vampire, she retains a permanent pallid hue in skin, and her eyes are vibrantly comparable to nature, being a fusion of greens, browns, and the slightest hints of red. Crisis also dawns a lengthy flop of hair, colored a silky hazel, that stop and curl like wisps of smoke at the edges. She also has a thin and seemingly frail body structure, despite her strength and agility.

Aurel's clothing consists of a white and gold girdle accompanied by matching shoulderplates, above her white soft feather dress, and wears a pair of black iron manacles, channeling engraved magics within. Being an adaptive witch, Aurel is also innately magical, and as such is capable of casting spells just at her wording.

Aurel is a natural cynic, hiding behind sarcasm and humor to avoid her true disposition. Idealistic yet sensitive, she forces herself to complicate simple situations and interprets anything with a psychological outlook. Preferring the peace of nature rather than the shallowness of the city, she lacks self-confidence and withdraws from arguments, painful situations, and complicated matters to the point of expressing cowardice.

However, her idealistic and dreamy personality was drastically overhauled at the change into a vampire. Though most vampires suffer from the undescribable thirst, Aurel bears no ravenous traits, and dislikes feeding for the sake of her diminishing humanity.

Specific variations of it to suit different situations. Of course, Aurel primarily specializes upon abjuration and psychoportation, and she isn't particularly masterful of it. Forms of magic she has been shown to use include power sourcing [knowing where sources of energy originate], types of defense [shields of magic], and teleporting [though farther distances have proven her magic to be imprecise]. Aurel isn't decent at this magic; in fact, it fails most of the time due to lack of concentration.

Aurel's naturalborne power, and the ability she is most familiarized in. Focusing on negative thoughts and ideas, the vampire can channel forth these feelings into energy. However, this energy is not pure energy, obviously not a concentrated form of it [like flame or thunder], but rather the manifestation of such feelings. It is pitch black and billowing [though its color varies by the emotion it is made of], and emanates an aura of negativity. When shot forth offensively, it replicates the pain of flame and acid forged together. If wielded, the people in its immediate area can be affected by the emotion used to create it [i.e. if Aurel forged it out of anger, people around it get angry]. It can be described as an offensive form of empathy, however this energy cannot be made out of positive thoughts, feelings or ideas.

My name is Aurel, and I have lived for over two milleniums; however, I was initially a normal, human girl, at the name of Aurel Crisis Aeolia, born to a rich nobility, one of many in her world of Avarice. Like so many others, my family spurred ideas to rule the entirety of Avarice, and was one of many to participate in the series of wars between small province states that separated the vast kingdom. As a young girl, I was feisty and passionate; I wasn't like most of the nobility. While girls of her age thought of princes taking them away, I thought of the welfare of Avarice's people and the dream of peace that seemed so far away.

Maturing quickly, at the age of sixteen I began to see the corrupt flaws of Avarice, and the division between regal families. My own family disgusted me; they used others to gain more influential power. After the death of my sister and my differences in political thought, my radical ideals brought an end to my affiliation with the name 'Aeolia' and I took on her middle name as my last; Crisis. I fled the noble life and became a renegade journalist, striving hard to make the warring families realize the errors of fighting each other.

Though Avarice retained a monarchy, the land itself was grouped only by people of wealth. Those who inhabited the north with money literally owned that province, and those in the south with money owned their own immediate areas. There was a lack of governmental control, and with that instability spawned a reign of chaos and pandemonium. I represented those without money, the majority of Avarice's population, and my words spread throughout the country. Soon, I was known as the Queen of the Peasants, as I desperately tried to change my world into a more peaceful one with order.

Unfortunately, the nobles hated my scheme. Organizing the peasants into a united collective meant the end of their respective reigns of their land. Chaining their money together, they hired a vast myriad of soldiers, to carry out an act known as the 'Extermination', the genocide of the people and the silencer of my words. Sickened by the infection and greed for power, I led the Resistance, as well as orchestrating the escape and safety for hundreds of thousands of women and children.

Deaths, however, were iminent. Over two million were slaughtered on both sides, accounting for the 'Extermination' as well as the countless skirmishes between my Resistance and the noble's formed armies. I could not understand why blood had to be shed, as well as why the nobles feared an equal society. In the end, at the last war to decide the true leader of power, I, Aurel Crisis, died on the battlefield, with a sword in my chest and my dreams set aside. Five thousand Resistance members fought against twenty thousand noble troops. In the end, all were decimated.

However, at the brink of death, a sinister figure approached me, with a long, billowing shadowy cloak and two glowing red eyes peering over the nearly dead Queen of Peasants. "I offer you a choice; to escape pain, sickness, death..." its voice spoke, bringing forth a chilling streak up my spine. "I offer you immortality. A relief from your sorrow. But... will you be wise enough to take this opportunity?" I could feel blood rushing into my lungs, but I managed to choke out a few words.

"Who are you...?" I questioned, before the cloaked figure made something of a laugh; a dry and brittle one, almost as if the rasp was burning from smoke trapped in its lungs. "I have... many names. But do not ponder that.. do you wish for your life to end now, or do you want your journey to never end? I offer you life at the brink of your death; do you take it?" At these words, I trembled in fear, before making a gesture of a nod that would be my very undoing.

The figure smiled, before lifting me up by the collar, revealing two sharp and jagged shiny teeth, inches away from my bruised neck. "After this, blood shall be the only drink. God? There is no God. Devils shall be the guardians who will never forsake you... who will never leave you." He sunk his teeth into my neck, as I made a small wince. Blood escaped my cheeks; I could feel myself being drained of life. He dropped me onto the ground, leaving my lifeless body in mere moments before death.

"Welcome to your hell, Aurel," was all I could hear, before a waterfall of blood splashed upon my lips. In the cold battleground, my heart ceased to beat, and my eyes grew glossy and widened in an eternal grasp of surprise. Finally, death took me. I had always dreamed of angels sweeping to my death, guiding me up to a pearl white light shining ahead, and I imagined myself flying the clear blue skies and touching the elegant clouds that would be my home. But in the end there was no clouds, there was no angels, and as death killed Aurel Aeolia, the devil revived Aurel Crisis.

I was alone when I awoke. Bloody corpses and half-efforted burials surrounded me, and for acres I could not see any sign of life. The cloaked figure was gone, and I realized that I was alive in a moment of happiness. But I felt so different; my eyes granted me a sight of pure ethereal lust, my skin had become an angelic softness and retained a pale white, my lips now painted an eternal red, and my teeth; my teeth were now accompanied with a pair of sharp canine teeth, hungry for a drink.

I didn't understand it, but my body lunged at the sight of blood. Some of the corpses still lay warm; the blood was almost sweet, and it seemed so natural for me to drink it. It quickly invigorated my dazed confusion, and reassured my suspicions that I had encountered the king of hell. I realized I was damned, but damnation never felt so good. With my eyes I surveyed the area, and in the north sprouted a single castle, glorious despite it being so near to the deaths of many. It belonged to the king and queen of Avarice, and I questioned whether royal blood tasted any different.

With this agile body, I traveled to the castle with no problems, seizing all who drew near to me with my ravenous teeth. Bullets and swords had no effect on me; it pestered my body as a simple beesting would. As luck would have it, I found the kingdom's throne at last, and with pleasure I drank the monarchy's blood without a trace left. It was after I seized the blood-red crystal of the kingdom that I truly realized what I had done; it seemed so far away and distant as a dream I could not believe myself- I was a heathen, a castaway from the war.

For years I traveled the worlds, including ones unfamiliar to me, gaining new experiences and learning valuable abilities. But never in my long and desolate life have I heard of a way to relinquish my becoming a vampire; that is, until I received a cryptic note detailing an unnamed item capable of destroying this vampiric curse. Intrigued, I set out to find this item- so I can truly be able to live a life without regret.

Post'll be up shortly. BTW, Mr. Redux, if you're gonna do some IC stuff, does that mean you need a template? Just askin'. xD
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Crisis Break

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Jan 3, 2006
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From the window sprouted a lone female vampire, scouring the castle's wall by way of her leathery bat-like wings. In a graceful swurve, the vampire descended upon a balcony overlooking the moonlit sky, decorated with a collective of shining stars somehow darkening the mood of the castle. This vampire's name was Aurel, and with a furling of her wings, she broke open the door with a powerful kick, as fragments of broken glass paraded the room in an explosion of sound. She was in.

It was a quiet and serene scene when Aurel scoured the spacious area of the castle. Suspended in mid-air, the castle was lit by the moonlight pouring through the mural-like windows, covering half of the castle, and forsaking the other half in a pitch black darkness. As Aurel passed the eerie dim-lit corridors, she sensed a torrent of immeasurable power, from an indeterminate origin. Somewhere in this castle was the item that could relieve her of her immortality, her damnation as a vampire. And she would find it, no matter what.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a distinct sound echoed in the castle, reaching Aurel's heightened sense of hearing. Had it been a manifestation of Aurel's paranoia? Was it a real sound? Creeping toward the source of the sound, Aurel entered the ballroom, where in it lay a plethora of artifact furniture, from macabre grandfather clocks to vibrantly elaborated carpets. Turning to the stairway, she looked up to the second floor, half-expecting someone to be there.

Jack London

Nov 28, 2005
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Yea... RC tends to be late...that or never post at all. I don't want to see this battle die, so, if you'd like, I could battle you. I'm not really into PC fights anymore >.>, but just for the sake of you needing some experience in a fight, I'll help out a bit =P.

I'll edit this with my template if you allow me to fight you.

Edit: Kewl.


Name: Taryn Wanderer

Alias: Broken Circle.

Age: Over 700 (looks about 19 or 20)

Gender: Dude

Personality: The first thing that should be known about Taryn is that he never shows how he is feeling or what he is thinking. Most of the time, he simply smiles at the sight of danger, but whenever he is deep in thought his face remains expressionless. He has the attitude that gives people the impression that he sees life as a game and nothing more. However, he is never rude to anyone, especially women. When it comes to women, he acts like a gentleman. He treats every woman he meets like a princess, always complimenting them or flatters them in any other possible way, regardless of what they think of him or how they treat him. In fact, to fight a woman in battle is one of his greatest weaknesses. He has met many women in his life and has come to realize that every woman in this world is beautiful in some way. He does not believe in the word “ugly” when it comes to a girl.

However, there is a side of him; a serious side of him, which he usually keeps secret from people he doesn’t know too well. Acting like his intelligence is lower than his age of appearance is a strategy he uses very often to fool his enemies, and people in general, into thinking that he is harmless and underestimate him. He is, in fact, very intelligent. He just chooses not to show it. Taryn never lets an insult get to him, nor does he ever want to show to his enemies that he is hurt or weakened in any way. His pride is strong.


Face~ Taryn’s hair is long and straight, reaching all the way down to his tail bone. His hair is a very dark shade of blue and is very soft and silky. His nose and his chin are smaller than average, for a guy, which makes him look like a real pretty boy. Most of the time, there is at least a tiny smile upon his face. If not, than it is simply calm. However, he rarely frowns, if ever.

Without his smile, Taryn would look like the most depressed and hurt person you’d ever see. The reason for this is probably because of his eyes. They are a light shade of gray, with a hint of an ocean blue color. His eyes are never completely open; his eye lids are always a little over halfway open. They look casual, most of the time. There are times when his eyes actually look lively, but they are rare.

Body~ Taryn has very strong arms, and they look it too. However, they are not so big that it looks as if he were on steroids. Though, his arms are built, his hands look as if they don’t match it. Not that his hands are too small, but they look gentler rather than something that could crush things easily. He has a well built and slender torso, and his legs are quite built as well, but they stay looking slim, unlike the rest of his body.

Attire/Armor~ Taryn doesn’t wear much armor, for he has always believed it to just slow him down in battle. He wears a sleeveless shirt, which is a very light shade of gray and tight enough so that it shows his toned torso, while still feeling comfortable. Around his neck, he wears a unique looking cross, with a circle toward the middle of it, followed by a dot at the center of the circle. The circle itself, however, is made completely out of glass and one’s reflection could easily be seen in it. Upon his arms, he wears black gauntlets, made of steel, which reach from his hand to just below his elbow. Upon the gauntlet that is worn on his right arm, there is an extended plate of armor, attached to the wrist area of the gauntlet. On his waist, he wears a white robe, with a blue sash on top of it, reaching to about the halfway point of the robe. The robe reaches his feet, and has a large opening in the front, revealing his dark gray pants. Upon his feet, he wears black boots, with steel, black, shin guards attached to the tip of his boots and his ankles, covering just about everything in between.

~Refer to picture: Click Here!

Race: Human

Primary Weapon:

Little Dragon~ A spear-like weapon, with a fifteen inch blade attached to a pole, the pole itself being about five feet tall. It is a very light weapon, making it easy for him to wield and to carry it along his back. The pole and the sheath, for the blade, have a grayish color while the sheath has a gold insignia of a dragon. He has a specially made bag, which is in the shape of a pole, which he carries along his back so that he can put Little Dragon in when he is traveling.

Taryn had obtained this weapon just a few years ago, by defeating the man who had wielded it. The man had, apparently, been destroying cities and innocent people all over the place for nearly two years. Without even finding out what the man’s name was, Taryn killed him. It wasn’t easy, however. Little Dragon had the ability to absorb magical attacks and energy. With all the magic that the weapon had obtained in the two years that the man had been wielding it, he was able to use it to launch magic attacks at his enemies.

Most of the weapon’s energy had been depleted that day, and its origin still remains a mystery as well as its true power. The only thing that Taryn knows about the weapon is that it can absorb magic and use it against its enemies as well. Whenever elemental attacks are launched at him, Little Dragon absorbs the magic that was used to launch the element at him and condensed into small molecules of energy, depending on how large the initial attack is, leaving the element itself much weaker than it was when it was launched. This is how magical energy is absorbed in general.

Though, he rarely used the magic within the weapon against his enemies. It’s more of a last resort for him. Since he does not know the origin of this weapon or what its true power is; he saves the absorbed magic for something truly important…

~Refer to picture: Click Here!

Secondary Weapon:

Defender~ A Bow made out of steel, with two, twelve inch, blades on each side (bottom and top). It is a unique bow, which can be used as a melee weapon as well. His quiver, able to hold fifty arrows, has the name of the bow written on it, upon a metal plate. The arrows that he uses to fire at his enemies are very sharp and can pierce someone’s flesh with ease.

Abilities: Ever since he had obtained Little Dragon, he had learned how to manipulate the magic that was kept within the blade. He could use it to enhance his melee attacks, by channeling it into the blade or into the tips of arrows. He could also launch the magic energy toward a target in forms of discs or just about anything he chooses. He can manipulate the magic energy into forms of shields or barriers to protect him from attacks and, of course, much more. However, he was taught a certain technique of magic manipulation, which he always found to be interesting no matter how good he got at it. Taryn has also trained his mind very well, in the art of scrying as well as reading and, in a way, controlling other’s mind and, of course, the art of telekinesis.

Thread Magic~ About two hundred years ago, his first true love, Jessica, had taught him her unique way of controlling magic. She told him that in order to be skilled in this art of magic manipulation, you’d have to know how to sew very well. At first, it sounded quite odd to Taryn, but every time he saw her use it; it intrigued him to the point of finally letting her teach him. Through his many, many, years of training in this form of manipulation, he has grown quite good at it. However, every time he uses it in battle or practices it, he seems to learn something new about it.

Whenever Taryn manipulates the magic out of Little Dragon; it comes out in the form of thin threads. Each thread is very durable, in fact, it is almost impossible to actually break or cut it, regardless of how thin it is. He can manipulate how sharp the edges of the threads can be and their movement. These threads can grab onto virtually anything and will be pulled by Little Dragon’s absorption and Taryn’s manipulation.

Scry~ As stated before, Taryn is decently skilled in this art of telling the past, future, and be able to see things that are not there, such as ghosts, magical items, magic itself, or anything else that cannot be normally seen by the naked eye. In order do use this ability, he needs to be in a state of concentration and, usually, needs to be looking at a clear surface, preferably the glass circle upon his cross.

Telepathy~ Having become very well in this art of physic ability, he is able to read other’s mind; therefore, perhaps, being able to be ready to counter the opponent’s next move. This art also allows him to be able to manipulate what the opponent is seeing, ultimately making a very realistic illusion.

Telekinesis~ Though this art of physic ability is able to do much more, Taryn usually uses this for teleportation, levitation, creating energy shields, and manipulating matter and light waves/particles. What he likes to do, most of the time, is manipulate the light that enters the opponent’s eyes in order to destroy his opponent’s vision entirely or create illusions as well.

Bio: ( Yea, still working on it; don’t want to put an incomplete bio here... I'm actually kinda rewriting it. I hope you don't mind. )
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Jan 24, 2005
Well, that was interesting. I was just browsing along in the challenges section, minding my own business, when the title caught my attention. The first thing that went through my mind was - "Wtf someone wants to battle me?" - Thank god that wasn't the case xD

I'll be watching this. Not sure about in-character or anything, but I might if this needs a bump or something.

And of course, I'd like to comment on your character - it's interesting, in a good way. Anyway, I'll stop typing now. Have fun.

Jack London

Nov 28, 2005
Meadows Of Heaven.
A castle seemed to be floating, in the middle of the sky, lit by stars and, of course, the moon. It was a strange sight however, how half the castle was lit and the other half was simply covered in total darkness. A loud shattering sound came from one of the castle's balconies, shattering the silence along with it. Silence is a delicate and beautiful thing; serene...calm. It was surely something that should be enjoyed for those who have suffered a life of chaotic proporsions.

The main entrance of the castle was closed off by a large gate, made completely out of metal. Appearing just behind this gate, inside the castle, was a teenager, with long dark blue hair. He looked calm, but with a purpose, for he was here for a reason and one reason only. And this reason; this purpose, was to get an ancient item, which lies somewhere within this castle. The teen had two weapons upon his back, one being a pole-arm and the other being a bow, along with a quiver, filled with arrows.

The blue-haired teen didn't move from where he stood, but turned his head left and right, observing the area he was in. Around his neck, lay a cross, with some sort of mirror at the center of it, about an inch or two in diameter. He lifted the cross and looked into the mirror, attempting to find out where this item was, exactly. Looking fully concentrated, he continued to stare into the little mirror. However, instead of finding the item, something... or someone, interfered with his search.

His reflection within the mirror slowly turned into another image; a girl, and quite an attractive one at that. Sprouting from her back, bat-like wings could be seen as he explored the castle. A tiny smile appeared upon the teen's face as he put the cross down, the image slowly fading as he did so. He looked to his left and began to walk casually toward that direction, slowly moving his arm upward to grip Little Dragon and pull it off his back, ready for combat, if needed.

As he walked, he held Little Dragon, with his right hand, a few inches away from where the blade would be as he pointed downward, in a diagonal. The teen seemed fasinated by the castle and the objects that were within it. They were very old and some, perhaps, dusty. Up ahead, there was a staircase, headed downward and toward the first floor. Just about a yard away from the beginning of this staircase, there was a vase upon a table. The vase looked valuable and had a beautiful design. The teen stopped to look at it; in fact, he poked the side of it. The vase wobbled side to side a couple of times just before falling off the table and crashing upon the ground, and shattering into a million pieces. The sound of this impact was loud and the silence of the castle only magnified the sound as it seemed to echo throughout the area.

"Whoopsy..." The teen muttered, casually and childishly as if a five year old had just committed this 'accident'. After doing this, he walked toward the staircase and looked down at the first floor, seeing the same vampire that he had seen within the tiny mirror upon his cross. Almost immediately, the vampire looked up at him. His eyes met hers. "Hello..." he greeted her, hardly sounding any different than he did when he broke the vase.

As he looked into her eyes, he began to make an attempt to read her mind, in order to find out a thing or two about her. The tiny mirror upon his cross glowed faintly as he did so. After a moment, the glow faded, finding out that she was here for the same reason he was and that her name was Aurel. But, then again, why else would anybody be in this castle?

"Well...this is quite unfortunate; only one of us may have that item." he said. "And I don't really want to ruin that pretty face of yours." he added, with a tiny smile. "My name is Taryn, by the way. And, to prevent a violent conclusion, would you mind allowing me to obtain the item, without your interference? It would be greatly appreciated." Taryn said, polietly, though he knew what she would most likely say, knowing how badly she had needed the item.
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