Interest Check: Legend of the Dragon Lord - Reconstruction



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Aug 3, 2012
Information about the RP

In this Rp you can be a Dragon Master, Lycan, Vampire, human, witch, and wizard. If you have something in mind let me know and I might add it.

If you become a Dragon Master, you have to be one of eight elements. Fire, water, earth, wind, ice, energy, darkness, and light. You also have to play your dragon as well, your dragon is going to talk, but when you’re a dragon master you won’t be able to understand it.

If you want to become a Dragon Lord or a Lord of the Order, you character must progress and grow stronger. When you make your character he/she will be weak, as the RP progresses they will become stronger and unlock their hidden ability. And once they meet Castiel they will be tested to become a Lord and even be a member in the Order.

I would like this RP to be in Parts depending if there are enough people interested
If you are interested you can have up to 2 characters as of right now, please don’t make characters of the same race be adventurous XD.

When you create a character you don’t have to choose a side yet if you don’t want to, but later on you’re going to have to. The sides are “With the Order” or “With Raphael “. There are going to be covens, for instance a coven for the Dark Ones, coven for the Lycans and the other races except Dragon Masters and humans. The covens are going to be allied with one of the main sides though.

Coven of vampires, Lycans and wizards are mostly aliened with the Order, because the Order is fighting for their existence. Witches and humans mostly side with the Raphael because of their hatred towards the Vampires and Lycans. However, that doesn’t mean they have to; your character could be with either side but think about it. Raphael is trying to kill off the Dark Ones and Lycans.

Please let me know if you’re interested. Any input is greatly appreciated. Any questions please feel free to ask.
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