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Dec 25, 2011
After much exploration of this RP section and research into the methods used within, I've come to the conclusion that I'd like to add a different kind of roleplay to this site. Roleplaying is the method by which one assumes the role of another, and as we have come to know it - a process by which many contribute to a single story. However, the popular form of roleplaying seen here and the form of roleplaying that I have grown accustomed to differ somewhat. Not in a bad way, simply different.

So what do I mean by "A different kind of RP"? The preferred style of KHInsider is a short update consisting of a few paragraphs that consists of a user's personal character and their actions. Whereas the preferred style that I've grown accustomed to involves larger updates that are for all intents and purposes like chapters in a book. These "chapter" updates generally range from roughly 2,000 words on the shorter end to 6k-8k words on the larger end. This naturally takes more time than the updates that you guys are used to, which is accounted for and updates in this fashion are generally expected once a week on the good end and once a month on the extra slow end. For comparison's sake, the updates you guys generally give are 300 words on the lower end, and 1,500 words on the upper end. If you're worried about typing enough words, then don't - nobody likes filler. If you can accomplish what you need in less, that's great! Just remember that the goal is to add a new chapter to the story and not simply a few actions of your character(s).

That's the primary difference at least, the other difference is the concept of "powerplay" - where one user controls another user's character. Where powerplay is generally prohibited here, it's a concept that goes almost entirely ignored in RPs that I've been involved in. How can that possibly work? Easy; trust and communication. See, the chapter method of updates is entirely the same as chapters within a book, where many characters do many things. The goal here would naturally be to represent your character well enough so that others will easily understand how he/she would react in situations. However, it’s also important to keep in touch with others and to receive their input before using their character. When everyone becomes accustomed to writing for each other’s characters this is a much easier and smoother process, but keep in mind that the creator of a character holds sovereignty over that character, SO ASK FIRST! ;)

For an example of how this works, Click Here, feel free to read the whole thing if you'd like, but for the sake of this it's merely meant to be an example.

If you'd like also, feel free to ask questions about how this RP style works, I'll be sure to answer.


On towards the meat of the post. Now that we know how this RP will be different, what do we want it to be? Below will be a preliminary list possible roleplays and descriptions thereof...

~~~Canon Roleplays~~~

- Dragon Ball, the Power of a Wish - This story would take place long before the events of Dragon Ball. Characters will be on a journey through the stars to find Namek and its legendary Dragon Balls said to be capable of granting any wish.

*Expect high action battles and plenty of adventures across the stars. [Action/Adventure]

- Naruto, Shinobi Dreams - This would take place within a very similar yet completely different shinobi world. None of the characters that we know exist in this new universe, yet things work quite the same and some of the past events are the same or similar.

*Expect high action battles and plenty of missions. [Action]

- Pokemon, Kanto Calls! - This would be the first installment in a series of RPs that we could do, we would start out as rookie trainers each with our own goals from various places in the pokemon world.

*Expect strategic battles based on the games as we conquer many challenges. [Strategy/Adventure]

- Avatar, Bending Reborn - This takes place far into the future where bending is thought to be almost extinct and the Avatar thought to be a myth of long ago. However, it seems that a new generation of benders is rising, what journeys await?

*Expect plenty of action and adventure set in the avatar world. [Action/Adventure]

- The Elder Scrolls, When Dwemer Ruled – Long ago in a time when the Dwemer still walked the lands of Nirn, Tamriel met an age like never before and never since. The Dwemer, being a deep folk who understood many things, brought new and strange technologies to the land. It is a time of change, where peace falters. Explore the mysteries of an age when the fabled lost race ruled.

*Expect war and political battles, as those who wish to be involved and those who don’t, both try to live their lives as they find themselves forced into the action. (Dwemer technology is similar to steam punk technology.) [Adventure/War]

- Final Fantasy, Broken World – Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and the echoes of Gilgamesh’s actions have resulted in a broken world. Gilgamesh has travelled through many dimensional rifts and as a result, broken down the barriers that separate the worlds. Chaos ensued when the worlds started to blend, who will put an end to the chaos and restore the worlds?

*Expect plenty of action through many worlds of Final Fantasy and even new & original ones. [Action]

~~~Original Roleplays~~~

- Way of the Sword – Set in a fictional world of that blends various bits of lore and mythology is a tournament that will decide who is the world’s greatest swordsman. Halfway through the final match, gunmen of a distant isolated nation come to put an end to the way of the sword and conquer the world with the newly developed gun technologies.

*Expect Sword & Sorcery along with anything else you can imagine, contrary to the title, swords aren’t the only way to fight, simply the most popular. [Action/Adventure]




That’s it! Make sure to comment on what you’d like to see or do. Also if you have something in mind and want to use this style, by all means, do so! Feel free to ask questions, and most importantly I look forward to roleplaying with you all!