inFAMOUS: Resurrection.



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Jun 1, 2008
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So. I have decided to take up a huge endeavor and make a sequal to inFAMOUS 2. I also got in touch with Sucker Punch (or at least tried to) to see if they were at all interested. This is what I have so far. More or less characters and a story synopsis. It isn't quite done yet so I will periodically come back and add things as I write them on my computer

Infamous 3: Resurrection


Good ending continuum-

(Main characters)

Cole McGrath

Ethan king

Zeke (old)

Insane AI

Sara brown

Chief Zimmerman




Mechana City: A technologically advanced city that thrives through its harmony of man and machine. The AI that runs the city malfunctions because of a man who claims to belong to the first sons. The AI becomes self-aware and names itself the Insane AI. Its programming has been tampered with to make it a cool and calculating murderer.

(Story Synopsis)
Ethan discovers a journal written by a man named Zeke. Zeke had done some digging into the First Sons after Cole McGrath had died saving the world. Cole becomes Ethan’s idol, and when the Insane AI takes over Mechana City, Ethan feels as though he needs to become a hero like Cole was. He finds a page in the journal with a folded slip of paper in it. The paper is a map that leads to an old abandoned lab that holds a small replica of the ray sphere. The ray sphere is now in the form of a syringe and can give one person a specific power: the power to manipulate life.

Zeke had been trying to give himself this power to bring Cole, Lucy Kuo and Nix back from the dead. He did not hold the conduit gene, as he already knew, and left this for somebody in the future to use. Zeke figured history would repeat itself at some point, when a need for a hero would arise, once more.

Ethan decides to take a chance and injects the purple liquid into his veins. He passes out and discovers he can heal things. He toys with his heightened abilities and eventually discovers he can travel through time by manipulating the Earth’s life energy.

He travels back to resurrect Cole when he discovers the Insane AI’s henchmen cannot be killed by his powers. He travels back in time, to New Marias, the day after Cole uses the RFI (Ray Field Inhibitor). Cole’s body is on Zeke’s roof and Ethan watches the body, and Zeke, until dawn. He follows Zeke and Cole to the coffin in which he is going to be sealed in. Ethan knows that if he resurrects Cole now, the future will be much different.

The casket is left over night and Ethan makes his move. He finds a dead man in an ally (presumably killed) and drags him to Cole’s coffin. He removes Cole and places the other man inside. Once the coffin is sealed, Ethan resurrects Cole.

After a long conversation, Ethan convinces Cole to come with him. They team up to fight the Insane AI. Depending on which path Cole takes (either hero or villain) he and Ethan become enemies. If Cole becomes good, Ethan grows jealous and is manipulated by the Insane AI. If Cole turns evil, Cole backstabs the Insane AI and tries to kill Ethan after Ethan attempts to stop him. They both grow extremely powerful and rise to the level of “gods”. Ethan lures Cole outside of the future Earth via tricking Cole into manipulating reality with Cole’s time travel powers (very similar to Kessler’s).
They begin to fight in the space between dimensions. Cole creates a static field that locks them in a large special cage. If Cole is evil, Ethan narrowly escapes by trapping Cole in his own static field. Ethan then barely finds his way back to his dimension and attempts to undo Cole’s harm to the world. If Cole is good, Cole calls out to Ethan’s greed and gives him the remainder of the Beast’s power. The beast’s power is too much for Ethan to handle because the powers are complete opposites. Ethan’s powers cease to work and he becomes an empty shell. Cole then has to find a way back into the normal flow of time and his dimension. He then finds that he is trapped in the future, but has acquired a sliver of Ethan’s power. He attempts to find a way back to the past of Empire City to bring Trish (Cole’s dead girlfriend) back to life….

Evil ending continuum-

(Main Characters)

Cole McGrath

Ethan King

John white (the beast’s consciousness)

The Darksiders (Evil Faction)
(Leader: Nero)

The Freedom Fighters (Good Faction)
(Leader: Ethan King)

note- Each Faction has its own advisors, officials and other governing bodies. Each faction has its own city as well.