Identifying Two Voice Actors - Need a good ear!



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Aug 8, 2013
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I was looking over my KH2 Retrospective for editing the other day and I realized that I neglected to credit two KH2 voice actors that appeared very early on the game. You probably remember the Struggle Tournament in Digital Twilight Town on Day 4, yes? In the build-up to that tournament, you meet two men: the first is the tournament organizer, who will later run the "Struggle R" minigame in real Twilight Town. The second is Biggs, the owner of the Armour Shop, who introduces the contestants and calls Roxas his favourite customer.

The trouble is that IMDb credits both characters as "Tournament Announcer," and that's assuming that IMDb is even correct! KH2 features numerous "Additional Voices" in its credits that were never properly identified and IMDb had to leave a number of them blank (here's the full IMDb), and these two voice actors belong to that category. In any event, assuming IMDb is correct, one of the two is voiced by Kevin Delaney, a video game voice actor, and the other by Adam Paul, a voice actor and comedy actor. I've looked up some of their roles, and while neither sounds like the tournament organizer to me, to my ear they both kind of sound like Biggs! That didn't help at all!

In the end, I just don't have the ear to tell who is who, if either. But if you think you do have a good ear, maybe you could give me a hand?