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I need help!

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Mar 17, 2006
Over thurr...
Okay we all know i srsly suck at making Rps, but im still planning to do one, so tell me what you think about this..... "Academy of KHI"......huh huh!! Come on it not bad! I really want to do a RP. Maybe later i might have to do a fanfic! <3333333333...but yeah lolzz...help me out peeps!:rolleyes:


Lol, well redflame all I have to say to you is that whatever you have bouncing around in your head right now is an asolutely good idea. Having KHI suddenly transformed into an "Academy" feels very original and exciting to me, and I'm happy that you even had this idea come up. ;)

{ My choice of words to you if it's a fanfiction } :

However just know that if you DO plan to have the members on this forum as characters in your upcoming story/series, I strongly advise that you take a little time to do some (research) on whatever members that you decide to have in what you're planning. I know that you may have (already) planned to do that, but just know ahead of time that choosing certain members is going to have to require you to learn and recognize what type of different personalities they have individually. Not all people on KHI aren't gladly going to mind (meaning that there's a possibility that they're going to be into it anyway) at all that they're being considered put into a story. Most people here on this site are pretty distinguishable, so just make sure that you contribute what makes them that way into your story. But other than that, you should be fine.

{ My choice of words to you if it's an RP (Role-Play) } :

-Or better yet, if you decide for your Academy to become an RP, just know that you're going to be the one responsible to set the guidelines, rules, and etc-so the people who feel like entering the series have a good idea of what to expect, and what rules/requirements that they may have to abide by. I'll leave you to decide what creative and unexpected elements that you use in your RP. Just remember that (you're) going to be the one that thought all of this up, meaning the funnest and best job of all that you're going to have throughout the RP is to try to take full advantage of it, and make it your own special world left for everyone to live their own lives in, and experience as much as possible.


Now anyway with that said, redflame I wish you the very best of luck, and remember that you're basing this off of "KHInsider" afterall, so all you really need to do is Let Loose, and Have fun with it..just not to the point where it's total spam, lol.

+Feel free to PM me if you need anymore help with anything, or maybe when you're done making it so I can see how GOOD the KHI-Academy is for myself ;)

+I'm sure that the majority of the people already stationed in the RP section will be more than happy to point any concerns you may have in the right direction.

-Like I said, best of luck.

~xoxo/fu: theBeau
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