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Character ► I know that Kingdom Hearts... is Darkness!

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Oct 11, 2009
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"Now, I will return these worlds hearts to their rightful place. If you try to stop me, I'll... I'll...

... I'll make you pay the price..."

Name: Ophnon
Age: 8 Cycles (Approx. 17 in human years)

Sex: ... What is that? Perhaps you're talking about...
Race - Caste: Yaephath - Servant

Dark Fetters: An alien artifact from deep within the Realm of Darkness. It is not violent in nature, though can be used as such if needs be - its primary purpose is in binding people, locations and objections to one another. These bonds are impossible to break save for powerful magic or Keyblades. The Fetters can only be used by their current wielder, and manifests in its base form as a small, hand sized lock with curling chains that emerge from it with a rush of dark smoke at the wielders command.
-- Moonbind: Ophnon's personal embodiment of the Fetters. It reflects the vast, ancient moon of their homeworld, Iukkoth. It has a dark purple, overlapping moon motif that curls around the central lock, and the chains give off a faint, pale purple glow that imitates the moon's own soft energy.
-- The Dark Fetters can potentially be used to (if its in italics, Ophnon can currently do it):
---- Create dark portals between locations
---- Perform 'Dark Skills' seen throughout the Kingdom Hearts series, of various degrees (none yet learnt)
---- Control Heartless (currently, just Shadows, Blue Rhapsody's, and Hook Bats)
---- Create links between people, locations or objects. These links reflect themselves as false memories and inexplicable emotional attachments
---- Create 'Barriers of the Heart' that seal away the links between people, effectively erasing people's memories and emotions until said Barriers are unlocked through magic, a Keyblade, or some other great power (very difficult)
---- Turn weak-hearted denizens of the Realm of Light into Heartless (very difficult)

Ophnon is a member of the Yaephath race - more so, a member of the Servant caste, so they are particularly capable at physical endeavors that involve brute force. Thanks to developing on a world of high gravity and oppressive Darkness, they have great physical strength and high stamina as well as bulky natural armour that has been catalogued on occasion to deflect small arms fire.
-- As a Yaephath, their body builds up all of their bodily wastes, toxins, and other pollutants into a gland in their throat. This fluid can be sprayed at will - and must be done so on a semi-regular basis for health reasons. It functions as an effective short-range weapon and deterrent, and may cause dangerous allergic reactions in many organisms.
-- Like all Yaephath - but especially as a Servant - Ophnon possesses a powerful technique of echolocation. With little effort, both her primary and frontal ears can expertly map out their surroundings from the sounds around them. Obviously, this works better in indoor or tight spaces, and when the noise has a clear 'starting point'.
-- As a denizen of the Realm of Darkness and possessing only a very weak and fragile Heart, Ophnon possesses a naturally high degree of resistance to Dark magic and is almost completely immune to phenomena that affects Hearts.

As a Servant, Ophnon has several notable weaknesses:
-- They are much heavier than many other living beings.
-- Aforementioned slowness and lack of agility - this includes poor reflexes and mental flexibility, due to having lived as a second class citizen within Yaephath society. Ophnon is relatively easy to outsmart by most, and is perhaps a little too naive about many things - they are also extremely terrible liars, having only a second hand knowledge of the subject.
-- Has a natural weakness to Light magic and a strong fear of humans for unknown reasons.
-- Is allergic to many foods in the Realm of Light, and so relies on using the Dark Fetters to effectively steal food from the Realm of Darkness.

-- A fine specimen of the Servant caste is displayed here: Servant - Skelefrog's Sta.sh
-- Ophnon is in many ways typical, though they have a shorter and stockier body at only about 4"9. Their claws are likewise a bit shorter and stubbier, more typical of a Soldier. Their exoskeleton has a dark salmon pink coloration.
-- The basic bodily features are of course the same as all Servants - a second pair of highly advanced and durable ears where the eyes would be on the other Castes, and a set of 'cooling spines' that run along their back.

An anxious and quiet individual, Ophnon is often concerned about the opinions of their peers. In a society that's so carefully ordered and structured, to speak out of turn - especially for a Servant - is completely unacceptable. Ophnon often values the opinions of others far beyond their own, and will go out of their way to spot potential sources of trouble or inconvenience.
-- The truth is, Ophnon does not like having been placed on a pedestal where before they were treated like dust. Ophnon feels a constant sensation of worry and inadequacy, and can only hope to bring honour and purpose to their people back on Iukkoth. Ophnon also dislikes having to explore all of these new worlds to be restored to Darkness - it feels far too... unsafe, too strange, they must admit.

Life on a World in the Realm of Darkness is rarely easy - more so for those considered innately at the bottom of society's ladders.

On Iukkoth, the dominant Yaephath race works tirelessly to survive and build where it can on their hostile, dying world. The species has become split into three Castes - the creative, versatile Soldiers; the cunning, amphibious Scouts; and the enduring, reliable Servants. Ophnon was born as one of the latter, and as such lacks a title, a clan, or even a pronoun - Ophnon is simply 'they', for all Servants are ultimately just 'them'. Trained from infancy to work in the mines at the edges of a great city, Ophnon lived their life without thought: every step was guided, every question unanswered unless immediately relevant, every dream replaced with 'Obey'.

But Ophnon didn't mind - millenniums of social and genetic engineering, as well as a weak Heart - told them that this was their place. And Ophnon was happy in this simple, endless purpose. Until the day they dug just a little too deep, and came across an ancient treasure. A lock, radiating a soft, gentle power. Something stirred within Ophnon's tiny Heart, but their mind overtook it and drove them back on their instinct - take it to the shaft guard.

The authorities tried to take it from them, but to no avail - every time they took it, it would vanish and return to Ophnon's hand. The priests and shamans were called, and it was agreed that this was a sign - this was a Dark Fetter, both blessing and curse, and its will must be followed.

Although Ophnon largely wanted nothing to do with it, they found themselves now in the position of hero - for you see, the guiding councils of Iukkoth had begun to see a shift in the Realms of Light and Darkness: something was agitating the Darkness, and the Worlds of Light - once so strange and distant - now seemed like potential new homes for the Yaephath, should they be conquered and overwhelmed, their Hearts consumed in Darkness. Of course, there was no way one Servant wielding the Dark Fetters could achieve this, but perhaps...

Perhaps the Fetters could be used to seal a World's Heart, binding it into a 'cold state' until a larger Yaephath and Heartless force could be mustered and sent, plunging the World into Darkness.
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