I found some usefulness in Megalixir and Master´s Circle.



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Sep 6, 2014
I know, Curaga > Megalixir and All Status Block Rings > Master´s Circle.

But i found out that they are quite useful for self-imposed challenges (more challenges than the game give you!) and Multiplayer.

Megalixir is worse than Curaga, if you play solo. The Multi-cast panels makes magic a lot more powerful than items. Curaga heals you and heals everyone near you too! So, why Megalixir could be more useful?

Speed! Megalixir´s healing is instantaneous, It heals you much faster than Curaga.

Also, it´s not only you: if you are playing multiplayer, you can heal your friends faster and your friends doesn´t need to get near you. You know that when you call "I cast Curaga! Get near me!" and none of your friends can find you or they want to get in the action rather than replenishing HP, so they will be defeated faster than you could imagine.

Master´s Circle makes you immune to every status problem, but puts two bad abilities on you: Risky Play and Perma-Plight.

Risky play: If you miss a normal attack/combo, you take a percent of damage for each hit you miss. Oh, remember the Combo Master ability from other KHs? That ability is permanently atached on every playable character, so if you have Risky Play, it´s like you removed the Combo Master ability, so it´s like a challenge! Xigbar isn´t affected by this ability, by the way.

Perma-Plight: If your HP gets low and blinks red with that annoying alarm sound, you can´t heal to get rid of this. I know it´s bad, but it´s challenging, so you need to heal before this happens.

Conclusion: Megalixir is great for multiplayer, that´s it if you are cooperating to complete the mission. Curaga if solo. Master´s Circle is great for a more technnical play and self-imposed challenges, but it´s too hard to use if you want the easier way.