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I Am the Law

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Where's battlecry? :(
Sep 25, 2005
Fifteen years in the academy
He was like no cadet they'd ever seen
A man so hard, his veins bleed ice
And when he speaks he never says it twice
They call him judge, his last name is dredd
So break the law, and you wind up dead
Truth and justice are what hes fighting for
Judge dredd the man, he is the law
Drokk it!

With gun and bike he rules the streets
And every perp he meets will taste defeat
Not even death can overcome his might
Cause dredd and anderson, they won the fight
When the sovs started the apocalypse war
Mega-city was bombed to the floor
Dredd resisted, and the judges fought back
Crushed the sovs with their counter-attack
Drokk it!

Respect the badge - he earned it with his blood
Fear the gun - your sentence may be death because...

I am the law!
And you wont **** around no more - I am the law
I judge the rich, I judge the poor - I am the law
Commit a crime Ill lock the door - I am the law
Because in mega-city... I am the law

In the cursed earth where mutants dwell
There is no law, just a living hell
Anarchy and chaos as the blood runs red
But this would change if it was up to dredd
The book of law is the Bible to him
And any crime committed is a sin
He keeps the peace with his law-giver
Judge, jury, and executioner
Drokk it!

Crime - the ultimate sin
Your iso-cube is waiting when he brings you in
Law - its what he stands for
Crimes his only enemy and hes going to war

Crime - the ultimate sin
Your iso-cube is waiting when he brings you in
Law - its what he stands for
Crimes his only enemy and hes going to war

Thank you Anthrax for this song ;D.

Anyway, you may be thinking, WTF is this about. This is an actually RP by me, believe it or not. Judge Dredd is what I used as to represent what I wanted to show. In the city of Wallowfall, there is a harsh, harsh force of police, stopping law breakers. It is said to be the most peaceful town around, with no law been broken since the commity was brought up. The commity decided whether you were guilty, needing neither witnesses nor judges. They listened to your story, and without further input, they would murder you, or say you're free...but freedom was a cost.

Freedom in Wallowfall was unknown. When you entered, you could never leave, the city had obtained a law all its own through legal terms with the president. It was an operation so to say... to see how a community would work under harsh terms.

Moving on, YOU are part of a survival syndicate. Made up of your friends, and not legal in anyway. You fight the system, being a law breaker, and by any means necessary you need to get out of Wallowfall before you get caught and it's too late.



Age (13-17)
Bio (If you wish. In Wallowfall, no one has a true past)
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