How Luxu passed his Heart onto "Another" Vessel. Xehanort Theory.



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Mar 16, 2014
The Theory:
With the events that happened with Chi, it is safe to say that Luxu helped start the Keyblade War. His mission given by the Master of Masters was to watch and he eventually used the Book of Prophecies to transport himself into the future. The theory is the Master of Master learned about the Keyblade War, and tried to get the Foretellers to form unions, etc. Of course Luxu wanted the Keyblade War to happen. Luxu wanted the world to burn, so in order to ensure it happened, he stole one of the pages from the book of prophecies. Eventually the Unions begin to fight over the light (lux) and darkness is born in their Hearts. In order to escape the Keyblade War, some Keyblade wielders become Dandelions and get transported to another realm which is Unchained. Ephemer happens to be one of those people that first enter this realm and later Skuld becomes a Dandelion (will explain more later). Anyways some Keyblade Wielders learn of the X-Chi blade and how they can recreate the world in their own image, and some want to save the world. The rumors become wide-spread and soon everyone begins to fight over the X-Blade. Remember when Master Xehanort said "One blade everyone sacrificed their lives for. The X-Blade." Something like that. I don't know the exact quotations lol, but he did say something similar. So anyways the Keyblade War breaks out and X-Blade is forged. The battle is so intense however the Keyblade is broken into the 20 pieces (7 light, 13 dark), and Kingdom Hearts and the entire world is swallowed by Darkness. Daybreak Town's remains become known as the Keyblade Graveyard today and the light in the Hearts of children and well as some others allows the world to be reborn into what it is today. Similar to how worlds fall into the realm of sleep, a part of Daybreak Town remained in a sleep-like state and that was what the unchained realm is. Going to the Unchained Realm allowed wielders to go forward in time. To about 100 years before KH1 Exactly. Anyways Skuld and Ephemer eventually escape the Unchained Realm and end up at Destiny Islands. Eventually they fall in love and have a child. This child will one day grow up to become the Xehanort we know today, however his name wasn't always Xehanort (He later renamed himself that), so we will just call him "Isago" for now. Isago was fascinated by the outside world since he heard about his parents living in another world. So much he wanted to escape his "prison" of a world. That is where is he one day met by Ansem, SOD (Brown Robed Figure). We already know what happens after that and he loses his memories with them being locked on his Heart. Them being etched in his Heart inspires him to actually leave the outside world and that is where he ends up at Land of Departure. Apart of Luxu's secret mission was to start the 2nd Keyblade war as that part of the future has yet to be written. Luxu needed a suitable vessel so he trained Keyblade Masters until he could find the right one. Isago and Eraqus are now being trained under Luxu's wing. At long last Luxu has found his vessel due to Isago having a deep fascination with the Keyblade war, etc. So in order to get him to open up to the Darkness, he begins preaching more about light and Isago begins to despise the light wanting a balance. One day he deems Eraqus and Isago Keyblade Masters. One night when Isago is sleeping, Luxu puts his Heart into him. When he wakes up, some things have changed about Isago as he now has Luxu's pointy ears. With Luxu being gone, Isago and Eraqus now assume control over the Land of Departure. Isago under control now renames himself to "Xehanort". Because Luxu passed his Heart onto "Another" vessel, and Luxu's "will" subconsciously now affects Xehanort's decisions. Eraqus also accepts Xehanorts new name. And the rest is history as we all know what happens next. The theory is in KH 3, Xehanort unlocks Luxu's memories when the Keyblade War almost happens. And now for the 13th Vessel, he can get Young Xehanort to gather Luxu since he is another version of Xehanort.

Additional Info:
Since Riku basically means "ground" and Terra means "Earth", it should be noted Isago and Suna mean "Sand" so I called him that because it relates to Terra and Riku's name. I do think they should give Xehanort an original name and I like the idea of him renaming himself as it makes sense. Also since Xehanort is like the KH version of Voldemort, it'd make sense that Xehanort renamed himself. The reason we refer to the boy as Young Xehanort in KH 3D even though he has a normal human name at the time is that is how everyone knows him so Xehanort just goes with the flow. It should be noted Young Xehanort doesn't have pointy ears yet so that could be saying something for sure. Also the anagram of Xehanort's name is suspicious with the Anagram being that of "No Heart" and "Another" plus X. We all know the X is something Xemnas used to mark Organization Members, so perhaps Luxu did the same sorta thing with Xehanort? This Luxu addition imo doesn't ruin Xehanort as a whole as Luxu would be more like an extension of Xehanort and Xehanort is still responsible for all of the evil deeds he did throughout the series. Also what is Young Xehanort's keyblade in default form? It would be the no name (as it is connected to his Destiny), but his Keyblade would later change to Luxu's when Luxu's "will" gets passed on to him.