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Here's something I've been thinking about



Nov 8, 2017
I've been thinking of a Nintendo-Final Fantasy crossover ever since a dream I had about it last night. It's called Fantasy Forces; the main characters are Noctis (FFXV), Tidus (FFX), Bartz (FFV), Lillie (Pokémon Sun and Moon), Alm (Fire Emblem Echoes), and of course, The Legend of Zelda's very own Link.

The story is that a sorcerer named Skulltros has set his sights on the worlds of our six heroes, using an army of villains from those worlds (Ardyn, Seymour, Exdeath, Lysandre, Jedah and Ganondorf) that he revived, having the power to do so. Combining their powers with that of Skulltros, these villains have formed an army known as the Symphony of the Dying Stars (shortened as the Symphony). Now, it's up to these heroes, forming their own group known as the Dimensional Repair Committee (shortened as the Committee) to fight back against the Symphony and bring their worlds back to the way they used to be.

The game follows an old-school Final Fantasy-style real time turn system. The playable characters are Noct, Tidus, Bartz, Lillie, Alm, and Link, respectively, in a six-man party. If all of these characters are defeated, it's a game over. They all have their own unique abilities that will be useful in some battles; for example, Alm deals critical hit more frequently, Noct is the summoner, Lillie fights using Pokémon and TAKES DAMAGE HERSELF INSTEAD OF SAID POKÉMON (and also can't use magic so she has to use regular healing items and let her Pokémon use Recover, which only heals a moderate amount of HP), etc. After dealing certain amount of damage, any of your characters can access their Limit Break. Here are the ones for every playable character:

Noctis; Royal Strike: Noct gathers his set of Royal Arms and strikes them at the enemy, starting with one and then thrusting the rest, finishing off with a skyward plummet with the one he is holding. This attack's power scales with Noct's Power stat overall.

Tidus; Overdrive Max-Out: Tidus uses upgraded versions of his Overdives Spiral Cut and Blitz Ace, in which he slashes at the enemy multiple times and launches them into the air, finishing off by throwing an Ultima-powered Blitzball up at them. This attack's power scales with Tidus's HP.

Bartz; Master Mime of the Void: Bartz mimes all of his allies' weapons and forms a black hole with them, sucking in enemies. He then takes his sword and rushes the enemies with multiple slashes, finishing off by turning his sword into a spear of light and tossing it at them. This attack's power scales with Bartz's Speed.

Lillie; Guardians of Alola: Lillie activates her Z-Ring and calls upon the Tapu Deities, who all surround their targets; Tapu Koko attacks with multiple Gigavolt Havocs; Tapu Lele attacks with a random-target Twinkle Tackle; Tapu Bulu attacks with a two-staged Bloom Doom, the first stage being multiple Leaf Blades and the second being the TRUE Bloom Doom, which is its signature flower rising out of the ground and blowing up; Tapu Fini attacks with three Hydro Vortexes. After all of the Tapus finish their attacks, they form up into a giant tiki head, nod at Lillie, and crush the enemies. This attack's power scales with Lillie's Pokémon's type.

Alm; Critical Zantetsuken: Alm readies his blade, stands for three seconds while breathing, and performs a quick but powerful slice. This attack's power scales with Alm's level, and is more powerful the lower his HP.

Link; Blessing of the Gods: Link calls upon the Triforce of Courage, and summons its insignia under the party's feet, boosting their attack greatly. The amount of attack raised scales with Link's Defense star overall.

What do you guys think? Does Fantasy Forces seem like something you would like to happen?