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Gummi Ship Help



New member
Aug 27, 2005
the lone Light within the Darkness
I was wondering if I can get some help, as the internet does now have my question answered (from what I've seen). If someone would like to move this, or show me the question answered else wear, Then go ahead and close this. My question pertains to unlocking Gummi Ships. If you feel that would spoil things for you, here's your warning. :)

After reading this far, here is my dilemma and question. I looked online and saw that the way to unlock certain special ships, such as the Moogle and Cactuar are by taking photos of their constellations. I already have taken all of them and gotten the trophy for finding every single one, however, the ships do not appear in my special ships list. None of them. I only have them from the big purple gems. Things such as the Red Nocturne and the Ghostabocky. Can someone please help me find out what I'm missing?? If I could buy you a taco I would!