Future update/story of Kingdom Hearts χ [chi]/Unchained χ and the Keyblade war (maybe)



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Oct 10, 2015
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After playing KH χ/Uχ, I notice the changes that Tetsuya make (of course, he even say about it.) and I just analyze the game and the connection of this title and other, so I put my thought in the story

_Kingdom Hearts χ/Uχ_

[No major change but Chirithy has been player guide in KH Uχ]
> Chirithy maybe has some connection with the Kingdom Hearts itself, and maybe their other roles is to prevent creation of χ-blade.

[KH χ/Uχ timeline is before Keyblade war]
> χ/Uχ maybe will leads into (even though it stated that this series happen before) the Keyblade war. The player maybe will battle each others.(gameplay wise)

[Wielder (player) collecting Luχ]
> Maybe to offer it to the Kingdom Hearts or a required method to get the χ-blade. (IDK how to explain any futher about this.)

[The foretellers]
> This bit tricky but the connection of them is the 'Guardian of Kingdom Hearts' from the traitor.

_Keyblade war_

The very reason I separated from KH χ/Uχ because:
- It happen after KH χ/Uχ
- Maybe It will be lead the real event of keyblade war (maybe in KH3)?
- And continuation of the left Keyblade war.

> Just like BBS secret episode, Wielder may take the part in it (no cutscene or movie).
> And I believe the daybreak town is keyblade graveyard. (because of the vibe the name gives.)

This just me rambling about KH χ/Uχ and the Keyblade war. JUST MAYBE. We know that Tetsuya so sneaky throughout KH storyline. Anyways, what you guys thought about KH timeline?
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