Fusionfall: I hope I wasn't the only one who played this



May 14, 2017
East Coast, USA
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I wonder if anyone else made a thread covering this game, let me check
*Checks Video Games section*
Nope, not a single soul did, guess it makes sense given the fact that it was a pretty low-key game.
Anyways, where to start, where to start, ah!
You all have heard of Cartoon Network right? well back in 2008 they decided to release a game based around their IP's called FusionFall. It had a subspace emissary style story where different heroes and villains from different shows met up to fight a common evil, with the usage of nanos (little fighters based around cartoon characters like dexter, samurai jack, etc) to fight monsters. Initially, it was one of those free to play games like club penguin or wizard 101, where you could play a certain amount, but afterwards you need to shell out some cash to get further, either by credit card or membership. But in 2010, that all changed, making it free to everyone. If i remember, the game also had a lot of seasonal events during major holidays like Christmas, Easter and Halloween.

While it was a solid game to meet with friends and fight evil, it didn't last, fusionfall closed it's doors in 2013, giving fans one last hurrah before august 29th, as they would release fusionfall heroes! a worse game that didn't have anything to do with the game play of the original. It's a shame too, my laptop's a lot stronger than my old computer, and would probably run it just fine. I remember playing it frivolously on my family's computer, which unfortunately couldn't handle it very well. Lag spikes and crashes frequented my sessions, but i didn't give up!

There is hope though, i've heard that some people are trying to remake the game and rerelease it as a free for everyone game. Whatever is going on, I hope they succeed, i never did finish what i started....


Nov 8, 2017
I remember being scared of it as a kid, but then decided to be brave and play it in 2011.

Of course, I had a computer that was laggy as hell.