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For the Record: A Modern Warfare Roleplay (Sign-Ups/OOC)


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Oct 5, 2005
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For the Record

A Modern Warfare Roleplay

"This is for the record..."
- Captain John Price​

It has been exactly two months since the death of Lieutenant General Shepherd. His death has left a lasting legacy of power for the United States of America. He has become labeled as the "Hero of the United States" similar to how Imran Zakhaev was labeled as the "Hero of New Russia". Although Washington D.C. and more than half of the east coast lie in ruins, the United States has become stronger, feared by almost every country in the world. Every country except New Russia, of course. The Russian-American War continues on, and another war is just beginning...

General Shepherd's killer, Captain John "Soap" MacTavish, has become an international fugitive, as well as Captain John Price. In the eyes of America, they are public enemy number one, alongside Vladimir Makarov, whose current whereabouts are unknown. With help from now-Sergeant Nikolai, Soap and Price are now hiding with the Russian Rebellion, who were formerly the Russian Loyalists before Zakhaev's Ultranationalist Party took over Russia. Led by Chairman Kamarov, an ally of Soap and Price, the Rebellion is focusing on stopping the Ultranationalist Russia while Soap and Price are determined to kill Makarov while hiding under the radar of America and Russia.

It is very uncertain as to who will win the Russian-American War, but both sides are determined to destroy the other. Now, it all comes down to you. Are you with the Americans, or are you with the Ultranationalist Russians? Or perhaps you are with Captains MacTavish and Price who are allied with the Russian Rebellion? Either way, it's up to you to decide where this war goes. Will you allow the Russians to spread ultranationalism throughout the world? Or will you stop them and prove that America is the most powerful force in world? Whichever path you choose, remember this: history is written by the victor. Make sure that you are the victor.

1. No God Modding or Power playing.
2. Killing is allowed, but you must have permission to kill a character controlled by a member of this roleplay.
3. Romance is more than allowed. Even gay/lesbian romance.
4. Literacy is a must.
5. You may use canon characters from the Modern Warfare series (the ones that are still alive, anyway), just as long as you have permission from me.
6. If you want, you may be a character that is related to a canon character (e.g. son, daughter, brother, cousin).
7. Remember that the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia are allied with the United States in this war, so your character can be any of those nationalities.
8. Soap and Price are the ONLY Task Force 141 members left alive, and they are the only British soldiers with the Russian Rebellion.
9. The PLAYABLE factions in this roleplay are: The United States Marine Corps, the United States Army Rangers, the British Special Air Service, the New Russian Federation Armed Forces, and the Russian Rebellion Armed Forces.
10. In order for me to know that you understand these rules, please put "This is for the record..." above your template.
11. Please, if you join, I ask you to help finish it.
12. Have fun!



Nickname: (No Modern Warfare game can go on without wacky nicknames like Worm or Cherub)





Home Country:

Affiliation: (Meaning, what force are you apart of)


Weapon(s): (For a full list of weapons used in Modern Warfare 2, visit the Call of Duty Wiki)



Other Information:

I will post my three templates later. One of the characters that I will control is Soap.
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