Flan High Score Requirements



Dec 28, 2018
Cherry is 20K

Orange is 25K

Watermelon is 28K

Banana is 30K

Grape is 25K

Honeydew is 20K

Strawberry I think is 15K, could be 18K. Not really sure

I have verified basically all these scores through trial and error, watermelon is definitely 28K. I'm pretty sure strawberry is 15K.

If you successfully beat a flan, it should give you an ability and 3 fruit.


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Dec 29, 2018
I'm so lost o how to do the selfie flan like I literally have no idea what to do?


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May 9, 2013
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Basically each flan has a moment where it gives the most points, some are easier to recognize than others.

Here's what I usually go for:

1. Flan that are trying to catch a butterfly. Wait til the flan is as high in the air as possible.

2. A flan that has birds landing on it. Wait til all the birds have landed.

3. Two flan in a tree. They will jump out of the tree and turn into a cake. Take a picture of the cake.

5. Flan running back and forth. Try to take a picture as the flan is running towards you. Snap the picture just as it stops moving for highest points.

There are more options but these are the easiest ones to do I think.


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Jun 23, 2017
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7 good flan: The one you start in front of - the running flan will stop and wave at you. Take the picture then.

The ones that fly up to the butterfly, there's only one that's on ground level with Sora. Take the picture when it's at the top of it's path.

On the path to the caves, there's a tiny flan that will jump out of the bush and wave at you. Take the picture then.

At the pond there's a flan in the water. It will come up out of the water and you need to take the picture once it has fully merged. If you do it too early you don't get credit for it.

Next to the pond are two flan in a tree. Wait until they dive down and turn into a cake then take the picture of the cake.

The last one is holding two birds and has a rabbit on its head. Wait until both birds are on its hands and it poses, then take the picture.

Behind Sora where you start, next to the path to the tower, there's a small flan in the ground. Similar to the water flan, wait for it to fully emerge and take the picture.

That should get you enough points to get the ability and "A Rank" the Blood Orange flan. :)