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Everto Terminus: Let Hellfire Rain Down[Signups and OOC]

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May 21, 2008
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Jackson, NJ
Welcome To Earth's Final Chapter...​

This world has been taken from us. There are few survivors. Demons roam the streets night and day. Some are beasts, others look exactly like humans. Lucifer, their leader, has public executions, their sounds and sights interrupting every radio or Television signal. Lucifer's right hand man, Azazel, hunts us down. He brings us kicking and screaming to Satan. Satan tortures us, breaks us, then hands us to Lucifer, where we are then put to death. Lilith roams the streets by day, lookig for men, seducing them in to coming with her. Lilith, Satan, Azazel, and Lucifer are the only notable demons, though there are many, many more. The Angels aren't very helpful to us, either. They care nothing for us, slaying demons, but if we get in their way, we die too. They are fighting a losing battle. And you might be wondering how this all happened. Well, some time ago, a human woman bred with a demon, and I was the result. My name is Nilux. A latin abbreviation of Black Light. This broke a pact between Heaven and Hell, and all the demons were allowed to roam Earth freely. Half-Demon hybrids can use magical abilities, breeding with a half-demon will spawn another. I'm at the end of my cycle now, my life lengthened thanks to magic. And the only humans left are my descendants, magic-users. Not all magic-users are my descendants, however, because other humans have bred with demons in the past 100 years. Some have formed a union, The Hunters, who live to annihilate the demonic threat. Each Mage is different from the last, each one having a certain talent, a certain discipline of magic they naturally excel at. More powerful Mages have a natural talent for 5 different disciplines, but the average Mage has about 3. I, for one, am a natural with Cloaking, Water, and Illusionary magic. We've been at War with the demons for 100 years, and now it seems someone might win, who will it be?

OOC: This is my first attempt at creating my own RP. Above is the plot. This thread will be used for Sign-Ups and OOC. I'm not gonna start the RP until at least 5 people have joined. At least. This is how I want your template set up:

Age:(I don't want any triple digits if you're a Human or a Mage, if you're an Angel or Demon, knock yourself out.)
Faction:(There are five factions, explained below)
Appearance:(A pic would be nice, but it's not required, just a description of your character's appearance)
Weapon:(If your character uses a weapon, name it)
Discipline(s):(Exclusive to mages, you have to start off with at most 3 of them, no extras unless i approve it. Ex: Time, Fire, and Earth. Your character can learn more throughout the story)
Abilities:(Demon or Angel exclusive, any natural ability your character may posess)
Personality:(Describe your character's personality and other characteristics)
Bio:(A short biography of your character's life up to this point in the story)
Extra:(Any extra information)

Humans - Humans are few and far between, and some people, like Nilux, believe them to be extinct. Mages are bound by morals, and a strict no firearms policy, while Humans may not have magical abilities, they aren't restricted like Mages are.

Mages - Magic-users who combat the demons. Humanoid in appearance. They are broken into two factions:
The Hunters - Mages who combat the demons and fight in large groups with each other, often trained at HQ. Director Keno is their leader.
Rogues - Mages who aren't joined with The Hunters, they usually prefer to fight alone, and tend to have one of three goals. To find and join The Hunters, to get civilazation back on it's feet and living with the demons, or to just survive.

Demons - The villains of this story. They can be monstrous in appearance, or very human-like, often posessing a wide range of abilities. Lucifer is their leader.

Angels - Heavenly beings, usually with wings. They fight to destroy the demons, and care naught for Humans. Their leader is Michael.

Now that that's all established, there's just two last things to do.
1. If you don't feel like making a character yourself, you can always choose one of the following:
Director Keno(Mage)
Just PM me with the subject, "I Would Like To be [Insert Character Name Here]". And I'll send you their template.

2. My template(s):

Name: Callum Devra
Faction:The Hunters
Appearance:ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting The one on the right is Callum.
Weapon:Callum wields a Nodachi and a Rapier. A Nodachi is a five-foot long, two-handed sword like Sephiroth's, and a Rapier is a small one-handed fencing sword, like what Genesis uses.
Discipline(s): Time magic, Fire magic, and Bio magic.
Personality: Callum is a quiet boy, with not many friends. He likes to read and practice magic.
Bio:Callum's parents died protecting him from demons, but Nilux saved him and dropped him off with The Hunters, where's he's lived for ten years.
Extra: Callum has a twin brother, who was turned itno a demon, he is the other one in the picture.
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