Disneyland in Chaos

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May 7, 2012

The only thing that Sora could see in front of him.

He was roughly a mile beneath Sleeping Beauty Castle. He was being led by a man who claimed to be Imagineer Wayne Kresky.

"The keyhole is right this way. You know what to do." said the man.

Sora opened the door that Wayne had gestured towards. There was a pedestal similar to the one that Meg was trapped in. A lock was on it. Sora held the Keyblade forwards and it released a beam of light that went into the pedestal. It vanished, and dark energy spewed from it.

"Congratulations, Sora."

It was Wayne.

"What do you mean? I thought Walt trusted you to protect the park!"

"You silly boy, Wayne is locked up in the dungeon!"

Sora's eyes widened... It was not Wayne Kresky that was here. The man's image faded away into that of a familiar Arabian figure... Jafar!

"Sorry, I had to trick you! But it was the only way to release our kingom." As he said this, other villains appeared around him. "And with a little touch..."

Jafar: This could be quite the place...

Cruella: Full of wholesome, happy faces

Ursula: Hanging out
Hook: Feeling fine
Hades: Where everyone's a friend of mine.

Cruella: Inside this evil joint,
Hook: Every guest gets to the point.
Jafar: This day will live in infamy!
Ursula: Disneyland is history!

Villans: It's our park now!
It's our park now!

Ghosts: It's the fact you can't ignore!
Shut the windows, lock the doors!

Villains: It's our park now!

Pirates: Raise your mugs, you thieves and thugs.
Villains: Join the rabble-rousing crowd.
It's our park now!

Si and Am: All the coolest cats fit in so purr-fectly
Maleficent: Every evil queen gets due respect!
Phantom: Love your work.
Kaa: You'll forget your troubles, put your trusssst in me...
The Queen of Hearts: You had your fun.
You made your play.

Villains: But every rodent has his day!

It's our park now!
Pain and Panic: Down an' dirty.
Villains: It's our park now!
Pirates: What a party!
Hades: What a place for breakin' bread.
The Fates: Eat your neighbors.
The Queen of Hearts: OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!
Villains: It's our park now!
The Big Bad Wolf: What a party!
Villains: Join the fun with no regrets.
Only greedy, dirty deeds are allowed.

Cruella: Get those puppies!

Hook: Game over, Sora!

Ursula: Hit the road, Kairi!

Jafar: Take a hike, Riku!

Villains: IT'S OUR PARK NOW!
Don't bother even coming back!
It's our park now!

Sora and his party found themselves outside of the park. But now things had changed... It looked like Hollow Bastion while the Heartless were still about! California Adventure had transformed into a dark mountain with an imposing tower on its side
[HR][/HR]Where did it all go wrong, you maybe wondering. To answer that we have to go three days into the past. Back to a time before...
Disneyland in Chaos

A Kingdom Hearts Fanfiction

based on the original Park, Disney California Adventure, Kingdom Keepers, and the mythical Dark Kingdom Rumor

Featuring the talents of:

Haley Joel Osment as Sora

Jesse McCartney as Roxas and Ventus

Dave Gallagher as Riku

Hayden Panettiere as Kairi and Xion

Ariel Winter as Mog

Meaghan Jette Martin as Naminé

Quenton Flynn as Lea and Reno

Jason Doring as Terra

Willa Holland as Aqua

Wayne Kresky as himself

Aaron Busch as Zidane

Melissa Disney as Vivi

Rachel Robinson as Garnet

Luke Word as Steiner

Mr. T as Barret

Racheal Leigh Cook as Tifa

Chris Edgerly as Cid Highwind

Mandy Moore as Aerith

Steve Burton as Cloud

Laura Bailey as Serah Farron

Doug Erholtz as Squall "Leon" Leonhart

Ali Hillis as Claire "Lightning" Farron

Rick Gomez as Zack Fair

Bret Iwan as King Mickey

Frank Welker as Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Bill Farmer as Goofy

Tony Anselmo as Donald

Russi Taylor as Queen Minnie

Johnathan Freeman as Jafar
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