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[Discussion] The Problem with the Master of Master's plan and why Luxu is against it.



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Aug 25, 2021
In UX Finale. We all know the Master has a plan to defeat the 13 Darknesses by giving them vessels right? The Master revealed he has a plan of defeating the 13 Darknesses by giving them physical forms. 7 will be locked inside the Foretellers and 5 will be locked inside the Union Leaders while 1 Darkness will be trapped inside the datascape.

However, Luxu disagreed with this plan because too many people are being sacrificed but the Master mentioned that he has a safety plan to save the Foretellers and Union Leaders from being possessed. Sadly Luxu doubted this. But what if, the safety plan or Plan B that MoM mentioned is Luxu's betrayal? Luxu is going to come up with another plan on how to defeat the 13 Darknesses without sacrificing anyone. He is going to rewrite the Master's grand plan against the 13 Darknesses. By creating data backups of the Foretellers and Union Leaders or somebody else and use them as sacrificial vessels instead. However, in order for Luxu to initiate this plan. He needs the Book of Prophecies first and scan it into the datascape in order to create the data backups. Similar to how Mickey created Data-Sora from Jiminy's Journal.

I mean if a data backup like Data-Sora can manifest a heart of its own like in Re: Coded and become its own being. Do you think it would make sense if they will be used as sacrificial vessels instead? Because at the end of the day, they are just beings that are made out of data. Like Xemnas said in DDD when he met Sora from the Grid. Xemnas mentioned that Data can be altered, manipulated , and sometimes corrupted. Tron of course is an example of this. Don't forget most of the members of Master Xehanort's Organization 13 are not REAL humans since most of them are just Replicas and Nobodies but they still serve as a part of Xehanort's plan of forging the X-blade.

I know it sounds impossible to trap the 13 Darknesses inside someone's heart but what if Luxu has the ability to seal one of the 13 Darknesses inside someone's heart so that the Darkness can no longer escape and be trapped inside the host's heart. Through this, the Darkness has no choice but to possess the vessel they possess because they are trapped inside someone's body and cannot get out.

In KH1 Sora has the ability to seal Keyholes in order to prevent the Heartless or darkness invade many worlds. What if sealing one of the 13 Willful Darknesses inside someone's heart is possible to become a necessary sacrifice? In UX the Player managed to find a way to trap the other 4 Darknesses that were trapped inside the data world.

I mean how can you turn the Master's goal of destroying the 13 Darknesses into reality?

Why not just create an artificial humans like data backups or replicas and use them as necessary sacrifices instead? Because at the end of the day their existence are not worth it.

How can you turn simulation like data into reality? Comparing simulation into fiction is not so different.

Because if you think about it. The Master is almost close of getting what he wants of destroying the darkness, and all of this lies to Luxu. What if Luxu's betrayal and disagreement of using the Foretellers and Union Leaders is all part of the Master's grand plan?