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Fanfiction ► D.N.Angel: Satoshi's Story

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Jul 6, 2008
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Alright, well I've never actually started a thread before, so bare with me..
Ok, so about a month ago, I finished the D.N.Angel anime series and absolutely LOVED IT! But, it ended with a sort of "empty" feeling. Thus, I thought it might be interesting to take the story, and point it at a different direction: Satoshi Hiwitari.

Meh, it's not my favorite piece I've written... but its one of the only ones I've finished :3
Just read, and tell me what you think ^_^


Satoshi’s Story

D.N.Angel Satoshi’s Story
Stage 1: The Boy of the Light (and Dark)

“Master Satoshi… Master Satoshi…… Satoshi…Hiwatari…”

A voice echoed in the dreams of a young boy, about the age of fourteen. He opened his eyes slowly, and gazed upward. His eyes weren’t locked on anything in particular. He took a deep breath in, and sat himself up. He ran his hand through his thick blue hair, and then slide it down on his forehead, grasping it.

“How much longer, must I live through this…”

He looked around his room. Light was shining through the window in front of him, onto his bed. He turned and glanced at the clock. Satoshi Hiwatari got up, shaking the echoing voice from his head, and got ready for school. He wore the traditional Azumano Middle School uniform, a white long-sleeved collared shirt (red stripes tracing the collar), long pants, and a belt. Not the he needed school. Satoshi Hiwatari was special. He was a graduate at Lagoon University the age of 13, and currently the chief commander of a pivotal investigation. So, why is he back at middle school you may ask? These true reasons are confidential. Still, Satoshi wasn’t exactly sure himself. He put on his glasses, grabbed his bag and journal, and headed out the door; his expression melancholy.

The sun was bright, the air was cool, and Daisuke Niwa had a good feeling about today. He was confident, determined, and hopeful.

“I’m sure it’ll work!” He said cheerfully, running on the way to school. He couldn’t be late, on a day like today.


Satoshi caught sight of the red, spiky-haired boy running his way. He quickly hid behind a wall on the right as he approached a small fountain. He caught sight of a small handkerchief, floating towards it. Satoshi gasped as he saw this boy leap several feet in the air, turning-over, and catching the petty piece of cloth in one smooth move. He took out his journal, pulled a pen from his front pocket, and jotted a few things down.

“That’s quite a catch! Thank you!” A lady yelled from her window. “That’s my handkerchief!”

Daisuke walked up to return it to her. Satoshi pushed up his glasses, and left unnoticed.

“So, this is it. It all comes down to tonight,” he thought, as he walked into the platform station. He got into the train, and walked down to the far left, sitting in an abandoned corner. He took out his journal again, and evaluated things.

“DAISUKE NIWA, 5’5, Age: Thirte—” he erased the “Thirteen” and replaced it with a “Fourteen”. Today was Daisuke’s fourteenth birthday.

“Last call! The train will be leaving shortly,” came a voice over the intercom. Daisuke came in five seconds after that, and sat down to the far right. Satoshi glanced up at him for a split second, than looked back on his notes.

“He seems… preoccupied,” he thought to himself.


As the train took off, Daisuke took a deep breath.

“Next stop is Ms. Harada’s.” he thought, smiling. “First I’ll say Good Morning. Then I’ll make everyone step aside to give her room. When the train starts to roll, out eyes will meet.”

He looked down at something in his bag.

“And then, when the world of that breaks away, and it’s just the two of us, I’ll boldly slip the letter into her delicate hand and say.. Please read this later,”

A muffled voice came over the intercom saying, “Approaching Toll Station. Toll Station. If this is your stop, please gather your belongings and prepare to exit,”

Daisuke looked up and saw a young, pretty girl with long brown hair, and a bow tied in the back. She was reading a pamphlet of some sort.

“There she is!” Daisuke thought, feeling his heart pound at the sight of her. “She’s so beautiful!”

He thought things through one more time, “Alright now remember: Good morning, lose ourselves, slip the letter. Does my hair look okay? Alright, let’s do it.” Daisuke took a deep breath in, but then let it out quickly when the train stopped.

“What!?” he thought. The girl walked in at the opposite side to where Daisuke was sitting.

“Hey! That’s the wrong door!” Daisuke exclaimed.

The voice on the intercom came on once again. “Please watch your step as the platform is undergoing renovations. We are always venturing to improve out service,”

“Aw, it’s a disaster!” he sighed.

Satoshi broke away from his notes for a moment when he saw most of his classmates coming in. He wasn’t used to the crowded space, because usually they enter through the other side. But since this train was “undergoing renovations”, he would have to cope with it.
A few minutes later, the train had stopped and the intercom announced, “Arriving at Grand Station. Grand Station. Please mind the gap when exiting the car. Next car leaving in fifteen minutes,”

Satoshi sat up, gathered his belongings, and walked out the door. He was mixed in with his classmates. He looked behind him. The last person out was Risa Harada, than followed Daisuke. He grunted, and walked off to school.

Daisuke called out to her.

“Ms..Ms. Harada!”

She turned around gracefully.


“Aw, she’s so cute!” he thought. He walked up the stairs, and lost his balance. He almost fell back, but Risa caught him, and pulled back forward. The two came face to face.

“Ah, I’m so sorry!” he exclaimed. “I feel like such a klutz, sorry.” They were walking to school together.

“You don’t have to keep degrading yourself like that. It’s okay, really! You’re too nice,” she smiled sweetly. “But that’s what I like about you,” she continued on smiling.

“Huh?” Daisuke’s face went red. “What did you say?” he began pulling out the letter.

“Because, you’re a lot kinder than other people.” She started.

“Uh, you think so?” Daisuke had gone completely red all over.

“You always offer to help me carry things, and you also took my job for cleaning duty,”

“Well, that’s because I…you know,” he had the letter in hand.

“And Niwa,” she continued. “You’re so nice, I almost can’t think of you as any other boy at school. In many ways you’re my best friend in the world!”

Daisuke heart sank at the sound of this.

“A….friend?” he hadn’t even realized that he had dropped the letter.


She bent down and picked it up, and stared at it for a second.

“Huh? What is this?” She noticed her name written on the front. Daisuke immediately snatched it back.

“No! This is a prop, or a practice, or..how should I say this? I like the way your name is written Ms. Harada. I was practicing it. Yes! Practice. So don’t worry about it.” Daisuke said all in one breath.


“Hey guys! I didn’t interrupt anything, did I?” A voice chimed in.

“Oh, Ms. Harada!” Daisuke turned around. It was Risa’s older twin sister, Riku.


Satoshi sat in his seat, pencil in hand. He gazed out the window, just thinking.

“He’s so handsome!” Whispered a girl, pointing at Satoshi Hiwatari.

“Say something to him!” Whispered another.

“I…I..can’t,” she shook her head promptly.

“Well you better do something!” The first girl rummaged through her bag. “Here, take this.”

“Whaat? Why did you hand me your stationary?”

“Write to him! Then you can give it to him…” she paused, took out a pen with a star-eraser on top. “When the time it right!” She pushed the pencil towards her. Her friend hesitated when she took it.

“I don’t know…” she peered over at him one more time.

“Hmp, he’s here.” Satoshi mumbled as Daisuke Niwa entered the doorway. He moved in a sluggish way, and sat down in his desk. He had a dazed look in his eyes, and laid his head down on his bag. Satoshi continued to look at his strange behavior. Usually, Daisuke was full of energy and cheerful. But today…What could be bothering him?

“Just a friend…she thinks of me as just…a…” Daisuke’s thoughts were scattered as he saw Risa and her sister walk in, and take their seats. Daisuke turned and faced the window, light beaming on his face.

“So warm…” he thought.

A pounding on his desk startled him, but he didn’t jump. He stayed where he was.

“DAISUKE! Wake up! What’s wrong with you?” A boy with short brown hair and attitude demanded. Daisuke didn’t respond. “Hey, you aren’t dead, right?” His friend turned and faced him. Daisuke sighed. Takashi was losing his patience.

“Look you’re gonna have to snap out of it! You’re like a zombie!” He jerked him back by the shoulders.

“Now listen, there’s something going down tonight that only happens in a once in a life time, and I need you
there with me, got it?” Takashi beamed.

Satoshi glared their way, and listened intently.

“The big event?” Daisuke said, unenthusiastically.

Satoshi heard them discuss tonight a little bit. He heard them say something going down at 11:00pm, but this was no news to him. He knew what was coming. He was ready.


He heard Takashi Sahara say something about Daisuke taking over his cleaning duty. This could be his chance…

Satoshi walked over to the art room for “cleaning duty”. He saw Daisuke in front of him, but he hadn’t noticed him. Daisuke opened up the lock on the door, pushed a few buttons, and cracked the lock. He started to go inside, but caught site of Satoshi.

“Hiw…Hiw…Hiwatari!” Daisuke spun around, surprised. “Did..Did you see that?” he was worried. His mom always told him not to do stuff like that in public!

“See what?” Satoshi said coolly, playing dumb.

“Huh? Ah, nothing.” He smiled, relieved. “Uh, well then,” He flicked on the lights.

“Uh, did you know they got a reproduction of “Goddess Raided by Genan”? See look!” He pointed at a painting behind him. He sounded nervous.

“Yes, I saw it already.” Satoshi said, nonchalant.

“Oh, so… what are you doing here?” Daisuke asked.

“Cleaning duty, same as you,” Satoshi went and grabbed a broom. He started sweeping while Daisuke grabbed and moved a few boxes.

“This is… kinda awkward.” Daisuke thought. “He’s not a bad guy, I’ve just… never really talked to him before, that’s all.”

“So… where did everybody else go? Don’t you think it’s weird that they’re not helping?” Daisuke said, trying to make conversation.

“I told them they didn’t have to help..” He said facing the chalkboard.


“I told them, that I needed some time alone with you,” he turned and glared at him. Daisuke stammered.

“Are you free… tonight?” he continued to glare at him. There was no point of asking such a ridiculous question though. The answer was no. HE knew what he would be doing tonight, even if Niwa didn’t…

Daisuke continued to stammer.

“What’s wrong? Do you have something… important to do?” his eyes tightened.

“No… it’s just that…today just happens to be my birthday,” Daisuke explained.

“Too bad,” Satoshi turned his head back to the chalk board. “I guess it can’t be helped then…”

They both were silent for a second. Than Daisuke blurted out,

“What made you chose me?”

He was just curious. “Of all the people Hiwatari could have been hanging out with right now, why would he want to hang out with me?” Daisuke thought to himself.

“You like paintings as much as I do,” Satoshi looked up at a painting in front of him. Daisuke did too. Then he turned his head back and smiled.

“I wanted to talk, about things like that.”

Niwa was finishing his last part of the job, and then looked at the clock.

“Oh no!” He remembered his mom had said to be home a certain time. He finished up, dusted off his pants, and grabbed his bag.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, alright? Bye,” Daisuke rushed out the door.

Satoshi let out a small laugh, “We’ll meet again… sooner than you think.” He walked out a couple minutes after Daisuke and grabbed a policing device.

“Are you preparing your forces?” he talked into what seemed to be a two-way transmitter. A muffled voice came out the other end.

“Yes sir, but I doubt he’s even going to show. It’s been forty years after all…”

“He’ll show. Contact me if you get a heading.” Satoshi said, and then switched a button off.

“Grrr, insolent punk. I’ll show him. This “Dark” character won’t have the guts to show tonight once he’s sees my trained police force,” Commander Sahara grunted. “Takashi, you hold the fort here. I’m about to leave to gather our men.” He took a sip of hot tea.

“Oh and Takashi… NO SNEAKING OUT for pictures of Dark! Got it?” He got up to leave.

“Got it Dad,” Takashi gave him the most convincing smile he could conjure up.

“Good boy. I’ll be back late tonight,” he rubbed his head, and walked out the door.

Takashi checked the window to see if he was completely gone.

“Hah! That was almost too easy! Now, where’s that camera?”

“10:23 p.m.” Satoshi looked at his watch. “Not much time left,” He headed over to the museum where the police team was already set up.

“So, is everything ready?” Satoshi asked Commander Sahara.

“All set. Now then, what do you plan to do?”

Satoshi grunted, “I’ll be waiting for him, up there.” He pointed to the high level of the building. The place where the artifact, the “Sacred Maiden” or “Saint Tears”, was being kept. He started walking up there.

“Master Satoshi.”

Satoshi gasped, and grabbed his chest.

“No, let me handle it… I can do it on my own,”

“10:58 p.m.” Commander Sahara looked at his watch. “He should be coming now…”

A reporter stood outside the museum, near Commander Sahara.“We are moments away from the specified time for the reappearance of the legendary Phantom Dark. Will he really fly in as the legends say?”

“Just watch, he’ll use a rope to get up to the roof,” Commander Sahara smirked.

“Commander Sahara! Over there!” one of the guards pointed in the air.
“What! It can’t be!” Commander Sahara stared up at the shadowed figure in the air, hovering over the moon.

“11:01 p.m.” Satoshi looked at his watch. “It’s time,” he said grimly. He walked out the doorway, leaving the precious “Saint’s Tears” artifact unarmed. He hid over in the room to the left. He had some time until Dark arrived to the upper level, so he sat down and opened his journal.

DAISUKE NIWA, 5’5, Age: Fourteen, Hair Color: Red, Eye Color: Red, HIGHLY TRAINED,
-NOTE: Can unseal certain locks / DARK MOUSY, 5’9, Three-Hundred +
Objection: To Capture Dark

He underlined “To Capture Dark” twice. He was determined. He was going to capture Dark tonight, and he’d do it with his help…

“Ah, he’s coming,” Satoshi heard footsteps right outside his door. He got up calmly, and walked to the outside of the room. He saw Dark cracking the lock on the outside of the artifact.

“Bingo,” Dark grinned.

“Congratulations,” Satoshi smirked.

“Huh?!” Dark turned around.

“Just like my old friend,” Satoshi grinned. Dark gave him a surprised look, and this surprised Satoshi.

“Hm… he has the appearance of Dark, but something not right. He hasn’t changed completely…” Satoshi evaluated.

“Nice to meet you,” Satoshi continued on grinning, but then his face hardened. “Though we’ve met before.” At this, Dark looked away. Satoshi ran up to him with full force, and pinned him down to the ground. He squeezed his shoulders so tight, his fingers felt numb.

“I’m afraid I can’t… let you go,” Satoshi drew his head in closer to his. “Your capture provides the sole purpose for my existence.” Satoshi gripped his shoulders even tighter. Dark let out a small yell of pain. Then suddenly a huge gust of wind flew up against Satoshi, and he lost his grip.

“Now here’s the question.”

Satoshi gasped, “What…what happened!? Dark!”

“Which one of us…”
“Is the real one?”

“They’re…They’re two of you?!” Satoshi looked back and forth between the two Dark Mousy’s. “How…is that possible?! Hm?” Satoshi looked at the “Darks” for a second. “Looks like the REAL on took over, whichever the real one of the two may be.” Then he ran towards the one on the left. A huge gust of black engulfed Satoshi.

“Dark!” he cried out.

“I’ll take possession of the Sacred Maiden. Come on Wiz!” When Dark said this, he jumped out of the window and his black wings came out of nowhere.

“DARK!” Satoshi ran to the window, crying his name out in vain. He watched the Phantom Thief fly away. He had won this battle.

Satoshi laughed, “Well, at least it stays interesting this way…” He walked out of the room, and headed down the stairs of the museum.

“Aw man! These photos are great! Just wait until Daisuke sees these!” Takashi said, reviewing the pictures on his camera. “Wha? Whoa, whoa, whaaa!” He lost his balance and fell out of the tree he was taking snapshots in.

“Egh, stupid branch. Oh well, at least I’ll have a new cover story for school tomorrow. Chief Takashi Sahara on the job!” He started running back to his house. He had to beat his Dad back, or there wouldn’t be a tomorrow!

Satoshi Hiwatari evaluated his notes when he got back to his house.

DAISUKE NIWA, 5’5, Age: Fourteen, Hair Color: Red, Eye Color: Red, HIGHLY TRAINED
-NOTE: Can unseal certain locks / DARK MOUSY, 5’9, Three-Hundred +, Hair Color: Purple, Eye Color: ?, -NOTE: Duplicate into two? Re-evaluate facts later…
Objection: To Capture Dark / Break down Daisuke Niwa

“An old friend, huh?” He laughed to himself. “Things are about to get very interesting…”


Ok, sorry about the length of the first chapter.
Comments? Suggestions?
And thanks for reading. It really means a lot!

[EDIT] *At the very end with Satoshi's note "To Capture Dark" that SHOULD be slashed out, but the post didn't let me keep that feature. Blehh -_-
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