Create a Fire Emblem personality gimmick



Nov 8, 2017
Me first:

Miguel: A Spanish archer with a bow literally made of roses, who loves horses. [Starting Class: Archer]

Tiffany: A Pegasus Knight formerly part of a brigand group who wants to be a magician, but can't because she doesn't know any magic (loosely inspired by Cute Mage from So This is Basically Fire Emblem). [Starting Class: Pegasus Knight]

Emmi: A cleric we save from brigands in the prologue, but then turns out to be the leader of another group of brigands, and then we fight her in Chapter 1, fight her again in Paralogue 2, and then kill her in Paralogue 9 or so (so technically, a twist on the Gharnef archetype). She thinks people only exist to be taken away to heaven, and so kills anyone in her path to "bring them home." [Starting Class: Cleric, but with Fire and Wind magic]

Doug: Her son, an axe fighter, who runs away from her, seeing how insane she's become. He was trained with an axe since 4, and he runs away in Paralogue 2, which is when he turns 18 for his first assignment. It's revealed in Paralogue 9 that the night before, Emmi killed her husband with Doug standing in the room, terrifying him. [Starting Class: Fighter]

Nicholas (my REAL name!): A 18-year-old (but young sounding) mercenary for the enemy army who is drawn into camp by the smell of meat and basically decides to switch sides because of meat plates scattered around in one of the tents. He writes to his parents about how the good guys have better rations (which gets them over to the good guy country without being spotted) and complains about his old army's rations. [Starting Class: Mercenary]

Warren: A French-accent/speaking, Dick Dastardly-looking man in a cloak and a small top hat who makes up schemes of "taking over the world". He affiliates himself with neither army and simply takes whatever he can for himself. He thinks what he does are his ultimate, fear-inducing rampages, but are common crimes at worst (for the people), such as animal thievery and gold-stealing. The people in his village are sick of it, so he joins the player's army for his own purpose of conquest. [Starting Class: Trickster]