Collecting cards after clearing the game??



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Apr 21, 2015
So, apparently in Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories you get some special cards if you do certain things like completing Sora's or Riku's journal. I think I read somewhere that watching all 358/2 Days cutscenes also gives you new cards.

So I'm blatantly asking: What's the point of that? I completed the game with Sora, and the savegame is basically locked at the last save point, before the Marluxia fight. Why would I need any more cards? It's not like getting all cards or 100% completion actually is rewarded with a secret ending or something. Or am I missing something?

I'm just glad I finished the Sora storyline. I'm now about an hour into Reverse/Rebirth, and to me it seems to be much more fun in terms of gameplay than playing as Sora. There is no reason for me to even load my Sora savegame again, and when I finish Riku's story, I probably won't touch Re:Com ever again. What is the motivation for collecting any bonus cards like Ultima Weapon? Is it just for those who enjoy collecting everything in the game? (Do such people even exist?)
Or is it just for the PSN trophies?

I don't understand it. Please explain it to me.
I was very eager to reach 100% completion in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, since it actually gave me some additional information to the story, some rather cool boss fights I would've missed otherwise, and a nice secret movie at the end.
However, I see no reason to actually collect everything in Re:CoM. To those who did it I only have one question: Why??