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Jun 25, 2004
Multiverse #4170
*~On the Outskirts of the Realities~*

Axdyn: *turns to the computer screen* Oh, hey there...Wonderin' what I'm doing here, huh?
Well, I'm not terribly sure yet really...I don't feel like making a major RP currently..

So here, I have opened up a club of sorts. A club that connects to any reality you can think of. Universes, Multiverses, Omniverses, all of the above AND below.

We have a well-stocked bar that has drinks ranging from alchoholic to applejuice, whatever will quench your thirst after fighting a tiring battle against Heartless, Nobodies, Flood spawn, demons, etc....I don't have time to go through the list.

Not interested in what we have here at the bar? Alrighty, how about replicator devices that will make you any food or drink your heart desires?

If you're not hungry for food, maybe you'd rather watch some Interversal XXXXXL Screen television in our main lounge? Or maybe you just wanna kick back and chat with friends, play any sort of video game, go swimming, play a sport, draw? We have all of that!

Not in the mood to do anything but sleep? We can help you with that. We also have an infinite amount of space with our hotel rooms contained within a cozy little pocket dimension. Your room also comes complete with any size bed you like, however much room you'd like, and whatever you'd like.

All for the low low price of...Nothing. No charge. A being such as myself has no use for money. I just snap my fingers to get what I want...But what's the point of having something if you can't share it?

And I'd like to share that with all you characters and original characters. So come one, come all, and do what you like...It's my world, and you're all invited to party.

And don't worry about time constrictions...You can return to where you came from at the exact time and place you left.

Now if you'll excuse me...I'm gonna go find someone who feels like telling a story...*walks off into the main lounge, his coat swishing as he walks*

No real rules. Just try to not be rude to anyone and be literate. All manner of characters welcome.
Do your intro bios any format you like.

Just do whatever you like. Your characters can all talk and chat amongst themselves or others here.

The Club Crossroads Coliseum-
A Coliseum where Battles between your favorite Anime, Cartoon, Video Game, Book, Comic Book, Movie, and TV Show characters can do battle.

Club Regulars:

My Crew~
-Axdyn ( An Original Character of mine. / My RP continuity, the Metaverse)

-A.J. ( An Original Character of mine. / The Metaverse )

-Guilmon ( Digimon / The Metaverse )

-Irvine ( An Original Character of mine.~Star Wars / The Metaverse )

-Mana / The Dark Magician Girl ( Yu-Gi-Oh! / The Metaverse ) ---Inactive at the moment.

-Kagome ( Inuyasha / The Metaverse ) ---Inactive at the moment.

-Sango ( Inuyasha / The Metaverse ) ---Inactive at the moment.

-Miroku ( Inuyasha / The Metaverse ) ---Inactive at the moment.

-Spiderman/Peter Parker ( Marvel Comics / The Metaverse )

-Bumblebee ( Transformers / The Metaverse )

-Cole/Captain America X ( An Original Character of mine.~Marvel Comics/ The Metaverse )

-Trike ( An Original Character of mine. / The Metaverse )

-Axel ( Kingdom Hearts 2 / The Metaverse )

-Leon ( Kingdom Hearts 2 / The Metaverse )

-Deadpool ( Marvel Comics / The Metaverse )

-Caboose ( RedVSBlue~Halo / The Metaverse )

( To be put as a Club Regular, you must participate in the RP for a week. Or else you aren't regularly coming in, huh? :p

Remind me when it's been a week )


Grand Entry Hall / The Interversal Entry Port:
The entry hall of Club Crossroads. Here you can have any luggage you may have and have it sent up to your room, or have the valet service park whatever vehicle you may use.

Main Lounge:
Here we have about 12 XXXXXL Screen Televisions to watch, about 50 pieces of comfortable furniture to kick back on, and of course we have the replicator system, which will bring you anything you'd like to eat or drink on the spot. Then of course there's the person-run bar and restaurant, if you'd like to just experience the usual stuff.

The Pool Area / Activity Area:
The Pool area is as large as you'd like it to be, and with whatever features youd like for there to be, pooltoys, water slides, diving boards, etc.

Then there's the activity rooms, which like the Hotel Rooms, are infinite, open a door and think of what sport or activity you'd like to play or do, and everything you need will be inside.

The Hotel Rooms:
An infinite amount of rooms that will contain anything you like, your luggage will be teleported there upon your choosing of a room and entry into the room.

Here's mine:

Name: Axdyn
Age: ? looks about 16
Species: Unknown. Assumed to be a Nobody.

-Neo Organization 13
-The Pantheon of Heroes

-Neo Organization 13 Member #1: Axdyn, The Gun of Forgotten Memories

AXDYN by ~AJ-Prime on deviantART

Weapons: Shrapnel Blasters

Bio: Access Denied.


Nows gets withs thes joinings. :p

Here's my first post...

The Main Lounge, Bar & Restaurant~*

Axdyn: *sitting atop a barstool* I wonder if anyone got the memo.

Caboose: Memo? There was a meeting? Why was I not invited to this meeting? I would have brought doughnuts.

Irvine (wearing a white muscle shirt, blue jeans, and a green bandana sporting the Rebel Alliance logo on it, and green shoes): Last time you said that, you brought Donut, not doughnuts, and he tried to redecorate the place in pink!

Caboose: *correcting, holding up his right pointer finger* Light Red.

Irvine: Whatever. Anyway, we haven't had a customer in days. You did post those fliers right?

Caboose: Post fliers? I thought you meant post flyers to a wall or something...I need to go get a large amount of bats and birds and a pteranodon down from a wall...*slinks away*

Irvine: *groans and slaps his own forehead, then turns to Axdyn* Why do you let him hang out here?

Axdyn: Comedy relief.

Irvine: ...I'm going to go shoot something. *walks off to the activities area*

Axdyn: *does a half-baked salute* Whatever you say, Sargeant Shootemup.


The Half-Hearted Creator
Jun 25, 2004
Multiverse #4170
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