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Jun 15, 2005
Many of you most likely haven't heard of this wonderful movie, but thats why I'm here. By the way, this movie is from jap, and wont be comin for a US release for a while, so why not check out ebay for imports.

First off, the trailer: http://www.kupoking.com/mov/casshern.mov

yes, the trailer is in jap, but the only reason why I posted it was to inform you all how it will look like in a visual perspective.

The Story:
The setting and time of this movie is set in a retro-futuristic Earth, where the world is split into two powers that have been battling for 50 years. Finally, the war reaches an end, however, there isn't too much to be happy about. The result of the long war has pushed the planet to its limits, and thus pollution and new disease is completly wiping out the population slowly. One doctor, I believe his name is Dr. Azuma or something like that, has discovered a way to prevent the mutation of these diseases by demonstrating his "Neo-Cell" theory, which is complete regeneration of cells. However, one day, a bolt of electricity was struck in his lab, and his subjects have turned into horrifying mutants. Pretty quickly, most of the mutants have been killed off, but those few remaining survivors were driven in the frozen part of the world, left to drift, wander, then freeze to death. However, the mutants come accross an abondoned machine factory, and decide to do something about their survival. Soon, they realize they are much more powerful and intelligent than the average man, so they create a grand robot army, and dub themselves the "Neo-Sapiens." As revenge against the humans, the Neo-Sapiens go on a rampaging invasion demolishing everything in their path pretty much. The main character of the story is Tetsuo, the doctor's son. Tetsuo, who is supposed to get married soon to his fiance Luna, volunteers to go to war and end it, however he dies in it, and Luna is left completly heartbroken and silent. Finally, the Neo-Sapiens arrive near the good doctor's house ready to demolish it until they find out that Tetsuo has been revived using the Neo-Cell technology to battle the Neo-Sapien threat. Technically, Tetsuo is the first successful Neosapien. However, the storyline is much deeper than this. Includes internal conflicts within Casshern (Tetsuo's superhero name XD), and the fact that the doctor's wife is a victim of one of these diseases. I wont spoil any more of it.

Well, I've already seen this movie, and I was really impressed, REALLY, especially considering that this was based off a crappy 1970s anime, and the movie was written and stuff by some fashion magazine photographer or something, and that this is his first movie.

So, this is the Casshern discussion board. Questions, comments, ratings, anything involved with Casshern. :D
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