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Cardio, exercise, lower back popping, creaking with knee rises

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Oct 12, 2007
I don't yet pay all my bills. I was injured a while back, I herniated multiple discs in my spine. I was out of it for a few years and in therapy for months. At the beginning I was so unable to walk that I would get to physical therapy and lay on their floor. At times I couldn't even get up to use the bathroom. I have been hospitalized from the pain on a few occasions.

Lately I've been getting back into it, I find that I have so much energy that I can run 3 miles which is great for me because before I was only running a minute to 5 minutes before I started getting exhausted. I have so much more energy, I've been loosing so much weight and my body has been top notch. But now I'm getting a creak in my back, lower back in the middle when I lift my knees to high.

I was diagnosed prior with lumbar disc herniation, bulging disc. My leg tendons were so tight that I had the tightest my therapists had ever seen. I'm not made of money I just want to be healthy I'm 24 years old I can't go through life like this. I was starting to slim up, working steady towards a six pack. Then I started creaking again. I've been taking fish oils.

Is it common to have a popping, creaking in the lower back with knee lifts? I can't but feel it's related to my prior injuries which my family always belittled before I had my first MRIS that showed multiple herniated discs. They never take these things seriously, they make excuses why I shouldn't consult a doctor, etc. They are worthless when it comes to my medical health most the time.

Because of them I injured myself in the first place because they told me some BS that I had to work it off...and I only injured myself further that way.

I just want to be healthy, I'm sick of the routine. Anyways I was wondering if anyone had any ideas, suggestions. Thanks. It doesn't hurt it just makes a noise and it scares me. If I lift my legs straight legged there is no popping but if I lift my knees there is popping, it's the only time I get popping in my lower back, ideas?
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