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Apr 7, 2013
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Hello, all. Well, it happened. I never thought after High School that I'd ever get really into the pop-punk/alternative scene again, but then my girlfriend introduced me to Brand New, and I quickly realized that I diddlying loved this band. From their willingness to overstep their boundaries and create something unique to themselves to their tight rhythms and fantastic musicality, Brand New caught my eye unlike many bands I've ever listened to before. From the obvious favorites of the general fanbase like "Sic Transit Gloria... Glory Fades" to generally sketchy and boundary-crossing songs like "Me vs Maradona vs Elvis", this band really hit me hard and had me start to think about myself and what I really want in my life in a way that not many bands have done recently.

...And then I decided to open myself up to their other music and introduced myself to their fourth studio album, Daisy. This album, experimental and possibly genius as it may be, really, REALLY threw me off. I don't know if anyone else on this forum has listened to this album in its entirety, but there was a LOT of things wrong with it that I can't even credit against the band itself, as they clearly know what they're doing. For one thing, it was mixed TERRIBLY, and I almost want to get myself a mixing board now just so I can study these songs, cover them, and find out why the voices were mixed so low. Seriously, I was blasting this in my car and I swear to diddly they must have mixed them JUST SO it sounded like they were whispering in every single song, except when they were screaming and they just blocked out the screaming with the distorted guitar. I like the vocalist quite a bit, I really do, but this album made him seem like a one-trick pony, when I know for a fact that he's not. Every song has unneeded screaming for seemingly no real artistic reason that I can comprehend, and it feels like the lead singer believes he has to make every line all shout-y if he wants an emotional reaction out of his crowd, and I KNOW that's not true since one of my favorite songs, "Me vs Maradona vs Elvis" showcases him at his quietest and most vulnerable self. In Deja Entendu, I felt like the narrator had really gone through all of these life experiences and is narrating how his life has felt to him up to this point; I felt like I was looking at this sympathetic, alcohol-loving womanizer, this BoJack Horseman-type character who just wanted to feel like he was happy with his life decisions. In this album, i'll tell you what I think he meant by it when I actually start to hear the vocals through the distorted guitar.

Also, little nitpick, but what is with the contrast in style in Daisy? This blues-y, almost rockabilly-like guitar mixed with screaming vocals? That doesn't seem like you, guys, but at least you're trying.

I know this band probably isn't very popular among a lot of you out there, but, if you've listened to these albums, what do you think of them? I know a lot of people that think Daisy is a masterpiece, and, honestly, it's great that those people see something that I don't in the album. Maybe someone here didn't end up enjoying Deja Entendu and think his vocals are weak and whiny, or maybe someone here just hates Brand New and thinks they're completely overrated!

Whatever you think, I'd LOVE for someone's opinion on this, since it's been driving me crazy forever to talk to someone about this band. Next, I'll probably start talking about some of the early Rise Against albums, since I've started to get into songs like "Roadside" as well. Whatever your opinion on this is, let me know!