Beyond the Looking Glass


gene chaos

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Jun 24, 2006
Somewhere between here and nowhere
Since the dawn of this world another has existed along side it and in it exist three powerful entities. After millennia these entities would grow bored with their existence. However they themselves could not end their lives and thus came up with a plan to plan to create beings who could. They have long since known of the human realm and knew of the potential that humans possessed. Thus they would reach into the human world time and time again to find one who could gain their powers and end their lives. The trio would pick 12 candidates, divide them into teams of 3 and pit them against the thirteen trails to see who has the greatest potential to become their replacements.

One night before the beginning of the trials.​

Taking the form of a mailman, the entities would deliver packages to their candidates. The packages labeled from distant family members, inside each package lay a glass orb with a swirling pattern. Late in the night the candidates would awaken to the rythmitic burst of light originating from the orb and as the clock hits twelve the orbs would produce a blinding light that would engulf the candidate and take them to the realm of the entities.

You all wake up in a strange room, that you have never seen before. The entire room is a dull gray white and before you have time to question where you have ended up you hear a voice.

“ Congratulations! You have been chosen as our 119th group. We have specifically chosen you for various reasons and we believe that your group will help us reach the “End”. You all have been divided into four teams of three! You may not know the others but over the course of these thirteen trials you will all know each other better, that is if you don’t die first.”

The 13 Trails​

There will be 13 Trails that the candidates will have to clear. Each team will have a different mission to accomplish during the trail. Some missions will contradict each other and thus put teams in conflict with each other. Other missions may help and hurt another teams chances of finishing a mission. There will a time limit on each mission so teams need to move fast in order to complete their objective. The stage of the trails is always evolving so from a dense forest to a sprawling city, you never know what the stage might turn into. Lastly there will be a new danger associated with each mission.

( The entities shall divide the Candidates when they have collected all of them)​

(Will be added when the entities announce them.)​

The Entities//Along with myself i will want the aid of two others who will help plan the later missions and appose the candidates in their missions. If you believe your up to the role pm me and i'll explain in full detail what your job shall be.

Gene Chaos

The Candidates

Candidate Templates//

Name: ( what are you called? If no one knows who you are why not make up a new name)
Gender: ( self explanatory)
Age: ( between the ages of 13 to 17)
Power: ( The entities have granted you a power, it grants you control over a single ability)
Appearance: ( what do you look like, try to do at least a paragraph. Include a picture if you like)
Weapon: ( You will be granted a weapon in the beginning of the Rp by the entities.)
Personality: ( What does your character act like? Are they a brat, a jock, a nerd? A pimp?)
Bio: ( Tell us a little about yourself)
Skills: (Got any hidden talents we should know about?)
Other: (anything else we should know?)


Standard KHI rules apply here.

1//No God modding

2//No power playing without permission.

3//Please warn us if you won’t be able to post for a couple of days.( If you know that the real world will be a problem try to set your character out of others way to keep the story going)

4//Romance is allowed but don’t get too carried away now.

5//Please remember that your characters are human so besides the power granted to them they should be like any ole 13 to 17 old kid.

6//Please type “ Beyond the Looking Glass” on top of your temp to let me know you have read the rules and have agreed to them.

7// Also i will only hold a spot for at max five days then i'll free it up again.

8// Lastly have fun, that’s what this is all about.