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Nov 12, 2019
Welcome To BATIM Rp! I hope you have a great time! There are a few rules so please follow those to not get banned! I would hate for that to happen, so please, follow the rules! Here you go!

  1. No being rude! Please do NOT be rude to other people. You will get banned from the Rp by doing this
  2. No swearing or swearing substitutes! You will get banned from the Rp by doing this
  3. Please comment "BATIM RP" so I know you read the rules! If you do not, you will not be counted as a person in the RP
  4. To become a character, you must comment your desired character next to "BATIM RP" on your first post. If you do not, you will not have a character and be anonymous.
  5. Please use the highlighted color of your character, example: 'Sammy Lawrence: blah blah "Blah, blah, blah"'

  • Bendy--
  • Sammy Lawrence-- TheIrkenImpire
  • Alice Angel--
  • Allison Angel--
  • Henry Stein--
  • Buddy Boris--
  • Boris the Wolf--

Made up Characters:
  • Bendy Angel--
  • Alice Wolf--
  • Baby Bendy--
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